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Be the first to see new Travelers jobs in oregon. My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. Indeed helps people get jobs: Over 10 million stories shared. For jobs in Finland, visit fi. Indeed Salary Estimate. Job title, keywords, or company. City, state, or zip code. Apply in person Job Spotter - 9 days ago - save job - more Be the first to see new Travelers jobs in oregon My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. I am in Destrehan, LA. I called a corporate telephone number, could not understand the gentleman on the phone.

He said he was in Canada. He did not sound too informative of the Popeyes brand. I decided today to give the local Popeyes a try, forget it! Will never visit! Your Orange, Texas Location is superb and has recently undergone some outstanding changes which show from the employees caring and working as a Team. Thanks much, especially to the young male day Manager, Rosie Chavis, and all the Employees for such outstanding service. Thanks for being in Orange as we really need the employment and good place to eat. I bet people would love it if you made a 2-breast combo. Popeyes advertises national television campaigns then does not have the products on sale in the restaurants.

The store employees blame Corporate but there is no way to contact Corporate directly. Trust me when I say Corporate does not care nor makes any effort to resolve these issues. This is false advertising on a National level and they must be held accountable for their incompetence. I was recently an employee at Popeyes on us 29 in Georgia.

Never in my life have I seen a restaurant ran so poorly they do not train their employees they just stick them somewhere an expect them to know everything about the job. Asking to go on break is very crazy because they will send people home an then complain about not having enough employees to work the shift. You should Google their Health Code Violations of you want some interesting reading! If you can take my comment in to consideration, have a limited offer of fried arigator with your seasoning it would taste great and believe ppeople would try it and love it… please give it some serious thought it would be a hit thank you.

To the Popeyes listed in my phone. This is deceptive advertising. Email me an answer! Thank You Tony Martini. Me and my roommate was at your Popeyes last night. I ordered a 2 piece white with cole slaw and a apple pie. My roommate ordered a 3 piece mixed with 2 apple pies. The guy working there told us the pies would be in the our bags, when me and my roommate got home I took everything out of the bags and there were no pies in the bags. Worst experience ever!!! I was the only one inside to place an order.

I stood at the counter for 10 minutes waiting to place my order. There were three people behind the counter. They turned to look at me several times, and completely ignored me. When they finally took my order, I waited another 20 minutes while they took Uber and drive thru orders and filling them. Still completely ignoring me. I finally went to the counter and told them I wanted a ref und. Without saying a word, the guy behind the counter, opened the drawer, handed me the money and immediately turned and walked away.

I filled out their survey stating my experience. At the end of the survey it ask if I wanted someone to call me regarding my complaint. I said YES. I got a follow up e-mail asking if anyone contacted me. I replied NO. At that point I was directed to call customer service if I still had a complaint. I called and they took all the information and again was told a Manager would call me. Just look at the reviews. Worst experience ever. When they finally did take my order, I waited another 20 minutes while they took Uber and drive thru orders and filling them. I finally went to the counter and told them I wanted a refund.

No apology, no nothing!! I said yes, and of course no call. I got a follow up e-mail asking if anyone called me, which I replied NO. At that point I was given a phone number to call if I still had a complaint. I called and they took all the information and again was told a manager would call. No one gives a DAMN!!! Why is it that the Popeyes in Panama City, Florida is unresponsive to their phone and answering customers inquiries.

They never know. Simple question: Are they going to be discontinued?? It is just a simple….. Then we can all take our business elsewhere. I went to the Popeyes on Jungermann st, St. I got the new chicken tenders. Not a fan of those tenders they were not tender. Today 4. It was lunch and at a very wanted and popular restaurant , and the staff was extremely rude and cold. They ran out of Mac n cheese and we had to wait for the chicken to cook. This was told very unfriendly. Our food to go was hot and delicious but for the second time they forgot our buscuits!

Another time they forgot the extra order of mashed potatoes. We love the brand but the service is unwelcoming and delivered without pride. Sincerely, Miyuki Edwards. I at one point in the summer of worked for Popeyes in Roxbury. I have went there and called to obtain my w2 they never got to my old address!

I even checked with the landlord for where I last lived and they said it never got there. Can someone please tell me who I call or email to get my w2 so I can file my taxes on time!

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I went through the drive-through. I ordered the two can dine for 10 and asked if I could have all legs I was told that it comes with three legs and two thighs. I said they must not have been doing their job last week because I just ordered it that way last week. She told me twice that is not my problem. The entire conversation was heated.

She was very rude to me. As a manager she should have handled the situation better. She did not provide to me a great experience or excellent customerI service. Consequently, I called the restaurant to find out who the manager was only to find out that the manager was the person working the drive through window, Bianca.

