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Synonym Customer Interaction Center.

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Can-Order Point An ordering system used when multiple items are ordered from one vendor. The can-order point is a point higher than the original order point. When any one of the items triggers an order by reaching the must-order point, all items below their can-order point are also ordered. The can-order point is set by considering is set by considering the additional holding cost that would be incurred if the item were ordered early. Capacity Management The concept that capacity should be understood, defined, and measured for each level in the organization to include market segments, products, processes, activities, and resources.

In each of these applications, capacity is defined in a hierarchy of idle, non-productive, and productive views. Capacity Planning Assuring that needed resources e. Capacity The physical facilities, personnel, and processes available to meet the product or service needs of customers. Capacity generally refers to the maximum output or producing ability of a machine, a person, a process, a factory, a product, or a service. Capital The resources, or money, available for investing in assets that produce output.

Cargo Merchandise carried by a means of transportation. Carmack Amendment An Interstate Commerce Act amendment that delineates the liability of common carriers and the bill of lading provisions. Carnet A Customs document permitting the holder to carry or send special categories of goods temporarily into certain foreign countries without paying duties or posting bonds. Carriage See Transportation. Carrier Assets Items that a carrier owns technically or outright to facilitate the services they provide.

Carrier Certificate and Release Order Used to advise customs of the shipment's details. By means of this document, the carrier certifies that the firm or individual named in the certificate is the owner or consignee of the cargo. Carrier Liability A common carrier is liable for all shipment loss, damage, and delay with the exception of that caused by act of God, act of a public enemy, act of a public authority, act of the shipper, and the goods' inherent nature.

Carrier A firm that transports goods or people via land, sea, or air. Cartage There are two definitions for this term 1 charge for pick-up and delivery of goods 2 movement of goods locally short distances. Cartel A group of companies that agree to cooperate rather than compete, in producing a product or service. Thus limiting or regulating competition.

Carton Flow Rack A storage rack consisting of multiple lines of gravity flow conveyors. Cash Against Documents CAD A method of payment for goods in which documents transferring title are given to the buyer upon payment of cash to an intermediary acting for the seller. Cash Conversion Cycle 1 In retailing, the length of time between the sale of products and the cash payments for a company's resources.

Also see Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time. Cash with Order CWO A method of payment for goods where cash is paid at the time of order, and the transaction becomes binding on both buyer and seller. Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time The time it takes for cash to flow back into a company after it has been spent for raw materials. Synonym Cash Conversion Cycle. Catalog Channel A call center or order processing facility that receives orders directly from the customer based on defined catalog offerings, and ships directly to the customer.

Cause-and-Effect Diagram In quality management, a structured process used to organize ideas into logical groupings. Used in brainstorming and problem-solving exercises. Also known as Ishikawa or fish bone diagram. CELL A manufacturing or service unit consisting of a number of workstations, and the materials transport mechanisms and storage buffers that interconnect them.

Center-of-Gravity Approach A supply chain planning methodology for locating distribution centers at approximately the location representing the minimum transportation costs between the plants, the distribution centers, and the markets. Central Dispatching The organization of the dispatching function into one central location. This structure often involves the use of data collection devices for communication between the centralized dispatching function which usually reports to the production control department and the shop manufacturing departments.

Centralized Authority The restriction of authority to make decisions to few managers. Centralized Inventory Control Inventory decision-making for all SKUs exercised from one office or department for an entire company. Certificate of Compliance A supplier's certification that the supplies or services in question meet specified requirements. Certificate of Insurance A negotiable document indicating that insurance has been secured under an open policy to cover loss or damage to a shipment while in transit.

Certificate of Origin A document containing an affidavit to prove the origin of imported goods. Used for customs and foreign exchange purposes. Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity The grant of operating authority that common carriers receive. A carrier must prove that a public need exists and that the carrier is fit, willing, and able to provide the needed service.

The certificate may specify the commodities the carrier may haul, and the routes it may use. Certificated Carrier A for-hire air carrier that is subject to economic regulation and requires an operating certification to provide service. Certified Supplier A status awarded to a supplier who consistently meets predetermined quality, cost, delivery, financial, and count objectives. Incoming inspection may not be required.

Channel Conflict This occurs when various sales channels within a company's supply chain compete with each other for the same business. An example is where a retail channel is in competition with a web-based channel set up by the company. Channel Partners Members of a supply chain i. Channels of Distribution Any series of firms or individuals that participates in the flow of goods and services from the raw material supplier and producer to the final user or consumer. Also see Distribution Channel. Chargeable Weight The shipment weight used in determining freight charges.

