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Making it work. Making it right. The nearest location that will serve you: Manassas, VA. Comments optional. Great service, great value! Air Conditioning Few things are as frustrating as broken or inefficient air conditioning when the weather warms up.

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Air Conditioning Services. Heating and Furnace Emergency repair, system installation or preventative maintenance. Heating Services. Indoor Air Quality Did you know that there's more to indoor air quality than heating and cooling? Air Quality Services. Attic Insulation It's one thing to heat and cool your home - it's another to lose that controlled climate through a poorly insulated attic. Attic Insulation Services. News, tips and more on our blog! From leak detection in your home or business plumbing lines to main line water leak detection, we have the tools to tackle the projects our customers present to us.

Check out other reasons why customers trust us:. As an internationally recognized and respected leak detection company, we go above and beyond to exceed our customer's expectations. Call to get started today! Unlike major plumbing disasters, leaks can be much more discreet.

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However, if they are not properly handled in a timely manner, they can cause serious damage to your property and your health. At American Leak Detection, we have the skills and tools to find the cause of the leak and can create customized solutions to address the problem. Guided by this principle, we have become the world leader in the accurate discovery of all types of leaks.

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That means you will benefit from our 40 years of industry experience, our state-of-the-art equipment, and our technology. Our non-invasive method ensures two important results: 1 you receive a timely and economical outcome, and 2 damage to your property is eliminated or dramatically reduced. We know customers prefer an accurate price quote they can count on: one that is based on an assessment of the situation and our specific recommendations.

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You will not find a more professional or qualified staff anywhere else! Too often, plumbing companies convince home and business owners to re-pipe their property — an expensive project that could be avoided. Our dedicated technicians find the cause of the leak. This way, customers do not have to pay for unnecessary services.

When you choose American Leak Detection, you can rest assured we have your best interests at heart. Nearly all his neighbors also pipe sewage into the woods or let it run onto the ground under their trailers. This is illegal and unsanitary — and residents know it. Many are native, Latino or African-American, like Eric and his neighbors.

Those exposed to unsanitary conditions can be found in both rural and urban areas, living in fear and secrecy and slipping through the safety net intended to protect them. Cory Booker D-N. In other communities that are more privileged or well-off, that have access to the media or the levers of power, these kind of injustices would never be tolerated.

The majority of Americans live in areas where their bathroom pipes connect to a public sewage network. They use the toilet and flush their waste without a second thought. People who live outside these networks typically must install and maintain their own septic systems. Among U.

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Another , households reported breakdowns in their septic systems that year. And sometimes things go really, really wrong. A spate of recent media attention has made rural Alabama the de facto epicenter of this issue, but a complete account of the problem here has yet to emerge. Though government agencies and local people have worked for years to improve conditions, evidence of raw sewage can be found all over, if you know where to look.

Finding something that works can come with a shocking price tag. If a system fails, homeowners might find their own toilet waste bubbling up through a bathtub or sink, or pooling on the ground outside. Fixing a failing system means forking over hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and the burden often falls on the homeowner.

Poverty has impeded progress, says Catherine Flowers, 59, founder of the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise and an advocate for environmental justice. Eric and his relatives live on the border of Lowndes County , where activists have focused much of their attention. Lowndes is home to 10, people.

A majority are African-American, many descended from people brought to the area as slaves. The overall health of people here ranks near the bottom of the state.

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Only 20 percent of homes are on municipal sewage networks. Before the s, the area was far poorer than it is today. In the decades following the Civil War, many former slaves scraped by in grinding poverty. In , hundreds of African-Americans protesting racial injustice and demanding voting protections marched five days with Dr.

Today, civil rights activists in the staunchly conservative state say the effort to keep black citizens from the polls is alive and well. They point to a restrictive identification law believed to make voting more difficult for African-Americans, who tend to cast ballots for Democrats. On Tuesday, as Alabamians headed to the polls for a special U. Senate election, a surge of voter turnout in the Black Belt helped deliver a surprise victory for Democratic candidate Doug Jones. On an overcast day in November, Hardy showed HuffPost the failing septic system behind her home.

There was rain in the forecast. In another part of the county, across farmlands, forests and pastures, lives Joyce not her real name.

The scene behind her mobile home is a horror show. Her septic tank fills up completely every few days, leaking wastewater into an open trench. Rainy days fill the trench even more. Joyce, 50, tries not to flush toilet paper.