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Carved flower design at top, middle and bottom in solid oak cabinet. AGE: Approximately 15 years old. Three glass shelves plus mirrored bottom shelf. All glass beveled front door. Large lyre pendulum.

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Triple chime. Independent chime and strike silencers. Lighted cabinet. Mirrored back and bottom. AGE: 's.

WOOD: Oak. Chime Silencer.

Cable Driven Westminster Chime Clocks

Cable Driven Urgos Clock Movement. Second Hand. Triple Chime with Silencer. Brass Etched Moving Moon Dial. Three beveled glass panels; main lower plus sides, upper front not beveled. Burl Wood Accents. Small amount of tarnish on middle weight not visible when hung in cabinet. Chain Driven Hermle Clock Movement. Lighted Cabinet. Westminster Chimes with Silencer. Glass grill side panels. Keininger, cable driven triple chime movement. Mirrored back.

Independent chime and strike silencer. Second hand. Glass side panels. Carved shell design at top. Olive Ash Burl accent at top. AGE: WOOD: Cherry. Beveled glass on main front door panel. Lyre pendulum. Moving moon dial. Chime silencer. Wood grill side access panels. Locking door. Emperor Grandfather Clock. WOOD: Cherry? Glass side access panels. Triple Chime with auto night silencer. Curio cabinet with 4 glass and 2 wooden shelves. Dual lighted cabinet. Etched lyre pendulum. Rotary chime and silence selectors. Hinged wooden side access doors.

Locking front door. Side Access Panels. Locking Lower Door. Beveled glass in main door. Locking cabinet. Triple chime with silencer. Matching crystal cut inserts in dial and lyre pendulum. Westminster chime with silencer. Pierced moving moon dial. Main front glass panel has beveled design. Removable glass side panels. Lighted cabinet back lights moon dial and center dial insert. Olive Ash Burl in cabinet bottom. Limited Edition.

Beveled pattern on main front glass. Crystal cut center dial insert. Lyre pendulum with crystal cut center insert. Westminster chime. Olive Ash Burl inside case bottom. Distressed Pine Case. Cable Driven German Movement Movement. Pewter Lyre Pendulum and Weights. Beautiful Pewter Dial with Brass Accents. Westminster Chime with silencer.

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Automatic Night Silencer. Antique Reproduction Glass. These are not visible from a standing position. Hermle Chain Driven Clock Movement. Triple Chime with silencer. Tempus Fugit Dial. Some tarnish on lowest part of dial under number six. AGE: About with brand new clock movement. Large Lyre Pendulum. Unique Gold and Black Trim on glass. New weights are available for an extra charge. Pendulum is in excellent condition except one small tarnish spot about half the size of a thumb print along the bottom edge. Single Chime.

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Chain Driven. Low Prices on Used Grandfather Clocks. Tempus Fugit Time Flies Dial. The pendulum disc is slightly discolored but the discoloration is very even and actually looks pretty good. Wood and cloth side panels. Traditional "white" painted dial with floral corner accents. Chrome weights and pendulum.

Cloth Grill Side Panels. Book Matched Burl Wood Accent on top. AGE: - 'S. Moon Dial. Fancy Lyre Pendulum. Triple Chime. AGE: Late 's early 's. Beveled glass door. Cable Driven. Light Inside Case Bottom. Mirrored Back. AGE: - Model Number: Cable Drive. Also has Burl Veneer Inserts on. Front Angled Corners with Brass Borders.

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Heavy Dial with Raised Corner Spandrels. Separate strike and chime silencer. Wooden side panels. Glass Side Panels. AGE: - 's. Rotary Silencer and Chime Selector. Night Silencer. Glass Side Doors. Wooden Inlay. Plays Beethoven's 9th on a special set of 12 chime hammers, also plays the Ave Maria and Westminster chimes. Movement is in very good condition. Nice heavy dial with many separate pieces making up the whole, pierced center. Small scratches on middle weight, fancy lyre pendulum matches the dial center.

AGE: - 17 Years old. Get this one before it is too late. Cable Driven Movement. The clock has glossy chrome bezel that surrounds the polished white dial featuring minute track, hour markers, and hands all colored black. The striking sides are made of plain glass and a front having beveled glass.

The clock produces Ave Maria chimes which come every top of the hour. It has a volume control provision and an automatic option of night-time shutting off and runs on 4 batteries C size. This is among the smaller clocks and features Oak Yorkshire finishing on particular veneers and ensuing hardwoods. The floor clock provides domed pediment complimented by delicate embossing. It brass polished dial is characterized by a center with a touch of ornate and gold tone and a subsequent chapter ring with silver toning. It also boasts a glass door and chain driven chime movement with a chime silence. A unique 87th Anniversary Version model, Baldwin boasts a Cherry Bordeaux finishing and a Brass pendulum that is characterized by similar weight shells and subsequent center disk.

It has Arabic numerals made of Brass and Brass dial that is complimented by a chapter ring made of silver. Its sides and upper door comprise plain glass and a characteristic illuminated dial and a subsequent case that boast a mirrored back. The Baldwin clock has an overnight chime shut-off system that is automatic and a Westminster chime movement that produces chimes every hour.

The Presidential Series of this type of clock series comprises a finish of Saratoga Cherry coupled with light distressing. It has it top doors hinged and large columns reeded complimented by curved column caps that enclose its doors. Moreover, it boasts a back panel with glass mirroring and a locking front door lower. It also includes a capsule with brass finishing.

This splendid Golden Oak clock a classy bonnet pediment complimented by a vine overlay and decorative shell. It is characterized by a moon phase, blue in color that highlights the glossy brass dial and an inscription Ambassador Collection. Its pendulum is bras polished and its reeded columns are topped with defined carvings which enclose its dial. The front door lower is defined by crystal-cut and subsequently grooved glass and typically beveled glass on the side panels lower ones.

Exceptional is exactly how to begin a sentence that has Princeton Howard Miler made grandfather clock. Its back, particularly on the bottom panels boast unique olive-burl patterns and Hampton Cherry finishing which covers select veneers and hardwood.