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Cancel reply Leave a Comment. Find out more about the benefits of Quidco. Do you want to know how to make the most of your Deliveroo cashback? Read on to get inspired on how you can start saving! Deliveroo was founded in , relatively recently in the grand scheme of things, and has since taken the takeaway market by storm.

Their mission is to bring the food of local restaurants into the homes and offices of the wider public. As you may know, most traditional takeaway restaurants have their own delivery staff and carry out the logistics of getting your meal to you themselves. Deliveroo does things differently. The restaurants sign up to Deliveroo and pay a commission for using the service. Smart Quidco users can also earn cashback on their Deliveroo order. Deliveroo want to give you the best food experience possible. The choice of restaurants that you can choose from depends of course on the area in which you want to have your food delivered.

In the restaurant selection you will usually find many different cuisines and styles of restaurants. From Italian restaurants to burger places, sushi restaurants or even your local Pret — the choices are abundant.

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If you are more into the finger-licking kind of chicken dishes, why not order with KFC? Many KFC restaurants deliver with Deliveroo as well. Are you at home and without the ingredients to whip up an English breakfast? Perhaps you want to surprise your loved one with a fancy breakfast?

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  5. The chances are Deliveroo can come to the rescue. Get pizza, sushi, curry or whatever kind of food is offered in your area delivered straight to your door to enjoy!

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    You can even order a good bottle of wine or other booze — perfect when those unexpected guests come over. It is really simple to order your food from Deliveroo: just type in your postcode and Deliveroo will display all the available restaurants in your area.

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    It is very easy to create a new customer account: just finish your order and go to the checkout — you will be asked to enter some information and within minutes, your new account will be ready. Deliveroo Plus is a subscription service for everyone who orders food regularly. That basically means it already pays off if you order about 3 - 4 times per month. As a Deliveroo Plus client, you will also get access to special promotions and exclusive offers from a number of selected restaurants. Note though that Deliveroo Plus is not available in all areas, so do check if you can become a Plus member.

    There is no general minimum order value, as this depends from restaurant to restaurant. Currently it seems not to be possible to order from multiple restaurants in the same order, but you can place two different orders in two restaurants. Usually they indicate the expected delivery time, so you could even try to time the two or more orders to arrive at the same time. If you plan on ordering from various restaurants in separate orders, it might pay off to become a Deliveroo Plus member so that you save on the delivery charges.

    Have a look at their website, usually they offer a trial period for Deliveroo Plus. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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    You might also want to tell the hotel reception that you are planning to order food — maybe they can arrange their room service to bring it up to your room. If this happens you should cancel your order as soon as possible by contacting the restaurant. This is usually when the restaurant has started to prepare the order, but Deliveroo reserves the right to decide whether an order is started or not. If you cancel your order too late, it might be that you will be charged for the amount of the order. Once you have picked the food for your delivery and have made sure that all your details are correct, Deliveroo will ask you for a credit or debit card to carry out the payment.

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    It is currently not possible to pay in cash or any other means than card. The food is packed up nice and warm in an insulation box so that it does not get cold. The individual packaging of your meals depends on the restaurants, but they do take great care to pack the food as good as possible. The delivery times depend from restaurant to restaurant and also from the time of the day — during peak times, for example on a Friday evening, it might take longer than on a Wednesday at 3pm.

    You can see the expected delivery time when you pick your food. Deliveroo are doing their best to get your food in the best time and shape to their hungry clients, but sometimes things go wrong. Maybe there were roadworks along the way and your driver had to take an alternative route that took a bit longer or your restaurant mixed up an order and now you are at home with a salami pizza instead of the so longed for prosciutto crudo. Make sure to check Quidco regularly for great offers on takeaway from Deliveroo. From time to time, we also have discount, promo and voucher codes on our site, which you can use when placing your order with Deliveroo.

    Make sure to check our terms and conditions when you are using a voucher code that has not been published on Quidco, because this might prevent you from getting your cashback. In the rare case that something does go wrong with your order and you are not happy for some reason, the Deliveroo support team definitely would want to hear about your complaint.