In fact, the employee who answered the phone told me that there has been many complaints about her miss treatment not only to customers but to her employees to. This is very disheartening. I had several options for lunch today and yet I chose Popeyes. When working with the public, you have to always be considerate, courteous and provide great customer service.

Needless to say I will not be going back to Popeyes again as long as she is the manager there. The Popeyes chicken store in Dover Delaware is horrible! IF you are a white customer. I kid you not. Not a chance. The prior owner had a great shop. The new owner is racist.

Or, their staff in total are. If Popeys chicken wants to find out the truth about this complaint it is really easy. Send a regional manager the store does not know to the shop and with no forewarning of their coming. Just show up as a regular customer during their busy time, between and 2. In our case we had black customers waiting on either side of us waiting for in-house orders. When these orders arrived, and this is each and every time we were there, the black customers or customer order was spectacular! Huge pieces of chicken, full mashed and gravy.

Full cole slaw.

Popeyes coupons

The mashed and gravy was half full. The coleslaw too. This happened each and every one of the six times we went there over the two years. This store shows preferential treatment to black customers. Without exception. And they serve sub-standard quality food to the whites. Because Dover is a small town and when a restaurant display racist policy in food service to white customers word gets around.

It is a right. Thank you for reading this. As a point of note in comparison, we visited the Milford Popeys, store , yesterday. Milford is about 40 minutes south of Dover. The food was spectacular! What is up with this company? Had a terrible experience at a Homestead Florida branch. Would someone kindly reach out! I filled out a survey and havent heard from anyone yet! Thr Popeyes on Jonesboro in Union City is terribly slow! I wait 30 to 45 mins every time I go there. One or two may be working but moving slowly.

I go on break at 10pm and most of the time in end up leaving without my food because they arevso slow. Yall need to fire all of them on the night shift. Then yall close the inside at Every time customers are driving off because of thr wait. And the chicken is just sitting there but no one is working! Me and my neighbor came went to Popeyes restaurant here on center point parkway in Birmingham,Alabama about a month ago and got so sick after eating here few months later.

This is my second time getting sick after eating at this popeyes on center point parkway. I will not be coming back to this restaurant. Just got home from getting my two popcorn shrimps. And I find a breaded hallow veiny meat! Not shrimp not chick. And it looks like a parasite! As a former employee of Popeyes I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I just receive at store 4 in Miami. The manager not the employees have customers service experience.

I asked for hot chicken and got cold chicken. I was told the chicken was fresh and hot but it was cold. I called that to speak to the manager Oswald to advised of the cold chicken he tried to tell me it was not. This is something I would not do again. Popeyes will never get my business again. They believe in telling lies about what is fresh and what is not.

The problem is they are so use to doing this type of thing and no one complaining. I refuse to give my money to anyone that can not provide great customer service. Just got the blackeye peas and they were great. Now you just cut them out.

From Gambrills, Maryland. They gave me real hot chicken when I said no. And the jambalaya was dryer than a Popcorn Fart. So I tried to take it back and they said no so I threw it out the window. I went to KFC. I am blowing my horn. Me: I have been waiting all this time for a compromised order. If I had known that I was going to have to wait this long, I would have waited for what I originally came here for. We are getting ready to close.

The Cashier thought you said Cajun Fries. She made a mistake. Do you want another Red Beans and Rice? Me: No. I will be following up with the owner, Sue, in the morning in addition to putting this incident on blast and contacting their corporate office. Went inside the line was long. Evidentally a new worker at register. She seems so confused while taking oreders. Guy in front of me was confused and did not speak english. I asked if he was short on money. The manager steps and start talking about she is new. Please have and be patience with her..

I said I was going to pay for the gentleman food. Manager walks up throws his arm around the cashier chic and soothing her. While explaining what option to select on the register. This took place atleast 3 to 4 times while waiting on my food. As my food order arrives on the counter via Manager. Before I can reach to my food.

Popeyes Moses Lake, WA

Manager asked for receipt. After waiting 30 — 35 minutes. I asked for refund. Manager comes to register and once again he says to me. She new and i wish you would have some patience…what? I said the cashier was not my concern. I wanted to pay for guy whom seemed to be short on cash. I was just trying to keep the line moving. So this is how popeyes treat their customer.

Oh and one lady got free food. Because this new cashier messed it up the order. Maybe this story needs to go viral! After going to Popeyes for lunch today, I was very disappointed to find a live roach in my food. After coming to terms with what was happening, I grabbed my phone to take photos and I called the location where the meal was purchased from. After over an hour of a getting a busy signal, I was finally able to reach a manager who was really nice and apologetic.

