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Of the 's of customers over the years we have provided quality plant material and very happy customers. We just wanted to show that a few rotten apples does not have to spoil the bunch. Not really a good substitute and no substitutions were authorized anyway. Currently trying to get replacement or refund but no response yet.

I will resort to contesting the charge with credit card company if necessary. On June 3rd, , Thescann added the following: Turns out none of the plants were even the correct species. I managed to get the first one that flowered and I could see was wrong replaced but not the rest. The replacement just bloomed and even it is the wrong thing. This guy is a true scam artist. Negative Ben Arlington, VA 1 review April 9, I ordered 6 plants on February 23 and when they arrived 5 of 6 arrived actually they were in terrible shape.

They were stuffed into a small box and each 4 inch pot was wrapped with packers tape hold in wet newspaper. Leaves had major damage and two of the anthuriums died within the first two weeks. The leaves looked like they had been hit with a weed-eater. When I went to repot the two other anthuriums I found one had no root system at all Like it had been pulled from a larger plant then stuck in the dirt. I doubt if this plant will survive much longer.

Too bad the company doesn't seem to care about what they sell because I was eagerly awaiting I'm beautiful new plants. I will not use this company again. We contacted Andy and he emailed us stating "that is what is senT OUT to everyone Andy said that he would be willing to replace the damaged plants, but that we would need to obtain a phytosanitary certificate to return plants from Hawaii to California.

We feel that we were overcharged and that we were misled by the photos on the website into thinking that we were purchasing quality specimens rather than the seedlings that we received.

We opened a dispute claim with our credit card company. Negative vunguyen Riverside, CA 3 reviews May 26, Ordered series of baby ginger plants last year. They grew well.. Andy is a worldwide known for his shady business now. Negative musaboru Zone 9b 25 reviews June 14, Posted on August 2, , updated June 14, Posted on April 24, , updated August 2, I have read about a lot of bad experiences with Aloha Tropicals from forums online. And for years, I stayed away from this company. Then all of a sudden, I wanted this one plant really badly. Turns out they were the only online mail order that had a white Calotropis gigantea available which I just had to have you would understand if you are crazy about plants.

I emailed them if they had it in stock and I promptly received an email about that, although another email I sent after I made the order was not answered yet. I received my plant in under two weeks and it was very well packaged. The bad thing is how expensive they are for what you get.

The plant I got was not a picture of health, but it looked okay and I believe it is going to survive. However, if this was a type of plant that was more finicky, then one might have some problems there. I will give an update if this turns out to be the wrong color, then I would really be mad. I probably would not order from them again considering the cost of what a tiny little plant they sent. What a shame though as they have many rare varieties of plants. This may be time consuming, but I think they should update their plant descriptions with the sizes of the plants like Almost Eden.

And even better would be to include pictures of an example plant rather than use stock pictures which are pretty poor quality anyway. That way you know what to expect in the mail. On June 14th, , musaboru changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following: They sent me the wrong plant on my next order which was in late When I first ordered the Rauwenhoffia siamensis from this company, I was hesitant for obvious reasons.

But I wanted to give them another chance. I had suspisions from the beginning the plant they sent me was not a Rauwenhoffia. And more than a year and a half later, I can say for sure it's not. After I had received the plant, I emailed Andy and he assured me that what he sent was a Rauwenhoffia. Well, now it's and I know for sure that it isn't the right plants now because the leaves are opposite leaves. Rauwenhoffia leaves are alternate if you look at all pictures of it available online. What a waste of my time growing an incorrectly identified plant and also a waste of my money.

Buyer beware! Negative john 1 review August 12, I ordered the impatiens Hians but was sent another plant. I tried several emails and 2 phone calls to them without a response. Andy Zook is a Crook! If you order common plants, he might have what you want and you MAY get it. But if he does not, he will substitute cheaper plants and pocket the money or not send anything at all and just keep you hanging.

Just read all the negatives here.. It may be F in a couple weeks because I just filed a complaint, too. I ordered Impatiens Hians and received I. I also ordered Caladium Thai Beauty and got 2 tiny pea-sized pieces of a bulb. Save your money and aggravation. Aloha Tropicals only provides heartache. He should be ashamed for taking advantage of good people's good nature. This is not the honorable way to earn money or more business, Andy. It's nothing less than stealing! Except I'm going to get mine back from my credit card company!

On February 9th, , reeve1 changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following: You know, I think sometimes the comments on here can make you jump to conclusions without giving the company sufficient time to respond to problems. This was the case for me. I emailed on Saturday and when I didn't hear back on Tuesday and then read comments here on Dave's, I jumped to conclusions. And I'm sorry for that. Andy contacted me and is doing everything he can to replace the bad plants at his expense and even to refund some of my costs.

He didn't have to do this, and I can't ask for anything more than this. I think I was having a bad day and got a little spooked. I think if you give them a chance, you will find that they are really a nice and caring group of people. I would recommend giving them a try. I think you won't be sorry that you did ;- Aloha! They should be closed down. They owe me money and never got my order right. Beware of this company. I've collected some real exotic beauties many from Thailand.

I had one rare white torch ginger flower Thai Queen that I drowned and caused it to rot. Andy "Zook" owner replaced it for me! Anything that I have asked for, Aloha Tropicals has provided to me at my convenience to pick up. I would share this quality find with confidence. This plant is rare and only few vendors has it. I bought it from Thai ebay seller and it didn't make it and saw it when I travel to Hong Kong and Indonesia so I know what the leaves looks like.

