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Hey Iggles! I love subscription boxes, especially when they involve food.

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My current addiction is Japanese snack boxes. It felt like everything in the box was only a little nibble or taste, a tease. And many of the items in the box were actually things I could find in the local Japanese market. Enter Okashi Connection.

Their goal is to give you a better deal for your money. More candy for less. I did. And by suffering I mean I ate all the candy till I felt like I was gonna explode and then got all hyper on the sugar. If you get a box, you might not wanna eat it all in one night like I did! Okay, on to the review!

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I was surprised by the size of the box when it arrived. It was over three times the size of my Skoshbox and full of snacks. I weighed it, box and all, and it was one pound, four oz, easily over a pound if you were to subtract the weight of the cardboard box. I dug in and started trying the snacks. I would like to say that everything in my box was enjoyable. Also, everything was super fresh.

I was very happy with the quality and freshness. You can click all the images to enlarge for detail. In Japanese, Ninjin means carrot. It was very light with a nice crunch. Surprisingly, this simple snack was my favorite thing from the box. It had the texture of a Cheeto and it was sweet like a breakfast cereal. I wondered if I could pour it into a bowl and eat it with milk but my husband told me it would probably dissolve.


As this one was cheesy flavored, it had the flavor and consistency of a cheeto. From what I understand they come in a wide variety of other flavors, but all have about the same consistency. These are croissant-flaky pastries with a chocolate filling that is light and crunchy but not too crunchy.

Talk with your child about crafting a great introduction about themselves and how to weave in questions to find out more about their new pen pal. When my daughter asked me if her pen pal had glasses, I told her that this would be a great question to ask her so she could look forward to her response. Although there was no street view for our pen pal, who resides in Greece, we were able to take a peek at pictures of landmark items in her country and read facts about where she lived. Knowing information like this helps to build those initial letters as you get to know more about each other.

Once we were done writing our letter, we got to practice addressing an envelope and then added a few decorative touches to the back of our envelope for our new friend. Now we must wait patiently for our response from our new friend and when she writes back, it will be a happy day, indeed!

I hope this inspires you to find a few pen pals of your own. And as double inspiration, here is my childhood pen pal. We met at church camp and became best friends through our letters back and forth.


I remember that sweet anticipation of the mail dropping through the mail slot of our home and ripping them open to read, then reread, then reread again the precious words from my friend. My husband and I had a fun time making annoying whistling noises to bother his friend on Skype while they were playing games. These had an apple sort of flavor and were very soft and sweet. There were two packs of these in my box. This candy is pretty fun.

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It has a tray of three different gum balls, but they all look and smell identical. From what I can tell, the point is to allow your friends to choose one. There is a trick. My husband grabbed the one on the left and I grabbed the middle one. Now, I love sour. This gum comes in multiple flavors and the object is to mix the different flavors to create a different flavor.

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The gum was nice and soft and when it would begin to lose flavor I could pop another one in to boost it. It had a nice resealable pouch! They were nice and soft and had a fresh, strong green tea flavor which mixed nicely with the chocolate filling. These were actually my least favorite thing in the box but my husband happily finished them off.

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The box came with two of these. These kinda remind me of Combos or a shorter version of those Pirouette cookies. The green tea flavor is nice and creamy and they have a good crunch. All in all, I think this was a great value and variety. Okashi Connection has a wonderfully personal feel to it. The owner is personable and enjoys interacting with other Japanese candy lovers through email and social media.

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They are also excited to build a community of fellow Japanese snack lovers! They do members-only posts that explain the snacks and have discussions about the treats. Okashi Connection also does a monthly video hosted by official taste testers Karin 13 and Haruka Karin and Haruka are adorable, funny, and honest about the snacks. I have been told that Karin is athletic and has the appetite of a growing teenager!

Haruka is the girly one and enjoys singing songs by AKB48 and dancing along! For the future, you can expect Okashi Connection to grow and build their brand, starting with packaging and shipping labels, etc. As you can tell, I greatly enjoyed my Okashi Connection Box.