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You can earn points and redeem them to pay for future transactions. To start earning points, you must sign up as a Balance Rewards member. It is free and easy to do. You can sign up online here , in stores, or through the Walgreens mobile app. To earn points, you simply enter your phone number at checkout. You can also use the physical card or the barcode for your card on the mobile app. I recommend associating a phone number to your account for quick access. While RRs have a 14 day expiration, points last much longer.

They expire 1 year 12 months after they are earned and you must shop at least once every 6 months to keep your account active. If your account goes inactive, your points will disappear!.

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You can redeem points at pre-determined dollar levels. You can also see your total point balance at the bottom of your receipt. You can access your point balance and point history by logging into your account on Walgreens. Did you know you can even earn Rewards for participating in certain activities? Yes, you can! Earn points to spend at Walgreens by doing easy things, such as walking, quitting nicotine, exercising daily, linking a device, and more! This is called Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices. Read about it here.

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If your rewards are not issued, you can contact Walgreens customer service here to get them credited to your account. This is the part that tends to confuse people, so go through it a few times if you need to.

Once you become familiar with these rules, I promise you it will become easy, just like learning how to drive. Photo: Example tags for Register Reward offers. There is a limit of 1 RR printed per offer per transaction. For example, if toothpaste has a RR on it and you buy two toothpastes in a transaction, then it will only print one RR. The Solution: If you want to buy multiples, you would split the products into multiple transactions. For example, if you wanted two toothpastes, then you would purchase them in two transactions to receive two RRs.

However, if you are buying other offers that are producing RRs, then you can purchase them in the same transaction. For example, if you want to purchase toothpaste and a can of soup that have separate RR offers, then you can buy one toothpaste and one soup in the same transaction and have two RRs printed, one for each.

You can use it on other RR promotions, on promotions producing points, and on clearances. The Exception: There is an exception to this rule. Every few months, some RR promotions will print RR even if you use RR from a previous transaction to buy the same item in a new transaction.

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We can never predict when this happens or for how long it will happen. Usually people discover it by accident or by testing and often Walgreens puts a stop to it rather quickly. To be safe, stick to the rule. Photo: Example tags for point rewards. This is actually good, because most of the weekly Points offers are unit offers like this. This, also, applies to Point boosters and special promotions to earn bonus Points. The Solution: If you are doing a threshold offer in a transaction, do not pay for that transaction with Points. While RR has a limit of one print per transaction, there are no explicit limits on how many Points you can earn.

You can buy two bottles in one transaction and earn Points. The total number of manufacturer coupon cannot exceed the total number of items in a transaction. Walgreens coupons do not count towards this limit. Example, if you have two items in a transaction, then you cannot use more than two manufacturer coupons. You can, however, stack Walgreens coupons with the manufacturer coupon. RRs are considered manufacturer coupons. If you are buying two items and you have two manufacturer coupons on those item and one RR, that counts as three coupons.

Fillers are cheap items that you do not have manufacturer coupons for. Good filler items are:. Remember that filler items should be less than the value of the RR you want to redeem, ideally as cheap as possible. In a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sales, you can no longer use a coupon on the free item.

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So in a Buy 1 Get 1 Free situation, you can only use one coupon. Similarly, you cannot use a bogo coupon on a bogo sale. They want you to pay for at least one item. If you want to use a bogo coupon during a bogo sale, you could buy 4 items and use one bogo coupon during the sale. Also, you must buy over the minimum at Walgreens. Walgreens coupons are special coupons because you only need one, even if you are buying multiple items that the coupon applies to.

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With IVC coupons, you only need one and it will automatically apply to all the applicable items in your transaction. I just hand it over to the cashier to be scanned. Items purchased online can also be returned via mail. Make sure to check that the product is not restricted for shipping before using the return label provided by Walgreens. About Walgreens: Walgreens is an all-purpose drug store that sells everything from makeup to prescription medication. Contact Walgreens: For help with a Walgreens order, call or message the correct department using the "Contact Us" form.

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