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Heavy Duty Electric Impact Wrench. Ratcheting Tie Down. Professional Paint Brush. Magnetic Parts Holder. Premium Rubber Air Hose. Capacity Swing-Back Trailer Jack. Jumbo Aluminum Hook. Variable Speed Reversible Drill. Tool Bag with 21 Pockets. If you're ever seen the Asplundh people tossing stuff into their chippers, which treat big limbs about like a blender treats a bandanna, these little ones ain't that. Ours says 'takes 3 inch limbs', and it will, sort of.

If the blades are very sharp, if the limb is straight and all the cross branches trimmed, and if it's a soft species, it kinda sort will. One or two are OK, but if we have a pile of 3 inch stuff I saw it into firewood and deliver it to someone with a woodstove, because that's way easier. Even when you limit it to, say, stuff that's 1.

Anyway, they work, but don't overestimate what they will do. If you only have a big pile once a year or something like that, renting a towed one for a day is something to consider as well. We've also called up tree service companies and ask for chipping bids. If you have everything stacked in an accessible place, their big chippers can work wonders.

The bids we've gotten are highly variable - sometimes it's very low and sometimes very high for the same amount. When it's low we let them do it; when it's high we get out our chipper. I do have their log splitter for fire wood. No problems, and that is with abusing the snot out if it and feeding it logs that are way too big for it. I am lucky to be 1 mile from our recycling center that accepts brush.

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I've reverted to using my trailer and bringing over brush. My first chipper was a used, fairly old 10 hp driven model. It worked well when it ran. It had a hard life before me and compression was very low so the engine was on its way out. It was only ok in chipping branches and needed a lot of cleaning out. Total junk garbage, waste of money.

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Parts fell off, it barely chipped anything. I brought it back to our local store and because I ordered it online, they couldn't figure out how to give me my money back. I accepted a store gift card. I've accepted that the only way I'd get a chipper is if I got a 3 point model to hook up to my Kubota 3 cyl 18 hp diesel tractor.

Even cutting between 4 and 10 cords of firewood and having to clean up the branches involved plus all the pine, it isn't worth it to me. I bring it to the recycling center. I have about 20 large Leyland Cypress trees to remove that are " at the trunk and about 20' high. Plus several other large trees in dire need of severe pruning. So it is a job that will take several months and generate WAY more large waste than I can possibly put out in the weekly yard waste bin.

I also don't want to rent for 6 weekends in a row or whatever it will take to finish the job. I sold my utility trailer back in TX and could get another one which might make more sense but then I have no place to store it unless I figure out some kind of garage lift to store it on the ceiling as I've seen done online.

The house is on a fairly steep downward slope so I'd have to drag all the brush up lots of steps to the street to haul it away as there is no street access to the back yard. That's the other issue. Seems like either a chipper I leave in the back yard or a small utility trailer that I'll have to store are my best options. I've owned property with a lot of trees and the corresponding maintenance. It was also way easier. Tree cutting, pruning, and chipping is dangerous work, especially for the inexperienced.

Tree service estimates can vary greatly, especially based on the time of the year. Late spring and summer are usually pretty busy, so they get top dollar. If you job can wait until the winter when they are looking for work, you should get a better deal. I am wary of Harbor Freight power equipment. Once the trees are all down and trimmed, it is time to rent a big chipper for one weekend. The chances of buying virtually unusable junk at HF particularly when it comes to power tools is very high.

It really wouldn't handle anything beyond maybe 2 inches diameter. I returned it after one outing. Professionals after that. I got the chipper used, and I used it for 3 years, 20 to 40 hours per year. It was fine for branches up to about inch and a half. When I sold it, it was still running fine. If you do use one wear hearing, eye and hand protection! These things are loud and vibrate like heck. Oh and make sure you have a way to move it, I had a hitch for my garden tractor.

It was issued by the local fire dept and was free when I did it. They generally have horrible power tools. Especially stay away from anything labelled Chicago Electric or Central Pneumatic. A major brand name is probably OK, if you can find one. Looking online, I can't find any brand names at Harbor Freight that I trust in power tools. To receive the coupon prices from this email online, the coupon code s must be entered into your shopping cart.

Harbor Freight Coupon: Take $50 Off HP (cc) Chipper Shredder

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