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Due to its larger chassis the AD-9's components are more spread out on the PC board, which leads to less component cross-talk and more quiet operation. Besides these slight differences, you'd be hard pressed to tell the two apart sonically.

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The AD runs off a special volt adaptor which gives it more headroom and less chance of overdriving the input with hot pickups. However, in our experience we've found it to be very similar in tone to its smaller cousins, save for the extended delay time. However, we were more concerned about performance than anything else, and when these units measured lower resistive loads in bypass than pedals that actually used 3PDT switches drop us an e-mail for the test results , we felt justified in calling them True Bypass, regardless of the Internet gossip.

Therefore, Maxon decided to go with a 4PDT mini PC mount switch for these models in order to assure their transparent operation in bypass, regardless of mono or stereo operation. Now, every 9-Series model that ships uses this switching configuration and the debate over whether they are TBS or not is finally laid to rest.

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While more expensive than mass-produced brands, Maxon products offer design features and components that just aren't found in your run-of-the-mill stompbox. While we try to keep Maxon prices as low as possible, there are certain models that contain very expensive components that add significantly to the units' prices. While it would be easy to switch to more affordable digital-based circuits, Maxon believes that nothing can match the warm, organic sound of analog, and therefore we spend a lot of extra time, money, and resources in an effort to continue to bring analog effect units into the marketplace.

This means you won't be repairing or replacing your Maxon pedals anytime soon, and we at Godlyke are known for servicing products that are long past their three-year warranty.

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Lastly, the current price of Maxon products is a simple matter of economics - in the and early 's the Yen traded very poorly against the dollar, so Japanese products were much more affordable than they are today when the Yen is trading strongly against the dollar. This coupled with the fact that Maxon does comparatively small production runs of their products translates into a slightly higher price than you would pay for a comparable mass-produced pedal from China, Taiwan, or Korea. Most of the trimmers are there for proper alignment of internal components and need to be calibrated using an oscilloscope, multimeter, and signal generator.

However, some models do contain trimmers that can be adjusted manually or "by ear" to improve particular parameters of the effect. Drop us an e-mail with the model you are interested in and we'll tell you which trimmers may be adjusted and which should not be touched. Note that any adjustments made by a non-qualified service technician are done at your own risk and will void your product warranty. The DS's low frequency control is custom-tuned and optimized for adding a tight, low end punch to any amplifier. Out of all the Maxon overdrives and distortions, the DS has the fullest, thickest tone with the highest degree of saturation.

The CS is the most "bare bones" of the three, with a simple Rate and Depth control configuration and stereo outputs. The CS has a fairly slow maximum Rate setting, and the modulation from its Depth control is somewhat subtle as well. In addition, the CS's analog comb filter circuit will boost the output level somewhat when the effect is engaged.

Besides the differences common to the Reissue and 9-Series models TBS switching, larger, heavier chassis , the CS-9 Pro also features more controls and improved performance over the CS The CS-9 Pro features increased Rate and Depth settings, allowing it to emulate rotary speaker cabinets with stunning accuracy. Furthermore, the CS-9 Pro features Delay Time and Blend controls that allow the user to place the chorus effect behind the dry signal to create very subtle ambient effects that are not possible with a standard chorus.

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The Blend control also serves to control the output level of the CS-9 Pro by reducing the signal boost created by the effect. More importantly, there is no difference between the sound quality of the two-IC and four-IC versions: the delay times of the IC's are the same and they sound identical despite the fact that there are twice as many.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of having a rare effect unit, the two-IC version offers no advantage sonically or otherwise over the four-IC version. We do have certain parts available for particular models battery covers, knobs, etc. In short, the unit had become too expensive to manufacture, and the high-voltage BBD's used in the circuit were becoming increasingly harder to find.

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The AD was designed to address many of the complaints and shortcomings associated with the AD Comments Required. Now: Current Stock:.

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