Before I ordered I feel hesitant too since the last time I read on forum , mali chat jasmine that aloha tropicals has isn't mali chat and they always send you a regular jasmine sambac. Based on that posting, I already not sure to order for michelia coco but since I don't want to throw out money by buying it from Thailand then I take a chance. It arrived 2 days ago and I didn't think it looks like michelia coco I know. Also the michelia coco leaves color is very dark green, darker than egg magnolia. This will be my last purchase from aloha and I will try to ask for my credit card for my refund if they refuse to replace it to real magnolia coco.

So I don't recommend aloha tropicals for a place to buy rare plants especially they send different plants from the one that you ordered. On August 13th, , chubite added the following: I won't bother with replacement since when I read the mali chat garden web it seems they even send the wrong replacement.

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I'd rather take my business somewhere else and get my refund back. Wow I could not have been happier. I sent an email and asked what size they were. I was told the right size and was told one of my plants was not ready. I called Andy and he said it was small but available so I said send it. I received my plants right away and they looked great. Potted them up and within three days they are already growing without even a hiccup.

Even the extremely temperamental Coco tree looks great. I guess when you have been ordering plants by mail for over 34 years. I am a gardener and if I can espalier a fruit tree I can grow anything. Some plants just need a little more care when you get them. As for the coco,I can put it with my order now and grow it myself or I can wait and pay for shipping again later. Not really cost effective I cannot complain what I wanted is hard to find. Two other places had what I wanted but for some unknown reason not all were available at the same time and good for me because I found Aloha Tropicals.

Great experience and will do it again.. Michael Positive vincavecreek Cave Creek, AZ 1 review June 19, I am really shocked and a bit blown away by the negative feedback on this company. I live in AZ and I recommend this company to people all the time. There are several plants that Aloha tropicals carry that do extremely well in our desert climate and of the dozens of people that I know that have ordered from them ALL of them were thrilled with the companies service and the quality of the plants.

I especially enjoy the feedback from those who have bought the crown flower plant as I grew up in Hawaii it is a fun plant to have in the desert to make leis with. I have ordered guava, bay leave, jacaranda, bird of paradise and more from these wonderful people and have always had a positive experience. I would highly recommend Aloha tropicals to everyone. Positive tobee43 groveland, FL Zone 9b 37 reviews May 7, i did place my order with the company and also as someone else mentioned emailed the company with a question.

I ordered 12 hedychiums advertised as being heavily fragrant. The small rhizomes came in satisfactory condition, but when they bloomed, over half were not hedychiums but were the shampoo ginger instead. To make matters worse, the gingers I ordered and paid for were nearly double in price from what these shampoo gingers cost I lost a lot of money here.

I cannot tell by looking at a rhizome what the variety is. I expect the owner of a company to be honest enough to send the correct plants. Apparently this owner sends the least expensive thing he has regardless of what you order, then pockets the excess amount. Look elsewhere The Red Jade vine was recieved dead, a mear twig stuck in an expensive plastic pot.

Didn't find your answer?

I tried as I could to revive the poor leafless twig to no avail. This year I explained to them again about the problems I had with my last order and mentioned to them there poor rating on "Daves garden watch dog" expecting better than I had received from my last order, wouldn't you know it seem they think I enjoy collecting there plastic pots!!! Just a lifeless, leafless twig of unknown origin stuck in the dirt. If you purchase from these people this is what you get I got my order right away and packed good.

I would order again from them. Many times the phone was not manned, but I persisted. I ordered 2 tropicals from them, one gardenia and one orchid. Plants arrived in good condition although very small in size. The orchid ended up giving me x2 baby orchids plants and the gardenia at the moment have many buds, though still small in size. I ordered the same gardenia species from a different vendor, much bigger plant, but it is producing much less flower buds. If there is something I want that they have, yes I would order from them again.

Negative pamalicious Sacramento, CA 3 reviews June 10, i placed an order for a rangoon creeper in feb09 and received an email late mar09 saying my order has been delayed due to slow growth. Positive spathespadix Scotch Plains, NJ Zone 6b 1 review April 16, In summary, this experience with Aloha, my first, was a very positive one all around. I ordered a Langsat Lanzones tree, a rare tropical fruit tree that I had become somewhat obsessed with after recently seeing them, eating their fruit, and attending a festival in their honor in the Philippines.

I had been searching for literally months online for a source since coming back, until finding Aloha. I also ordered a Costus speciosus ginger. Plants were very well-packed and in own soil in 3" trade size square pots. The pots were wrapped in plastic bags and had shredded moist newspaper topdressing to retain the soil and moisture. I'm very happy they were not barerooted. Both arrived in good condition, the Lanzones tree about 4" tall with two character leaves and the Costus with a couple canes already growing I was very happy it was not dormant because I was eager to get it planted and hoped that I wouldn't have to force it to break dormancy first.

The Lanzones tree will eventually be planted at my Florida zone 10 residence when large enough, and the Costus will be planted in NJ, as they are reputedly root hardy to 0F I've had multi-year success with Alpinia zerumbet, Philodendron bipinnatifidum, and many other supposedly "not for my zone" tropical plants grown as dieback perennials here.

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