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The Bandwidth you've posted is actually pretty decent! Do you have any comparision speed tests since the change? What speeds are you receiving at the moment? Need help?

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What's your ADSL2+ speed & Why was Adam Internet's - Telstra Crowdsupport -

Find out more. When it was first introduced, ADSL was a significant step forward in Internet access, since it didn't require the availability of cable service and could coexist with voice phone services. ADSL1 performance varies with distance from the exchange, but could reach 8 megabits per second Mbps within 1. Telstra has previously limited ADSL1 to 1.

It does this through tweaking of the methods ADSL used to push data over your last-mile wire, with new technologies improving transmission efficiency and providing greater resilience to noise. Why do I need higher speeds? If you're a big iPod user, for example, that means you will be able to download a feature-length movie from Apple's iTunes Store about 15 times faster than you could under the old 1. Telstra already offers some movie downloads through its BigPond Movies site, and does not count data from that site towards the download quota of its broadband services.

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With that much bandwidth coming into your home, it will be possible for a single data connection to support multiple Internet radio, videoconferencing, voice over IP VoIP and even live TV signals at the same time -- and here's where it gets interesting. Such 'triple-play' services have been talked about for many years, and are becoming a reality in other countries where more proactive carriers have worked overtime to bring new services to the market. In those environments, a single ISP could bundle data, voice and digital TV services over a single connection that does not, as is currently the case, have to be a cable TV connection.

Who's offering it? It is currently also offering uncapped ADSL1 up to 8Mbps in those exchanges, in addition to a further However, cheaper offerings do exist. In fact all three of these telcos give you extra benefits such as cheaper prices or higher speeds when you bundle telephone and ADSL broadband together with them.

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Behind the big three are a range of smaller ISPs that are, at least in some way, providing services off the back of networks built by iiNet, Optus or Telstra. However many of them also have their own infrastructure in some areas.