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The selection of instruments includes models for beginners and experienced players. Like any instrument, learning to play this string instrument can be challenging. However, anyone with previous guitar experience will likely get to grips with banjos quite quickly. For absolute beginners, choosing a lower number of strings, such as a 4-string, can help to decrease the severity of the learning curve. Skip to main content. Best sellers Previous page. Pyle-Pro Pbj60 5 String Banjo with Perris Leathers LTD. Next page. Most wished for Previous page. Epiphone MB Banjo, Natural. Savannah SB 6-String Banjo.

Dean Guitars Backwoods 6 Banjo with Folk Songs for Banjo: 40 Traditional Most gifted Previous page. Roy Clark's Bluegrass Banjo Bible. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. More options available.

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Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available. Get scheduled, repeat delivery. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 The open-back design will provide loud and bright sounds while the professional Remo head will make playing sessions pleasant and accurate each time. Also, you will enjoy the beautiful rosewood fretboard and a glossy finish, which give the banjo a distinct look.

In case you are interested in learning how to play the banjo or know someone who could use such a gift, then this starter pack is the ideal choice. It comes with everything needed to get started right away and decipher the secrets of playing this particular string instrument. So, besides the banjo, you will also get a banjo gig case, a tablature booklet, and a chord book. This way, all the essential information is delivered together with the banjo, so you can learn how to play the instrument without having a teacher at the moment.

This banjo is of a very good quality considering that it was made for beginners. It has a satin finish, so one can play it with ease, and an open-back design, which makes it lightweight and comfortable. The instrument really has all the attributes that make it suitable for someone that is looking to learn how to play it. It is always a good thing when you can get some accessories besides the instrument at the same price.

Thus, if you are looking to get a banjo and find a great deal, you need to look at this package. You will get a very nice instrument, a light-weighted case for taking it around and a digital tuner that is more than helpful if you want to learn how to correctly tune your instrument. It is a banjo with a simple and classic design, with Aquila strings made in Italy, fingerboard made out of rosewood, and chromed tunings pegs. Enjoy its body made out of sapele wood, a bridge made out of maple wood, and a closed-design back.

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This particular type of back is great if you are looking for your banjo to product loud and deep sounds. The fingerboard made out of walnut is smooth and ideal for a comfortable performance each time, no matter how much you plan to play your instrument.

20 Best Banjo Reviews and the Best Banjo Brands

The Washburn banjos have helped musicians for quite a while and they can be seen in the hands of numerous music enthusiasts that love the sounds made by this kind of instrument. If you are wondering whether this instrument is suitable for a beginner, do know that this particular model was made precisely to be used by inexperienced players.

So, yes, it is a starter model, which produces clear and bright sounds, perfect for learning how this instrument sounds in the best way possible. Besides being enjoyable to play, this banjo is also beautiful to have. With a flat head, which makes playing comfortable, this banjo also features a tone ring made out of cast aluminum and a standard tailpiece covered in chrome. So, even if it is made to be used by beginners, no one can tell as it looks very much like a professional one. If you want a distinct banjo, there are high chances that this particular instrument will impress you.

The rim is also made out of maple, but by using a multi-ply structure. For increased comfort when playing the instrument, the fretboard is made out of rosewood, known not just for its elegance but also for its soft surface. All in all, this is an incredible banjo to have in your personal collection and a really great banjo to start with, if you have a budget that is slightly more generous than average. What is worth remembering is that this is a tenor banjo, which means that the sounds will be distinct, a cross between viola , violin , mandolin , and cello , so it definitely has what it needs to surprise the audience.

If you think you can handle it, it is a great banjo to play. In case you think that a banjo is too large for you or you want to take a smaller instrument for a child , this banjolele is worth taking into consideration. It has a beautiful look and can provide amazing sounds, making everyone fall in love with the music it can make. For a beginner, this instrument has the perfect size and shape, so learning how to play it will become a piece of cake. Also, a beginner will have the chance to get used to the clear sounds a banjo makes, so it will be easier, later on, after acquiring good playing skills, to experiment with other types of banjos and musical styles.

In the beginning, it is recommended to stick to the basics and learn how this instrument is supposed to sound. Not to mention that the price is also great, ideal for offering it as a gift or pursue your passion for music with a small investment. A beautiful banjo with chromed details that can usually be seen in more expensive models, so, yes, considering its price tag, it is worth checking it out.

The back and the sides of the banjo are made out of mahogany, which is also given a high gloss finish for a more elegant look. The tuning of this instrument can be done with ease, just like you would do for a guitar. So if you are familiar with a guitar, you will find using this banjo extremely easy. At the same price, you will also receive a padded case for the instrument, so it will be one worry less off your list.

