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Prunus 'Kanzan'. One of the showiest Japanese flowering cherries and probably the most widely grown, producing masses of dense double-pink blossom in late April. The spring foliage is coppery-red turning green in summer and then orange in autumn. The tree is strong growing with an upright habit and wide arching branches.

Very reliable and easy to grow. Chalk tolerant. Height x spread in 10 years : up to 5m 16ft. It is the only product that will support your plants for their entire lifetime, making it probably the best value purchase you will make. Mycorrhizal fungi will colonise the plant and develop into a huge secondary root system that will increase the root area of your plants by up to times in just a few weeks. This will help the plant find essential nutrients, minerals and moisture, enabling the plant to establish quicker and reducing the risk of failure.

One simple application at planting time is all that is required. Once you have used this amazing product you will wonder how you ever managed to grow your plants without it! One g sachet will treat up to 25 bare root plants or 7 x 3 litre pots. This collection consists of 2 popular dessert apples and 1 cooker:. Apple 'Fiesta' syn. A crisp, juicy red flushed dessert apple with a rich, aromatic Cox-like flavour.

A very popular garden variety, less prone to disease than Cox and suitable for the north. Stores very well. Season: Oct - Jan. Apple 'Lord Lambourne'.

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A popular traditional English dessert apple, over years old. Bursting with juice, the brightly coloured fruits are crisp, sweet and aromatic. Can be relied upon to crop both heavily and regularly almost anywhere in the UK. A compact tree, ideal for small gardens. Season: late Sept - Nov. Apple 'Bountiful'. When cooked the fruits retain some of their shape and are soft, juicy and sweet.

In late winter it can be used as a dessert apple. Heavy cropping and very resistant to mildew. Season: Sept - Nov. This Mini Orchard Cordon apple and pear collection consists of 1 each of the following:. Cordon Apple 'Falstaff'. A very heavy cropping dessert apple producing red striped fruits. Crisp and juicy with a refreshing fruity flavour. Easy to grow and ideal as a garden variety. Good resistance to late frosts. Cordon Apple 'Red Windsor'. An aromatic Cox-like apple which is sweeter, more disease resistant and ripens earlier than Cox.

The tree is compact and an excellent choice for the garden. Suitable for the north. Season: Sept - Oct. Cordon Pear 'Concorde'. An excellent pear often grown commercially and suitable for most locations. The medium-large pale green fruits have a smooth, juicy flesh with a sweet pleasant flavour. Suitable for dessert and culinary use. Crops heavily and reliably from an early age. Cordon Apple 'Christmas Pippin'. The eating quality is exceptional, characterised by a sweet and aromatic flavour, lovely perfume and a very pleasant honey after-taste.

The fruits are crisp and juicy with a melt in the mouth texture that makes each bite increasingly more pleasurable. A natural seedling of rare and special qualities, most likely arising from a discarded apple core Season: early Oct - Jan. Requires a pollinator such as Herefordshire Russet. Cordon Apple 'Herefordshire Russet'. An excellent new dessert apple combining the rich aromatic flavour of Cox with a golden russet skin. Consistently a favourite in taste trials. Can be grown successfully throughout the U.

Cordon Apple 'Fiesta'.

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Season: Oct -Jan. Partially self-fertile pollinated by Red Windsor. This Mini Orchard Cordon apple collection consists of 2 popular dessert apples and 1 cooker:. Cordon Apple 'Fiesta' syn. Cordon Apple 'Lord Lambourne'. Cordon Apple 'Bountiful'. This Mini Orchard Cordon collection consists of 3 popular self-fertile varieties, suitable for growing countrywide, 1 each of the following:.

Produces a compact tree. Cordon Plum 'Victoria'. The U. The fruits are pinkish red with sweet, yellow, juicy flesh. A very popular dessert variety but also excellent cooked, producing a lovely pink syrup and almond aroma. Blossom is frost resistant.

