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Our wireless mice, give you all the functionality of a normal mouse without the untidy wires that would otherwise clutter your computer workstation or desk. Each computer mouse in our Logitech mouse range is reliable and durable, so they last longer and perform well and our gaming mice are hard-wearing, so they can handle prolonged use.

Back to top. Title Mr. First name. Last name. To show you Currys PC World stores local to you, all we need is your postcode. Showing 1 - 20 of 75 results. Change location. Brief product description. This mouse won't just help you control the Easily lasts a couple full days gaming if you're into that. The only problem is that the lights would sometimes turn on when my computer went to sleep.

That made no sense and would lead to a dead mouse the next evening. I got it to work properly by playing with the software more, but I should not have had to do that. I glued side buttons because I'm left handed and button were for back and forward. Overall I am quite happy with this mouse, though there are some things to be aware of prior to purchasing. If at all possible, try to test one out in person before ordering. This is not a small mouse by any stretch of the imagination.

The software is easy to use, and seems to be fairly powerful for configuring your mouse. I did have a problem with it not loading, and popping up an error message in Chinese that I was unable to read. I had to resort to google image translation in order to decipher it. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Logitech has pushed the boundaries of wireless gaming mouse. It's only 80g, long battery life, and the overall design is fantastic. I heard many users complain about the left and right click being overlapped, but that was only a problem on the older version of G Pro wireless.

You can contact Logitech for a replacement for the new version that the issue has been fixed. Currently unavailable. CPI setting is very convinent but I sometimes end up accidentally changing it in the middle of a game. EDIT: seller reached out to me and offered a replacement, changing 3 stars to 5!

Great seller! Would still recommend. Excellent mouse, feels great to hold and is awesome for its DPI and color customization. I did notice, however, that the pads on the bottom are slightly scratched and peeled up.

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Despite how this could cause friction, the mouse still feels smooth to move. Edit: I was mistaken about the bottom pads being peeled. That was actually protective plastic covering which was meant to be peeled, though it still might be worth mentioning that the plastic covering came damaged. The actual mouse pads under the plastic work quite well.

Also, the mouse cursor does move slightly when you pick up and move the mouse around, so if you want to reposition your mouse during gaming, you may need to raise the mouse about half an inch every time you do so. This mouse is very inexpensive and it works very well for what I do. I was looking around for a wireless mouse just for my simple everyday use and also for a little bit of gaming. This mouse handles both of these tasks with ease. The clicking mechanism is very satisfying and has a nice sound. There are also two buttons on the side that I mainly use for going back and forth between web pages.

I have only complaint and that is with the lighting. On my mouse, the lights fade in and out between colors- which is fine, but the brightness of the lights is very dim and in my particular case, it looks nothing like the mouse in the picture. Logitech had taken their vast experience into account when they decided to build this extraordinary mouse, and their wealth of software knowledge is plain for all to see when they first start using this mouse. It has every option that a player could possibly want in a mice for games including removable weights. Over all this is an excellent choice for serious gamers that need precision and style in their PC gear.

Next on our mice for games round up we have the Jelly Comb 2. This unit takes a back-to-basics approach for its PC configurations, and there are 3 buttons on the mouse, including the button under the scroll wheel. This means that reliable wireless functionality is available up to about 15m, depending on obstacles such as walls or interference from other devices. The profile of this mouse is very low, making it more ideal for those with smaller hands. There are various colors to choose from to satisfy a user's aesthetic preferences.

The dongle can be stored in the recess of the mouse for extra convenience when travelling.

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This is a very basic mouse, but at such a low price, you may find extra value in purchasing one. This mouse runs off of a single battery and it has a built-in power-saving mode that switches on after a few minutes of inactivity. The image processor is crisp and responsive, but is not entirely adjustable. This could be a good backup mouse or daily driver for your administrative tasks on your PC, as it is pretty reliable.