However at no time was I offered a refund, only a replacement meal instead. December 2, at pm entered the restaraunt coming from Miami and stopped at the Popeyes store on East Colonial past Alafaya Trail in Orlando, Florida. My cashier was Matthew was was very pleasant who at the time was being treated very poorly by the manager on shift. The transaction was pleasant, but when I arrived home, I realized that I was given the wrong order. I was given all dry, spicy and super crispy chicken.

The fries were dry as well. I called them and told them, right away they said I could come back and re order, but the girls were starving so I just ran to the Taco Bell by my house to get them food fast. Returned to Popeyes the next morning and wanted to speak with the manager. All the employees kept walking past me without any acknowledgement at all and I had to ask for the manager 2 more times after that. After all that time, I saw the manager walk out to go to the bathroom, but still no acknowledgement at all.

At that time I noticed a very tall African American individual that was working there standing at the register just staring at me the entire time as if he was trying to imtimidate me and looked like he was ready to jump on me, until I said I am here to speak with the manager, to which he then lowered his demeanor and said ok one moment.

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I told her that I was there to get my replacement order and to get my money back very calmly. The manager Managers name was Blanca then told me that it was her first day in that store and she has no problem in remaking the order, but she would need the bank statement to show her superiors to refund the order. She said it was busy and it was rush hour. She embarrassed me, by not letting me know that she needed more time so I had to endure many customers and staff just staring at me waiting at the counter the entire time looking like a fool, because she was too busy to even acknowledge me and let me know that she needed some time to speak with me.

Instead she sent the assistant manager Nika I believe her name is to speak with me instead who was actually very pleasant. She got me my order right away and kept apologizing about the situation, but then she told me that I needed to wait 7 days to get my refund, then I noticed the other manager Blanca staring at me from behind the counter and she never returned to speak with me.

The reason for this letter is because this is wrong. People who act like the way Blanca did, should not be in a manager position. I spent a total of 3 hours to not even get my refund, even with them sending me back out to get a bank statement after waiting almost 2 hours just for Blanca to speak with me. My son has been a General Manager at both KFC and Del Taco for many years and he never treated customers this way nor did he allow any staff to treat customers like that. The corporate office needs to send a representative unannounced to view the employees attitude and working conditions.

Problem 1. During the last week of October my wife stopped at the restaurant, entered the drive thru and ordered two white piece meals. Upon arriving home and opening the bag, our failure to check the order after we paid for two meals, we discovered only one meal was placed in the bag. Due to driving distanced, I told my wife that we would inform the restaurant of their mistake the next time we would patronize Popeyes. No visible sign posted concerning wet floors.

Problem 2. The two dinners were horrible. Not only was the chicken thin and skinny, but apparently overcooked, dried out and tasteless. The mashed potatoes appeared to be drenched with hot water instead of your sausage gravy. At this moment your restaurant just loss two customers. Hey my name is kelly white I have a complaint on a employee by the name of Tyasia. I have a complaint on my immediate supervisor. Popeyes E. Union St. Vienna, GA I have been trying to contact someone for obtaining Frenchise terms. I have applied online but not even a receipt confirmation. There is also no where on your website that gives me a contact numwbr to follow.

The one number: i noted in website does not work at all and it keeps cutting on me. Can some one please respond to my online request or provide me with a working contact number enabling me to talk to some one. I am looking for obtaineing a Frenchise of Popyes in Ontario provience of Canada in any city with no Popyes existing restaurant. Kindly respond.. I just wanted to share with yall a glorious accident that one of my friends discovered and I had to try.

She ordered some fries and an apple pie, some of the cinnamon sugar fell on the cajun fries and it was so good to her that she decided to share the news with some of her friends. I trust her taste buds, so the next day I decided to test out this wacky combination and added a small fry and apple pie to my 4 piece mix. The fat kid in me was doing a happy dance at every bite! I forgot all about the chicken because all I wanted to do was sprinkle that cinnamon sugar on my fries and eat them lol.

I tried to eat it slow to savor the moment since it was a small bag, I was a little sad when it was done. Popeyes I highly suggest that you either start adding that pie cinnamon sugar to your fries or make it a new item on your menu!!! Me and many others would forever be graceful if yall did this. Call it sweet and spicy cajun fries and I will even be a spokes person for this wonderful discovery lol. I have to say the customer service has gone to totsl crap! Im referring to Abbeville , Louisiana veterans memorial drive and Lafayette Louisiana hwy restaurant.

We always have to pull up n wait in drive through and wait forever….. Neither restaurant gives chicken worth size i mean this is so sad to get such small pieces of chicken! Was excited because of my LOVE of your chicken. I might not EVER visit another store. The cashier took my order, referenced the coupon and I thought everything was o. I get to the window…. I asked for a breast and leg for my order and 2. I asked for a cup of ice. Next, why was this entire discussion held in front of me within my hearing? Sir Tell me are u hiring job.

