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After I connected the cartridge, the sound became much more 3D and the reverb tails are much longer and wider, also the dynamics are bigger. Home Download Support Contact News. It's a sophisticated system for getting the most from your treasured LP records! The Pure Vinyl 5 preview can be used in place of Version 4 to embrace the functionality of major and minor new features; the download link to the latest preview update can be found on our News page.

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This is a free upgrade under a Pure Vinyl 4 license code contains the string "PuVa" or higher. A discounted upgrade for Pure Vinyl 3 and earlier licenses is available. Click the Buy button for more information. Pure Vinyl 5 includes over 50 new features and performance improvements over Pure Vinyl 4. The free demo download allows evaluating its performance in your own usage scenario. What you need You'll obtain spectacular results with any equipment depicted below and your existing turntable setup. But the disparity in performance across different prices is not as great as it was even just a few years ago.

Outstanding quality is now available for extremely reasonable prices. Always choose an ADC that includes a DAC in the same unit , such as shown above or below, rather than adding a stand-alone ADC to an existing digital playback system and using a stand-alone DAC for audio monitoring during recording or "live" LP playback.

This would be impractical, for reasons explained here.

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Of course, you can use any DAC for playback of your recordings; the distinction is that it's impractical to use a stand-alone DAC for real-time monitoring during recording. The Hilo was designed and built in the USA by top audio engineers and musicians. Lynx has been in business for over 20 years and the quality of their products is unmatched. The Hilo will also deliver superb playback of your digital music files, and supports native DSD audio output. An excellent choice is our Seta Model L for low output moving-coil cartridges. Also built in the USA, the Seta has been rated a "Class A" phono preamplifier by Stereophile magazine since and listed in Stereophile editor John Atkinson's Associated Equipment sidebar for his audio component reviews for over 3 years, since December This combination will deliver unmatched results for high resolution vinyl transfers.

Just as in the editing process, the stylus can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the surface, to cue a particular track. This is made simple by employing the spinning vinyl record metaphor. To flip the record, juct click on the label.

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Records with more than two sides double, triple, etc. Pure Vinyl also can automatically "flip" the record at the end of the side - for uninterrupted playback in "album" format.. Every play sounds like the first one - at super quality kHz 24 bit.

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The adjustable, threshold-based triggering feature doesn't start recording until the needle drops - and even can be configured to omit that "needle drop" part of the recording. When the tonearm is lifted at the end of the side, the triggering pauses the recording, giving you the opportunity to flip the record, clean the other side, grab a snack, etc. At this time, the application is "deaf" to incoming audio. When ready to resume recording, just click the Lock button, re-arming the recording.

Pure Vinyl scrupulously maintains a high-quality bit floating-point double precision processing path from the moment that the sound is sampled, through the entire downsampling operation, and on to monitoring and playback, to insure that you don't lose any of your precious sound. Downsampling decimation , if creating track files in other formats is desired, is properly performed, using widely vetted techniques.

For example, kHz audio is first upsampled and zero-padded, then antialias filtered and decimated. The latter format permits recordings of unlimited duration with any sample rate or sample size.