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The government will consider whether further action to protect scheme members is necessary following that review. We are going to put charges in a vice, and we will tighten the pressure, year after year. Pension savers have paid too much, for too long. It is time to put the saver first. It is vital that pension scheme members can have confidence that their workplace pension will give them good value for money.

Given the additional requirements and costs now being placed on pension providers to give better guidance to their members at retirement, it is also sensible to not set the charge cap any lower at this stage. The charge cap will only apply to default funds at the outset. This is a sensible decision, as it would be wrong to prevent investors from benefitting from specialist active management if they wish to do so.

Standard Life is quick to adapt to market change and has been at the forefront of implementing recent pension reforms. We consistently deliver high quality pension schemes at value for money for employees of companies of all sizes. The focus must continue to be on the best outcomes for scheme members.

Now that we have clarity over charges we can concentrate on helping employers engage with their employees on other vital factors that can have the biggest impact on their final outcomes at retirement. Investment fund selection, fund performance and the level of employee and employer contributions can all make a huge difference.

The government has gone for the toughest of the three options that was originally put forward for use as a potential charge cap. On the plus side, at least the decision that has now been made to introduce a 0. On the negative side, however, a 0. Of the information currently available, it is not clear whether schemes that have already been auto-enrolled will have to apply this cap, and of course there is still uncertainty as to what the review will bring. Choosing a pension scheme with 0.

Employers and trustees have a clear moral duty to try and get this extra value for their members. Larger employers currently tend to enjoy a much lower charge than this — an average of a little over half a percent. So, the 0. A cap on charges will help to support the long-term success of auto-enrolment and build consumer confidence in pension saving. More needs to be done to help these people move their funds without penalty. The TUC has long called for a charge cap for pensions so we welcome this announcement. In particular, we have called for any cap to tighten in future years, so it is encouraging to see the government indicate that today is just a starting point.

But the Chancellor tore up the system we use to turn pension pots into retirement income last week without putting anything positive in its place. In this, the new free-for-all, people are going to need far more help and advice if they are going to avoid new rip-offs. We welcome the focus on value for money, but caution that charge caps are just one aspect of good value in defined contribution schemes, along with appropriate default funds, good governance and clear communications. We believe employer-level independent governance committees would work better for scheme members. The charge cap will apply from April and this is the same date the major reforms announced in the Budget will come into force.

We fully support steps that give pension schemes the freedom to offer their members appealing and good value ways to save for their retirement, but the right timescales and proper guidance need to be made available to pension schemes so they can provide their members with a consistently high-quality service. This price cap does nothing to remove confusion from the market.

Yet again the Government and financial services industry have focused the future of pensions success on percentages and charges rather than helping employers to do the best job they can of getting employees saving over the long term. A charge cap is good for consumers currently being auto-enrolled into a pension scheme and the announcement does give much needed certainty to proceedings. However, we would still question the relevance for schemes being used for auto-enrolment as employers will be able to achieve this target with relative ease.

The pensions market, unlike the energy market, is very competitive. The big question now is what next, and all eyes are on the providers. Where an active member discount is being used, will the provider default to the higher charge, the lower charge or split the difference?

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Where a scheme is set up on a commission basis, when the commission stops, will the provider lower the charge? So while the government says one thing, the whip hand and the eventual outcome for members is still with the providers. And considering the kicking they have had on the annuity market this past week they may react strongly. We are supportive of any measure that will improve value for money for scheme members and increase transparency and, although a cap at 0. The potential stifling of innovation is a concern and it will be interesting to see whether the cap affects smaller schemes having access to more innovative investment strategies.

Auto-enrolment has increased the desire for new products and we hope that this charge cap will not discourage development of new ideas in the pensions market. For members wanting to move outside of the default, allowing them to choose other investment funds or strategies, which may be more expensive than 0.

For those that have already been through or are in the process of staging for auto-enrolment, it is possible that their schemes are not at the new cap level and, given the April deadline, these schemes will need reviewing immediately. When placed in the wider context of the recent Budget, these announcements mean it is absolutely vital that measures are quickly put in place to educate and engage members about the impact of these changes, and to ensure they understand the added value a pension will bring them.

This is in addition to the value of good scheme level governance, where scheme sponsors or trustees need to understand the pension arrangements they have in place and adapt them accordingly over time. We may therefore see a shift back to combination charges and away from the single deduction.

This may mean that some members bear greater costs, especially those who regularly move employer or have periods in and out of employment. We welcome the clarity around the charge cap, active member discounts, commissions and timescales. We particularly welcome the time allowed to plan for the new rules for providers, employers and advisors during this very challenging auto-enrolment period.

Capping default funds at 0. It is worth bearing in mind that while this hard charge cap will exclude auto-enrolled members from certain beneficial investment opportunities in default terms, members will still be able to actively choose more sophisticated or specialist investment options to gain greater value overall. This will give much needed clarity, and the industry and pension schemes can now start planning ahead. After the great news in the Budget last week, today is a disappointing day for pension savers.

The government has missed a huge opportunity with this consultation. Instead of cleaning up pensions, it has sanctioned more complexity that will just create more confusion. A contribution charge of 2. We question how it can be in the interests of the saver to facilitate three different charging methods therefore making comparison impossible.