The chargeable weight may be the dimensional weight or, for container shipments, the gross weight of the shipment less the tare weight of the container. Charging Area A warehouse area where a company maintains battery chargers and extra batteries to support a fleet of electrically powered materials handling equipment. The company must maintain this area in accordance with government safety regulations. June 12222 Coupon Codes

Civil Aeronautics Board A federal regulatory agency that implemented economic regulatory controls over air carriers. CL Carload rail service requiring shipper to meet minimum weight. Claim A charge made against a carrier for loss, damage, delay, or overcharge. Classification yard A railroad terminal area where railcars are grouped together to form train units. Classification An alphabetical listing of commodities, the class or rating into which the commodity is placed, and the minimum weight necessary for the rate discount; used in the class rate structure. Clearance A document stating that a shipment is free to be imported into the country after all legal requirements have been met.

Clearinghouse A conventional or limited-purpose entity generally restricted to providing specialized services, such as clearing funds or settling accounts. Code A numeric, or alphanumeric representation of text for exchanging commonly-used information. For example commodity codes, carrier codes.

Co-Destiny The evolution of a supply chain from intra-organizational management to inter-organizational management. Codifying The process of detailing a new standard. Collect Freight Freight payable to the carrier at the port of discharge or ultimate destination. The consignee does not pay the freight charge if the cargo does not arrive at the destination. Collective Paper All documents commercial invoices, bills of lading, etc.

Co-Managed Inventory CMI A form of continuous replenishment in which the manufacturer is responsible for replenishment of standard merchandise, while the retailer manages the replenishment of promotional merchandise. Commercial Invoice A document created by the seller. It is an official document which is used to indicate, among other things, the name and address of the buyer and seller, the product s being shipped, and their value for customs, insurance, or other purposes.

Commercial zone The area surrounding a city or town to which rate carriers quote for the city or town also apply; the ICC defines the area. Committed Capability The portion of the production capability that is currently in use, or is scheduled for use. Commodities Clause A clause that prohibits railroads from hauling commodities that they produced, mined, owned, or had an interest in.

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Commodities Any article exchanged in trade, most commonly used to refer to raw materials and agricultural products. Commodity Buying Grouping like parts or materials under one buyer's control for the procurement of all requirements to support production. Commodity Code A code describing a commodity or a group of commodities pertaining to goods classification. This code can be carrier tariff or regulating in nature. Commodity Procurement Strategy The purchasing plan for a family of items. This would include the plan to manage the supplier base and solve problems.

Commodity Rate A rate for a specific commodity and its origin-destination.

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Common Carrier Duties Common carriers must serve, deliver, charge reasonable rates, and not discriminate. Common Carrier Transportation available to the public that does not provide special treatment to any one party and is regulated as to the rates charged, the liability assumed, and the service provided.

A common carrier must obtain a certificate of public convenience and necessity from the Federal Trade Commission for interstate traffic. Antonym Private Carrier. Common Cost A cost that a company cannot directly assign to particular segments of the business; a cost that the company incurs for the business as a whole. Commuter An exempt for-hire air carrier that publishes a time schedule on specific routes; a special type of air taxi.

Company Culture A system of values, beliefs, and behaviors inherent in a company.

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  5. To optimize business performance, top management must define and create the necessary culture. Comparative Advantage A principle based on the assumption that an area will specialize in producing goods for which it has the greatest advantage or the least comparative disadvantage. Competitive Advantage Value created by a company for its customers that clearly distinguishes it from the competition, provides its customers a reason to remain loyal.

    Competitive Benchmarking Benchmarking a product or service against competitors. Also see Benchmarking. All items on any given order must be delivered on time for the order to be considered as complete and on time. Complete Manufacture to Ship Time Average time from when a unit is declared shippable by manufacturing until the unit actually ships to a customer. Component Material that will contribute to a finished product but is not the finished product itself. Examples include tires for an automobile, power supply for a personal computer, or a zipper for a ski parka.

    Computer-Based Training Training that is delivered via computer workstation and includes all training and testing materials. Conference Carrier An ocean carrier who is a member of an association known as a "conference. Conference A group of vessel operators joined for the purpose of establishing freight rates. Configuration The arrangement of components as specified to produce an assembly. Confirmation With regards to EDI, a formal notice by message or code from a electronic mailbox system or EDI server indicating that a message sent to a trading partner has reached its intended mailbox or has been retrieved by the addressee.

    Confirming Order A purchase order issued to a supplier listing the goods or services and terms of an order placed orally or otherwise before the usual purchase document. Conformance An affirmative indication or judgment that a product or service has met the requirements of a relevant specification, contract, or regulation.

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    Synonym Compliance. Consignee The party to whom goods are shipped and delivered. The receiver of a freight shipment. Consignment Inventory 1 Goods or products that are paid for when they are sold by the reseller, not at the time they are shipped to the reseller. Consignment A shipment that is handled by a common carrier. Also see Consignment Inventory. Consignor The party who originates a shipment of goods shipper. The sender of a freight shipment, usually the seller. Baby Lock - For the Love of Sewing. Immune system, influenza, flu, Vitamin C, olive leaf, colostrum, colloidal silver.

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    Cfs binding supplies coupon codes

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