Costco cell phone deals

Discounts on popular, newly released phones, such as recent iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, are hard to come by, although you may be able to snag a promotion from your carrier or a third-party seller.

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If you look beyond the newest high-end devices, you can find more palatable prices. One idea: Buy a previous generation of the model you like. Or consider a phone from a less costly line of devices.

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Buying a refurbished phone is another avenue to a lower price. For the most reliable factory testing and warranty, get a phone refurbished by the manufacturer, says Benjamin K. Glaser, features editor for DealNews. You can also shop for used or discounted phones on Amazon. Your carrier may buy your old phone through a trade-in program, providing a little extra money toward the next device when you upgrade.

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Or see how much cash you can get for your phone at sites such as Gazelle. The carriers tweak these programs often, so some of the information here may have changed since press time. Sprint and T-Mobile also offer leasing options for certain phones that can be less costly for customers who upgrade frequently. With the T-Mobile Jump on Demand program, you make a monthly payment on a qualifying device, including the latest-generation iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones, over the term of an month lease.

Upgrade anytime you wish, up to three times a year. If you make 24 payments, you keep the phone. Toggle navigation Menu Subscribers Log In.

Costco-Mobile Phone 2019

Search Close. I think the prices were lower than other stores at the time of my original purchase. I don't think that's true any longer.

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I could be wrong. Any suggestions other than a Costco? Re: New phone.. Some will pro rate the cost of this phone across your first 12 months of billing; others are actually giving you a genuinely free phone. Nota bene that Patriot has a political angle —— they support veterans groups, Second Amendment groups, etc.

The price seems to be fixed by Apple and they don't allow discounts.

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  4. Misleading Promotions - by Third Party / COSTCO / - AT&T Community.
  5. However, Costco threw in a portable charger worth, I think, about fifty bucks which seems to be their way of discounting. Cost basis is redundant. One has a basis in an investment One advises and gives advice One should follow the principle of investing one's principal. It's a good deal if it's stuff you would have bought anyway, but it's of little use otherwise. I think we got a free car charger and a screen protector last time we bought an android phone Samsung Galaxy S5 at Costco. But when retailers like Best Buy have sales, they're often better than standard Costco deals. Also, the prepaid offerings are generally far better for many users.

    Most deals at Costco are decent. A few are great though fewer than before.

    And you have to buy enough to overcome the membership charge, and that's getting harder and harder for me these days. Amazon is far more convenient delivering goods to my door.

    A phone that suits your lifestyle

    I'd quit my Costco membership first before Amazon. BTW, that link above isn't really Costco anymore. It's outsourced. At a glance: Unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data. Why we like it: One of the cheapest postpaid plans available from the Big 4. Get Started at Sprint's site. At a glance: Unlimited talk and text with 5GB of data. Get Started at Verizon's site. At a glance: Unlimited talk, text and high-speed data. Why we like it: Taxes and fees are included in the monthly fee. Get Started at T-Mobile's site.