The case will give you the chance to take your banjo to rehearsals, banjo classes, or gigs. Another aspect worth mentioning is the fact that you can tighten or loosen the head of the banjo so that it will end up suiting your personal preferences. For the money you are about to spend, you will get much more than just a banjo. You will actually purchase a complete package that will help you get started right away. In other words, you will get a soft case, a digital tuner, extra strings, strap , and even a special polishing cloth.

Now you see why the price tag is slightly higher. So, you can easily see this as the ideal beginner kit, as it covers everything you need to have in order to play your banjo in complete comfort and safety. Besides this, the fretboard is made out of rosewood and resonator is made out of beautiful mahogany. Depending on the available budget and how you plan to use a banjo, it is worth considering if this offer will suit your needs.

19 Best Cheap Banjo Reviews 12222 (Best Budget Banjos)

Taking into account what players have to say about this banjo, you get great quality for the price. While the neck is made out of maple and the fingerboard is made out of rosewood, the rim and resonator are made out of composite. It produces great sounds, it is easy to play and tune, and will definitely help you improve your banjo playing skills. When you are looking to learn, it is not recommended to spend a large amount of money on an instrument, as it will be mostly used for studying.

The clear and classic sounds produced by this banjo recommend it for beginners, who should get used to the traditional banjo music before trying anything special.

Banjos 5 String:

This is a beautiful 5-string banjo with an unmistakable vintage design if you like how these instruments looked back in the days. If your child is interested in learning how to play the banjo or you think that a banjo can represent the ideal gift, then it is worth knowing that this banjo was specially designed to be suitable for children.

The young players will be able to handle and play this banjo with ease, so do consider it as an option if you are shopping around for a young music enthusiast. But, due to the fact that it weighs only 2 pounds, this banjo can also be a great instrument for those that like traveling and would like to play music at the same time. For those looking to get a traditional banjo, this 5-string one may be the right instrument. Made out of mahogany and with a Remo head, this banjo offers a great quality-price ratio.

With a glossy finish and rosewood fretboard, this is an instrument that will not let you down. But, do have in mind that it also comes in a version that features an engineered wood fretboard, so if you want the rosewood version, make sure to pick this option before placing your order.

Shubb BC-20 Standard Banjo Capo - Polished Nickel

Apart from this, it is a great instrument to have and to play. It will deliver traditional banjo sounds and will make it the ideal candidate for playing authentic country and folk music. Due to the fact that is has a glossy finish, it is the kind of instrument that will look good in live performances as well, not just during rehearsal sessions. While there are cheaper banjos out there, the price is still in the accessible range, considering the great features this banjo has.

What Banjo Should I Buy? - Banjo Mountain

So, do check out all your options and make an informed decision in the end. If you want to buy a banjo from a well-known brand like Ibanez, you will have to reach a bit deeper into your pockets. Still, it is a choice that will allow you to enjoy a much better quality and the advantage of choosing a brand that is in this business for very many years already, and that is over 30 years.

Made out of mahogany and featuring a rosewood fingerboard, this is a beautiful 5-string banjo that can offer a wide range of versatility when it comes to playing music. And the best part is that even though its price tag is a bit higher than other brands, for an Ibanez banjo it is actually more than accessible.

It is the kind of banjo that will offer that traditional sound you may be looking for, with the help of open gear tuners.

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Do you love playing and enjoying music when you travel? Well, if having an instrument with you, no matter where you go seems farfetched, then you need to check this banjo out. Why is this instrument so special?

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  • Well, for starters this banjo has a travel size, which means that it is smaller and lighter, so you can take it along each time you want to do so. So, be prepared to be impressed by its mahogany body and neck, which creates a beautiful contrast with the white head. For more pleasant playing sessions, the fretboard of the banjo is made out of walnut wood, with open gear tuners and white dot inlays.

    If you choose this instrument, you will end up enjoying more than four decades of experience of the manufacturing company in this domain, so you can be sure that your banjo is the reflection of dedicated craftsmen. The incredible price of this instrument makes it ideal to be offered as a gift or as a first-time instrument for beginners. On the contrary, this 5-string banjo can play beautiful songs, especially in the hands of the more experienced players. So, whether you need a banjo to get started or would like another banjo in your collection, for rehearsal or spare, this affordable instrument can help you get one with minimum effort from your budget.

    It is really possible to enjoy the music made with the help of a banjo without paying a small fortune on such an instrument, due to the manufacturers that have this aspect in mind and provide great instruments at even greater prices. If you are just beginning to explore the world of banjos and their music, this can indeed represent a great choice. So, while banjos may all seem to be the same, as you just found out they can have a wide range of particularities. It is not an easy task to find the ideal instrument, but with the previously provided information, we hope that it will be easier for you to find the best banjo in your case.

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