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The world has indeed been going nuts — Planters peanuts, that is. Here are some random thoughts and observations about the surrounding scene. By all accounts a good guy with some fire in his belly. They were simply playing in their backyard, hitting a baseball to one another. Hey, it was an accident, it should have.

NEVER happened. These bats should be banned because they are dangerous. Metal Bats do not belong in baseball. Yeah, they break too easily. Only Use it! STOP complaining. There is a battle brewing. PennPraxis Invites Tonight Philadelphians will be treated to what Philadelphia could possibly change to in the future at a PennPraxis meeting scheduled for this evening at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Call Steve at to discuss your collection or to get a free catalog Visit our web page at: www.

Cohen Publishes Monthly Newspaper With each community newspaper that closes, the community it served becomes poorer for that. The groups within that community lose the ability to interact with their neighbors through news releases publicizing their events and meetings. Sensing that loss has been State Rep. To fill the void, Cohen has launched a monthly newspaper to be called Your Community Voice. Dan Pleis, former general manager of the Olney Times, will be editor in chief.

Bill Acuff, of the defunct Olney Times, will be gathering news and taking photos. Sonja Thomas, director of housing retention programs at the Korean Community Development Services Center, will serve as general manager. Is it time for a Citizens Watchdog Committee for the Judiciary to come to life again? Some of those put on the street by those Judges committed crimes that made headlines. The present series running in the Philadelphia Public Record on the problems within the criminal-justice system have covered a range. Step 2: Visit www. Step 3: If you feel uncomfortable handling mortgage negotiations, consult a professional housing Counselor.

Step 4: Take time to carefully investigate the offers you receive to avoid becoming a fraud victim Sheriff John D. Green Philadelphia. There are many chinks. One sure chink is the fact a few Judges are extremely lenient in their approach to hardened criminals. Who these Judges are is no secret. Other Judges complain about them. Happy to have their clients appear before them are the criminal lawyers defending them. Many Judges sit for 10year terms. But there are always a host of them coming up for retention each year. So, until a Watchdog Committee comes into being, those Judges who deserve to be unseated, will instead be retained for another 10 years.

Are there any takers? Let us know. RISE provides existing and prospective entrepreneurs with business education, business services and technical assistance. A steamship round of beef, three kinds of pasta, chicken, salmon and some tasty cannoli and chocolate cream puffs were served. The race for a cure was a huge success. It enjoyed firstclass weather. It was ideal for jogging and walking. Over 35, people, men and women, participated. Adam picked No.

He is endorsed by the Inquirer and the Bar Association among many others. Two years after he began service in Family Court, Dan Anders has turned out to be a restless sort of Judge. He has taken to the streets of the City, literally, traveling to seven Police District headquarters from Southwest to Northeast to hold Nuisance Courts in the neighborhoods where people live.

He has also put in time at the 3rd, 8th, 12th, 16th, 17th and 35th Dists. Although some have convened Nuisance Courts — now-Justice Seamus McCaffery being famous among them for his stadiumbased hearings at Eagles games — few have gone to so many different locations, over and over.

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Nuisance Courts are a strictly voluntary, overtime service Judges are encouraged, but never required, to. Judge Anders believes in them fiercely, though. I see the problems each is facing. As a Judge, I make decisions that affect every part of the city every day. I think it is my obligation to inform myself about the conditions the people who come before me are facing. These are summary offenses that cannot lead to jail time. Typically they involve unruly young persons who are guilty of disorderly conduct, public urination, open-container violations and loitering.

Instead of haling them down to the Criminal Justice Center, which ties up costly. Instead of slapping fines on the offenders, he sentences them to community service — cleanups and the like — supervised by responsible individuals in the very Districts where they were cited.

And the word about Judge Anders has gotten around. Nurses from Northeastern and Temple Hospitals were given some hope there will be relief for them if a bill cosigned by State Sens. Stack addressed a rally of nurses sponsored by the Philadelphia Local of the Pennsylvania Association of Skilled Nurses and Allied Professionals, in celebration of Nurses Day, in which he informed them SB , if passed into law, would require specific nurse-to-patient ratios.

It is not productive to burn out otherwise talented nurses and it is not fair to you and your patients. Larry Farnese to ensure health serv-. Cibik, Esq American Bankruptcy Board Certified Question: What is the difference between secured, unsecured priority and unsecured non-priority debts? Answer: Secured debt is where the creditor has collateral, for example, mortgage real-estate loans and vehicle loans.

Unsecured nonpriority debts are credit cards, store charge cards, unsecured personal and bank loans, medical and hospital bills, outstanding utility charges, and so forth. Attorneys are both board certified by the American Bankruptcy Certification Board. He introduced statewide Judicial candidates to crowd, many of them not disappointed by Sen.