We repeat our call for full standardisation in how pensions are charged for — that is the only way to deliver true comparability. We are relieved that we have, at last, something definitive on charges, commission and active member discounts. The industry has been operating in a vacuum for the past few months and it has been very difficult to advise employers on the set up of their auto-enrolment schemes. Our concern with a charge cap is that the market will shift and new scheme terms will be benchmarked against the higher level of 0.

In our response to the original consultation we opposed the idea of a charges cap because we were concerned that it could actually result in an increase in charge on some schemes. As a result of the charging structures offered by [the National Employment Savings Trust] and the other multi-employer master trusts, the market is currently operating with a 0. As advisers, we compare terms against this benchmark and we actively try to negotiate them down to at least this level or consider whether value for money is being offered i.

We also have concerns about how these new rules will impact on an already stretched provider market, which is struggling to cope with auto-enrolment, will have to adapt to the Budget changes and will now have to set about a large re-pricing process. We will now further develop this service so this it picks up on the additional areas of charges and commission. Now, the government can claim that it has cleared financial services professionals out of the Lamborghini showrooms to make room for pensioners. If you work for a large employer, the chances are that you have been paying comfortably below 0.

If a charge cap makes any difference to these schemes, it may even increase charges very slightly — for example, because information will have to be collected in different ways or because pension providers must hold more capital. Schemes with charges above this level fall into two categories — those whose pension provider needed to recover high distribution costs and those where the trustees have concluded that more diverse investments give a better trade-off between risk and return.

Unfortunately, the cap makes no distinction between the two groups; it only looks at what people are paying and not at what they are getting for their money. No one should be forced to invest in a fund with high charges, but capping the default fund goes further than giving everyone the right to access a cheap fund. The cap could also distort investment decisions. The government has thought about how to apply the cap to contribution charges and has come up with the answer that [the National Employment Savings Trust] first thought of — that its charges are equivalent to 0. Some providers will have to introduce governance committees, start to serve small employers and revisit charges in existing schemes at the same time as working out how they will offer guidance at the point of retirement.

A charge cap on default funds can play a role in dealing with charges that are clearly extreme. However, the cap will only really affect very small or very old schemes, as newer schemes, and those of mid-size or above, have charges that are already below the cap levels. Any cap always has the danger of stifling competition — nobody will provide pensions to smaller companies if the cap is too low — or getting providers to level up charges to the cap level.

The real issue continues to be ensuring a competitive market in an environment where the ultimate beneficiaries of lower charges, the employees, are not the decision makers in scheme design and charging. We have been designing and implementing cost-effective, outcome-driven solutions for many years now, particularly in the multi-asset space, where certain funds have a fee level well below the new cap. The new rules make sure all the costs in pension schemes are published and the government will then consider whether these should also be included in the new charge cap.

This transparency is important to ensure an effectively functioning market place. Schroders is committed to working with other industry providers to deliver low cost, value-for-money solutions for our clients. We welcome the results of the consultation and the charge cap of 0. This is the right level and delivers good value for money for members. We also welcome the positive outcome in relation to the clear responsibilities for pension scheme sponsors including trustees.

Furthermore, the introduction of independent governance committees for contract-based pension schemes is a huge step forward and this fills the void in both governance and oversight for many workplace schemes. However, we do have a mixed view when it comes to active member discounts AMDs. Thus, they have effectively taken a sledge-hammer approach to this particular issue.

It should be recognised that there are AMDs that are within the proposed caps and do deliver good value for money. We will find out how the liberalisation and the charge cap will influence the engagement and outcome for individuals over the next generation. There is a something of a conflict in the messages, that we trust you to look after your own money, but we want to save you from high charges.

My hope is that people can build decent funds from being automatically enrolled and then become more engaged in their planning, which might lead them to more advanced and bespoke solutions. My fear is that the charge cap might destroy quality. We believe that an additional solution to improve transparency on charges would be to provide consumers with simple, visually creative and succinct information, similar to energy ratings on electrical appliances. This would give consumers clear guidance on how their pension charges stack up against the wider market.

It will also ensure that costs are not the only factor that is taken into account when making a purchase. We believe that decent schemes, providing pensions that people value, can be provided for 0. However, we need to avoid a drop in quality and introducing a cap means that some strategies, like diversified growth funds may now be on the wrong side of the charge cap.

We expect some asset managers will redesign their investment propositions in light of the cap. Will the government go further following the audit of high cost legacy schemes? Such a move has the potential to deliver a real impact on member outcomes. We are pleased that we now have clarity on the level the charge cap has been set at, both in terms of amount of charge and timing.

This will allow us to plan with our clients the next steps around their auto-enrolment journey, wherever they are in the process. It is clearly good news for many members who will benefit from lower charges and, for those in schemes below this level, it may impact in other ways. It will be interesting to see how many of the providers of these schemes react, and whether employers will end up with additional costs as a direct result of this decision.

On the back of this and the recent Budget announcements, employers will no doubt need to seek further advice. For those clients that have chosen to remunerate their adviser by way of commission, this change should come as no surprise as dialogue has been open for some time. The date of the change appears to give a lengthy transition period for employers and advisers to find common ground on the question of services and remuneration. Non-caloric, diet lozenges spelled into the 8 hours best raspberry ketone supplement of working. Claims such as assisting you on your inaugural time buy raspberry ketones you practice.

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