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Do you have them? Post Reply. The stock stuff is not very good at illuminating left and right as I'm turning when it's dark, wet rainy. Headlights aren't particularly bright either. I've seen some really nice stuff done by a number of you.

If you are really happy with your headlights and fogs, please share with me. This truck is used on very dark gravel roads in the mountains shuttling my dirt bikes , but not any really serious heavy duty off road stuff. TigerTanker , Jan 16, I've followed the lead of BB for interior stuff, in the process of ordering interior and accessory lighting as we speak. By all means, tell me what you think is your favorite idea for my front lighting please.

Once I'm all done with this, and the interior upgrades, I may do some sort of exterior lighting addition. But I'm going to try to keep my mod pace slow to moderate as I've learned from my crazy moto stuff that changing too much too quick is a good way to lose the big picture, waste money and time. T likes this. TigerTanker [OP] likes this. I have a good deal for you my friend! I upgraded to the headlights on my and am getting ready to trade that tundra in end of this month on a new 18 platinum.

DexterL , Jan 16, Toyotoholic likes this.

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Baja Designs , Jan 16, Repeat customer Surely you recognize my handle from ADV rider Sunnier and TigerTanker [OP] like this. I installed the Profile retros from eldobleu and really like them. A little pricey but worth it to me to be rid of the crappy Tundra headlights. Mine are evolution black. You could spend a little more and get the Morimotos. Nice white light and when I use with my led fogs I never use brights any more. Only time I turned on brights was just to test. Thought about Spyders but fitment issues and loss of adjustment motors scared me away.

Also considered Anzos and Winjets. Stumpjumper , Jan 16, Storm Trooper Shift Knob. They do a good job. Vector W8 , Jan 17, This delivers more power with deeper penetration than any other light is capable of. It works to heal wounds, but in some cases such as autoimmune diseases, inflammation is enacted by the body causing tissue damage.

Red light therapy offers a powerful method of easing inflammation. Numerous clinical studies have documented its efficacy in reducing the inflammation associated with diverse conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, achilles tendinitis, and chronic joint disorders. It has been theorized that red light therapy works by reducing the number of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the targeted area.

Red light therapy offers a gentle yet extremely effective way of managing both chronic and acute pain by reducing oxidative stress on the body, the influx of neutrophil cells, and levels of biochemical markers which contribute to pain. Near infra-red wavelengths, in particular, can reach deeper into the tissue to help heal deep wounds and muscle pain.

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One study found low-level light therapy to be as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in treating discomfort. Most importantly, it provides a safe and potent form of pain relief with no undesirable side effects. Muscle injuries are common among athletes and can lead to a loss of function that is detrimental to sporting career and quality of life.

Both red and near infra-red light wavelengths can help to preserve tissue against exercise-induced muscle damage, and accelerate recovery when applied before exercise. This recovery is achieved by the increased mitochondrial respiration invoked by red light therapy, which facilitates healing and promotes muscle regeneration. Impressively, red light therapy has also been clinically proven to help support the restoration of neurological function following a stroke.

Healthy blood circulation ensures a steady flow of blood throughout the body, delivering fresh nutrients and oxygen to cells, and preventing the accumulation of waste materials. Poor circulation can cause symptoms such as pain, numbness, swelling, which manifest over time in conditions such as kidney damage, varicose veins, or even a heart attack.

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Red light therapy offers circulatory benefits: the photonic energy disseminated by red LED lights is converted into cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate ATP , which helps to accelerate the growth of new capillaries. The results of one clinical study on rabbits demonstrated that following an injury, the rabbits treated with low-level light therapy had more dilated capillaries assisting the flow of blood and enhanced microcirculation and collateral circulation in the injured area.

Red light wavelengths are an ideal length to penetrate through the dermis of the skin. The use of LEDs allows the skin to absorb all the benefits of red light wavelengths without any of the thermal dangers associated with laser treatments.

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 RSpec Full-Spectrum 480W Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Red light has been proven to promote collagen production and the proliferation of fibroblast growth factors, helping to reverse the effects of photoaging which cause wrinkles. Stem cells are activated, promoting tissue repair and healing.

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Red light also can improve the appearance of facial texture, roughness, and uneven pigmentation. Skin disorders such as psoriasis and acne also reap the benefits of red light therapy, with the treatment helping to ease inflammation and redness. In another study using LED lights, patients treated themselves at home every other day for a total of 16 weeks.

While the mechanisms by which red light therapy triggers hair growth are still being investigated, it is currently theorized that they may increase the number of hairs in the anagen growth phase and reduce the inflammation associated with alopecia. A study performed on rats affirmed that red light wavelengths can increase the production of testosterone. Light bordering between the red and near-infrared wavelength nm , was delivered for 30 minutes each day. When red light therapy is targeted at the testes, it may facilitate greater testosterone production.

Improved cellular health is one of the most fundamental and transformative benefits of red light therapy. ATP is used by the cell to build new proteins such as collagen and elastin, and undertake regeneration and healing within the cell. With a full tank of cellular fuel, it is easier for the body to reach optimal performance. Red and near-infrared light additionally promote cellular oxygenation and antioxidant production, helping to reduce oxidative stress and protect cells from damage or premature death.

These wavelengths cannot be felt and do not generate any heat upon exposure. The result?

Either choice will deliver maximum therapeutic benefit that far exceeds anything else available. The BIO series lights are our original, proven design that deliver maximum intensity in a simple to use, economical package. We currently offer all of the BIO series lights in three configurations: all red, all near-infrared and a combination of both red and near-infrared. Selecting a configuration depends on how you plan to use your therapy light.

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Red Light wavelengths nm are an ideal length to penetrate skin cells and sebaceous glands, offering benefits for skin texture and tone, smoothing fine wrinkles, promoting collagen production and generally rejuvenating the appearance of skin. Yes to everything! All of our lights are designed to run on all electrical systems worldwide for both US v and EU v systems.

Like a computer power supply, our lights auto-adapt to the input voltage. We include the correct plug type that corresponds to the destination country. We ship many packages a day to all countries and cities worldwide, even yours.