Joyce Eubanks to gala. Photo by Joe Stivala. Goldsmith to gala. Michael McGeehan promotes protecting your personal IDs as he sponsors commercial shredder at Linden Avenue Boat Ramp for area residents to shred old personal papers. With him is 65th Ward Committeeman Paul Kauffman. BRT Bills Incendiary? Is it out with the old and in with the new? Is it a distancing from the way the political system has interacted with the administration of this city? Has the line been drawn in the sand by the Young Turks? Older heads on City Council, with members who have a long history with previous administrations and who know how the system works and how to work the system for the good of constituents, seem.

Indicating that is happening slowly but surely are the way bills are being presented by some of the more recent additions to City Council. One prime example was the quick response of Councilman Bill Green to major-media stories detailing how the Board of Revision of Taxes operates. His legislation is designed to restructure the BRT, saying there is a need for reform. The hallmark of both pieces of legislation is the creation of an independent appeals board, separate from the entity charged with assessing properties throughout the City.

One bill abolishes the BRT in its entirety, placing the ap-. The alternative proposal leaves the BRT in place, but provides that board members would be appointed by the Mayor and City Council, instead of the Board of Judges. Both proposals mandate more transparency and access to data, requiring a greater amount of data to be posted online, including the results of appeals. Such an effort, with the magnitude of its impact on the system of how taxes are assessed, will travel slowly through the system to become law. What remains obvious is the two dominant Parties in this city need such areas for patronage in order to continue to deliver the votes they need for their recommended candidates.

They will have an input into the final shaping of that legislation. Last week, in a joint message, issued by Mayor Michael A. Verna, they expressed their concern at newspaper articles. We have known for some time that there needed to be significant change at this organization. Not only do Philadelphians deserve a tax assessment that is fair and accurate, they have to have faith in those trusted to oversee the tax assessment system….

Understanding this, the Nutter Administration and City Council will work together to reform, restructure or dissolve the BRT as quickly as possible. Or is he banking on the fact the memories of the committee persons and ward leaders who are employed by the BRT will be short? It could be he feels, by then his performance in City Council will stand him well with voters, leaving him unworried over the animosity expressed by these vote-getters toward his seeming effort to tamper with their livelihoods. They will not hinder his return to City Council, he reckons.

Michael T. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the above, you must take action within twenty 20 days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you.

You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claimed in the Complaint or for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. City Wide Youth Leadership Agency teamed up with the Pennsylvania Ridge Associates to give 25 students training in weatherization, energy conservation and landscaping.

Students who participated in the day-long training programs last week will be referred to City and State agencies, such as the Philadelphia Gas Works and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. CWYLA will also be cel- at Tartaglione vowed to bring the perspective of the disabled to the budget negotiations.

SEPTA Regional Rail service carries over 34 million passengers annually in the Philadelphia area, significantly reducing environmental pollutants from vehicles and roadway congestion. Jim Roebuck met with, from left, Norma Carter, president of the Arc of Philadelphia, and Bruce Hulick, executive director of the Arc in Harrisburg to discuss issues relating to people with developmental disabilities, including the costing-out study for special education.

The Arc of Philadelphia, founded in , provides advocacy services and resource information to individuals, families, and providers so they can make informed choices.

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Photo by Bonnie Squires. Delaware Ave. Christine M. Tartaglione today announced a redesign of her Senate website to make it more accessible for vision- or hearing-impaired constituents. The mission of PATF, along with other State efforts to provide technological assistance to the disabled, has been.

Train service in and around the Philadelphia region played a vital role in the development of commuter rail systems in the United States. The construction of the long-awaited underground tunnel to connect Suburban Station with Reading Terminal, as well as a new station to replace the aging Reading facility, made daily travel into Philadelphia even more convenient and dependable. Joe Casey was. For info Yvonne Johnson May Jun. For info visit www. Honorees will be Phila. Open bar, entertainment and appetizers. Call Mitchell Spritzler Food, prizes, after-golf party with D. Mike Fox. Bring your spouse.

Proceeds go to Juniata Golf Fdn. For info Claudia Gordon or Diane Davis No charge. For info Fred Druding, Jr.

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Call Several of these races are already eliciting great interest from insiders. The advisory committee, representing community development groups, economic development funders and private developers, released two research reports, funded by the William Penn Foundation, on preserving existing housing in the city as well as targeting subsidies for new construction. Using economic stimulus dollars earmarked for energy ini-.

Williams to his new post. Black, a housing researcher and one of the authors of the reports. The advisory committee also urged City officials to prioritize affordable-housing subsidies and disposition of public land in neighborhoods where private-development activity has already occurred or where new schools and good public transportation exists. Such action could jumpstart private development of affordable and market-rate housing, committee members said.

Jeff Allegretti of Pennrose Services Co. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at psit. Information as to contract documents, etc. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia. The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia. For more information: or www. Research to Advance Veterinary Treatments.

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