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Season: late Aug. A vailable for delivery: late November - early May. Cordon Apple 'Scrumptious'. This early bright red dessert apple is something very special. Named for its wonderful complexity of flavours, it has been described as sweet, rich and honeyed, aromatic, fragrant and fresh. An excellent garden variety, it is heavy cropping, has good disease resistance and the blossom is resistant to frost. Suitable for the north and wet areas.

Cordon Cherry 'Summer Sun'. This dark red dessert cherry is an excellent choice for the north and more exposed areas, cropping well even in poor summers. It is compact in growth and ideal for small gardens. The fruits are large and sweet with an excellent flavour. Season: late July.

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Cordon Plum 'Marjorie's Seedling'. The fruit hangs well on the tree until the first autumn frosts. Very resistant to disease.

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Can be grown in the north. Season: late Sept. Cordon Plum 'Opal'. An excellent early dessert plum, similar to Victoria but with better flavour. Medium-sized reddish-purple thin-skinned fruits with golden flesh and superb sweet flavour. One of the most reliable varieties. Season: early Aug. Cordon Gage 'Denniston's Superb'. A very reliable dessert gage that can be grown in the north.

Medium sized red-flushed yellow fruits with golden flesh and excellent sweet flavour. A heavy and reliable cropper. This collection consists of 3 popular varieties that will crop throughout the plum season, 1 each of the following:. Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'. This standard fig tree is ideal where space is restricted and will make an attractive feature in a large container on a sunny patio. Pruned to shape on the nursery, it is supplied with a 90cm 3ft clear stem and a bushy head. Total height on despatch 1. This variety is the most popular fig for outdoor cultivation in the UK as it can be grown in cooler areas.

Produces large brown pear-shaped fruits with red flesh and rich, very sweet flavour. Season: Aug - Sept. Plant size: 4. Malus domestica 'Adam's Pearmain'. This old English dessert apple is thought to have originated from Norfolk around years ago. It was one of the most popular varieties in Victorian times and remains a valued garden variety today. The distinctive 'pearmain' shaped fruits are crisp with a rich, aromatic, nutty flavour typical of many russets. An excellent keeper.

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The tree has good scab resistance so is a good choice for wetter areas. Very attractive blossom. Pollination: Group A.

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Season: Nov - March. Malus domestica 'Arthur Turner'. Raised in , this is one of the best early cooking apples and a popular garden variety. Cooks to a well flavoured yellow puree requiring little added sugar. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Lees verder. If your unhappy or your plants fail to grow.

W e will refund your money or resend the products for free. A shrubby fruit plant grown for its sweet edible soft and fleshy fruit or just as an ornamental plant for its foliage! Grow your Own Fruit Why not grow your own fruit. There is a fruit tree for every garden or balcony. A healthy and rewarding activity, nice for kids to see them grow too!

Grow your own fruit for maximum freshness and delicious flavour! Growing your own fruit provides you with fresh produce straight from your garden. Many varieties of fruit can be grown in containers; which has the advantage of being portable for those frosty nights. The container should have adequate holes at the bottom for drainage of the excess water. No matter what size your garden is it is always possible to grow some of your favourite fruit.

We have a large assortment of fruit trees and plants to get you started. If outdoor space is an issue we stock many mini fruit trees such as lemons and oranges suitable for growing on a sunny windowsill. Or you could plant strawberries in a hanging basket. There are a lot of advantages to summer pruning; it helps to enhance the colour and quality of your plants. It helps to control vigorous growth while reducing pests and diseases. It can also be risky because if you prune too early, it can result in reducing your Fruit size. July through to August is the better time to summer prune, when the growing season has just stopped.

Prune all side shoots growing from the main branches back to 5 leaves. Currants can go un-pruned for their first year and the second winter it can be cut back by a third. For Grapes, prune strong side shoots back to one bud and their main stems by half their growth. For BlackBerries, cut the canes down to ground level as soon as they have stopped growing. Strawberries do not need to be pruned but the runners should be cut off to conserve the plants energy unless you are going to propagate New plants.

You can buy your plants quickly and easily at gardens4you, your online garden center.