This is a really basic mouse and is not necessarily intended to be used primarily as an instrument for games, and has a design just for games. Those that are looking for advanced options such as adjustable DPI settings or customizable RGB lighting may be a bit disappointed at the lack of features on the Jelly Comb 2. The Redragon M Gaming Mouse is highly recommended, with many gamers swearing by its amazingly accurate laser sensor, and the smooth glide offered by the insanely slippery Teflon feet at the base of the mouse.

This mouse also comes with a total of 5 programmable buttons, as well as an 8-piece weight-tuning set. The weight-tuning set is comprised of 8 x 2. The LED colors can be changed, though they aren't fully customisable. However for the low price its offered at, the designers of this mouse focus on giving users the best experience, which means prioritizing performance first, and aesthetics later.

The overall look of this mouse lends itself to a gaming environment, as it has aggressive edges and extreme styling and design.

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There is also an anti-skid roll wheel that stops exactly where you want it to. The mouse casing is constructed from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and there are 2 programmable buttons on the side of it. Next to these buttons is a side panel that allows lighting features to glow from within the mouse, giving it a sinister crimson glow.


Overall this is a decent mouse that offers good DPI rates, ranging from to , and has lots of buttons in its design. The light weight, high quality ABS construction means that this mouse will be with you for a very long time, and will continue to glide effortlessly across the surface of your choosing as you hone your skills and sharpen your abilities. The Razer DeathAdder Essential is a competitive device on the market. Razer, as you are probably aware, is a top competitor in the technology market, and they have led the way when it comes to keyboards and other gadgets.

The DeathAdder Essential continues their style through its iconic Razer optical sensor. The mouse has 5 fairly standard-looking buttons, with a black rubberized outside coating. This coating is durable and should last you for a long time. Some of the best mice that Razer have ever made were the DeathAdder mice. The best optical sensor can still be found in DeathAdder mice. Even without the Chroma, the Razer DeathAdder is the best choice for mice with lots of buttons, and comes with the iconic DeathAdder shape.

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This particular mouse offers no Chroma RGB possibilities, meaning that the Chroma options can't be seen, but instead comes with the trademark Razer green glow. There are 2 standard buttons: one scroller with a button, and 2 thumb buttons. This means gamers can customize and map out their favorite key configurations. There are minimal distractions, and there is a simplistic aesthetic that plays in its favor. This mouse is a solid option, and is an excellent choice for players that need to take their online playing to the next level at an affordable price.

Razer have never been ones to shy away from creating the best looking and the best performing products on the market, and it is as apparent today as it has ever been. The advanced DPI settings and fantastically redesigned button fulcrums have created a harmony within the architecture that has made it into a force to be reckoned with. This is a good looking, lower cheap price, high performance peripheral that will take you to new heights in your E-Sports.

Just be prepared for no Chroma, as Razer had to keep the cheap price lower. This product offers a revolutionary transmitting technology. You can change the polling rates to create a connection that rivals a wired connection. It has 11 customizable buttons for ultimate versatility and functionality. The battery is incredibly efficient, and can last for weeks without needing charging. The look and feel of the Logitech is extremely comfortable, and even has an extended thumb platform for additional comfort and ergonomics. You can also change the sensitivity while in-game, which can give you the competitive edge while playing.

You can also customize all of your profiles and much more. There are no adjustable weights or anything similar, but the high quality build and feature set that is available with this exceptional unit is enough of a reason for any serious gamer to consider it. The side buttons slightly smaller than other mice buttons, but after a bit of practice will prove useful in-game. The box comes with a wireless receiver dongle and an additional extension cable for it, just in case you need to move in around for better signal. Charging is done via a micro USB connection, which allows you to use it in a wired state while it charges.

Wireless devices are becoming more accurate and useable with each generation, and Logitech seem to be at the forefront of this race with their latest crop of mice and software.

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The Logitech G Gaming Wireless Mouse is a premium device with somewhat of a heavy price tag, but it is well worth the admission price, which is quite cheap if you are after a high quality product that offers good battery life.