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Are most dealerships honest? Hard to say, I think a lot of dealers are like car dealerships. They tell you what you want to hear, but when it comes down to the final deal it always changes in finance. A lot of dealers use a 4-square as the foundation to their sales program.

Be careful not to get ripped off when a sales person breaks out a 4-qquare.

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With this info they try to get you close to your desired payment by tweaking financing so much that you end up paying way too much for the machine in the long run. Basically, the reason a lot of dealers break out a 4-square piece of paper is because it allows them an easy way to disguise a lot of hidden fees. I would say you need to know what other dealers are selling the same machine for.

Right now there are a lot of really aggressive prices going on. You should politely tell the dealer of a better deal and see if they can beat it. Be careful, a lot of shops advertise a really cheap base price, but later nail you with a bunch of hidden fees. You really need to know ahead of time your true out the door price before you try to tell the dealer of a better deal somewhere else.

What time of the month do you have your best chance at getting the best deal possible when you buy a new or used quad from a dealership? Which manufacturer offers the best incentives? Every month rebates and incentives change, but all in all over the years Kawasaki has offered the best rebates and incentives by far.

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Do motorcycle and ATV dealers get into price wars with one another? There are a lot of shops out there fighting tooth and nail right now to survive. The way our economy is right now dealers are doing whatever they can to get people in their showrooms. Use kbb. What are the correct prices on additional fees?

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Should a customer have to pay freight and prep? Are these negotiable items? Typically the freight costs are not negotiable but depending on the dealer, prep is. Do you know of any secrets on avoiding or lowering tax?

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Will a dealer show a lower price on the invoice to help the customer pay less tax? I have never heard of a dealer showing a lower price on the invoice to help a customer pay less tax.

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This is against the law. A dealer can get into very big trouble for doing something like this.

Financing programs also generally change on the first of the month. Any changes are announced by the manufacturers on or after the first of each month. Prices are after any manufacturer incentives. You will not receive any rebates. Our sale prices already reflect any savings from incentives. Manufacturers currently only have incentives to dealers, no rebates go directly to the consumer. Click here for more details.

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