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To qualify for the Best Buy trade-in deal, your Xbox or PS3 must be in good working condition, able to power on, and not be damaged in any way. The AC adapter must also be included. The deal is good only in Best Buy stores and isn't compatible with any other trade-in offers.

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Finally, there's a limit of one trade per person. Buyers can choose from a few different Xbox One models and bundles. Xbox boss confirms Project Scarlett will have a disc drive : Here's what else we know about the upcoming console, including 8K graphics, fps and SSD. Watch every E3 video game trailer from Square Enix, Ubisoft, Bethesda and Microsoft's E3 conferences : All the trailers you need to see are right here!

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These discounts are only sticking around until Saturday.

We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Has Joly actually made the store any good? Is it a place you could recommend that people go to shop?

Last-Minute Gaming Deals: $50 off a PS4 Bundle and $50 Gift Card for the Xbox One

Are the buys the best? More from Slate: - Ooops! Foreign Trade Has Immiserated U. My conclusion—Best Buy still basically sucks. A woman speaking hesitant English asked me if I was in the store to buy something. Would I be interested in buying the card off of her? I forked over 40 bucks, leaving me with a tidy profit.

GAMES na BEST BUY dos EUA - Minecraft, PS4, XBOX... com preços!

The problem is that actually buying stuff at Best Buy often involves taking a bath. Not every price is bad, but the best bargains at Best Buy are really for things that are intrinsically scammy.

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You can get a cheaper Lightning cable from Amazon , but not an official Apple-branded one. By the same token, with Microsoft set to ship its Xbox One game console in November, now would be a very odd time to buy an Xbox console.

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But if you do want one, Best Buy has a good price to offer. But where the store truly fails is as a store. Not everything in life is about bargains. It could make perfect sense to pay a premium in exchange for a useful customer service experience.

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To put this to the test, I wandered over to the home theater section and told a sales rep that I needed to pick up an HDMI cable. These connector cables are the locus of notorious markups and sales scams. To make a long story short, all HDMI cables are good enough, but many brands gouge customers with premium prices and bogus claims of quality. He offered me three levels of cable quality for a 6-foot HDMI.

Just to be clear, I asked the salesman if the more expensive cable was really better.

Xbox One Controllers - Best Buy.

But this is malpractice verging on fraud. Amazon, to its discredit, also sells this crap.

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  • But the big question for brick-and-mortar retail is how it can deploy the physical presence of human beings to generate value. For Best Buy the answer seems to be scams. Eavesdropping on other customers, salesman after salesman was trying to upsell people on service plans or warranties or reminding them that they might want to buy screen-cleaning wipes. Back in April , Farhad Manjoo argued that to save itself Best Buy needed to start stocking fewer items , thereby playing more of a curatorial role and helping its staff become real product experts. But for this store?

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    To do it would require a real philosophical transformation, whereby the role of Best Buy and its blue-shirts would be to help customers, not just talk them into high-margin add-ons. A year ago, Best Buy looked to be headed for a well-deserved death.