They are many fake people use your company name and hiring new job. They received a money. I have experienced more terrible times than not at the Searcy store. I am appalled at the behavior of Eddie, who is a manager. Some of the people in Searcy do not want to be questioned or talked back too. You are to accept what they say and that is the end of the matter. Not so when it comes to spending my money. I have always gone thru the drive thru since living in Searcy at least twice a week.

There have been nasty customer service workers, food has been cold, chicken has been cooked in burnt grease for that was part of the problem on this evening. It was discovered when I got home. I told him that I was one customer making an inquiry. Each customer should be treated important. Eddie said the email was sent down and he was not going to change the policy for me. A few weeks ago the policy was different.

He then told me that I was taking up his drive thru time and I was about to upset him. He was offended that I said each customer should be treated special. That I could either take it or leave it. I tried to speak with him from the stance of a customer voicing a concern but Eddie said that I was not his only customer and I could take it or leave it now, I was about to….

It is not about the chicken it is about the principle and good customer service. I will not go back until until these concerns are addressed. I will also take to Social Media and tell many others about my experience. Thank God I finally figured this out. I was living in Los Angeles and Ojai. In LA, I felt fine. When in Ojai, I woke up all night, headaches, brain explosions in my sleep, very scary and had never knew those existed balance problems, facial flushing, depression, confusion, hard time finding words when talking, etc.

Reading these posts confirms it. It was this horrible Smart Meter. The Smart Meter was removed 4 days ago. Already feeling better. Not back to normal yet but headaches went away right away, facial redness all better right away, eye sight no longer blurry, no numb hands when waking up. No pain in elbows. Sleeping well again. Most people have no clue how bad they are for us. The employees talked to each other instead to the customers. At first I was not going to report this matter, but the more I thought about it this was the right thing to do.

I have pictures of the raw chicken. I accidentally ate some of that raw chicken.. Immediately i wanted to know why there were 5 employees hovering around the cash register but only one person working it. They were loud and unprofessional with a store full over diverse customers. Once it was my turn to order I saw a fresh pan of biscuits come out and asked if i could have some fresh ones.

The young lady huffed and puffed and another young lady started to laugh. Not only was it disrespectul but embarassing. I work for a top insurance company and I know proper protocol when dealing with the public. Very disheartening! We would have ordered more but the sides and chicken itself was much too expensive. When we got home to eat the chicken it was burnt or old and not fresh, hot and juicy as ordered.

We then contact Popeyes Headquarters online but no one answered our complaint for days, so finally on Saturday, , we went back and took our receipt. Received a lot of flack and was told by Patti, manager, that she would only give us 4 pieces of chicken and not what we had ordered because we waited so long? Told her we were waiting for corporate to get back to us, and had they contacted this store. She said no, they never contact us. We were going to buy 3 of their hot apple pies, but she reluctantly put those in for free.

I think we will take our business to KFC from now on. Whomever is heading up Popeyes is doing a very poor job of it and also the prices are much too expensive. Trump type incompetence and refusal to accept responsibility and no apology. On Sept. Betty C Forsht. I had a poor experience at popeyes today. I went to the popeyes at 23rd and north street. Order wings was told it would take 12 minutes. That was at It was before I got my order.

I wrote you about this same store a few weeks ago. Store in Salem, NH Why is nothing being done? Ticket Dine-in. Again the place was filthy. No paper towels in either restroom.

Trash and food under several tables. There was no chicken ready. My husband had to get something other than his usual bc they said 30 minute wait for chicken. There were 3 female employees in uniform with headsets on, sitting at a table in the dining room with a bunch of teenage boys.

Nothing was getting done. Other customers walked out bc of the 30 minute wait. Please do something at that store. You are losing a lot of customers. Some of the worst service I have ever received. Apparently their system was down when I went which prohibited them from being able to sale any chicken. They have no process for manual orders in case of instances like this. I asked for the district managers name and contact info she refused to provide it. She flat out refused to give her name all.

She actually told me that I did not need it! Smh… She went on to tell me that she was not even working that day and she was their to help the others. I went back and forth with her for a while about her name till i finally told her to let me speak with an actual employee she stated she worked there and that she was just not working then. Roland was very friendly and cracked Burger King in Beaverton, OR.

More Info Delivery. Meal comes in medium and large sizes.

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Your choice of Hash Browns and a Drink. No substitutions. Available during breakfast hours only. Made with white meat, our bite-sized Chicken Nuggets are tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Coated in a homestyle seasoned breading, they are perfect for dipping in any of our delicious dipping sauces. Price includes 1 sauce of your choice.