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We were outdoors with a roofed patio with amber christmas lights lining everything! Black, white and gold decor. Lots of fringe and suspenders. Show more comments -2 Hide comments. We did this in January and everyone is still talking about the party. Dress and plan the menu to match the theme and it's a 5 star night. Menu Highlights: We had everyone come dressed for the s but didnt tell them about the murder mystery so it was very exciting. Momof7 12 03 12 PM Ownership: more than 3 month s. Great party package! The downloadable information was extremely helpful in planning and executing a fun party.

We used all of the tips included for costumes and decorations and added a few of our own. Menu Highlights: Chicken Alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic bread and New York cheesecake. Jazz music and videos playing on the tv you tube , colored light bulbs in all of the lamps, black cloths covering tables and food bar with pearls, clear wine bottles with ostrich feathers and candles. Gangster, flapper girls and jazz band cut outs on the walls. Made by projecting images onto black butcher paper.

Lots of empty boxes and bottles stacked in the corner.

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Kathy 11 03 11 PM. The party was a Mardi Gras party for senior citizens. They found it fun and exciting. I was impressed at how easy everything was to download and set up. Mardi Gras colored balloons and other decorations. Masks for all guests. Boas for the ladies. We also had someone dressed in a Mardi Gras parade costume. LD 11 03 11 PM Ownership: more than 3 month s.


My event was for teens ages 13 to I was nervous at first that they wouldn't get into character with their roles but when I set out the sign up sheet they all took the choosing of a character very seriously. We had 21 characters out of the They said they wanted to do more parties like this one where they get to have an active role in what's happening. The biggest issue was that some of the necessary information was not given out because the teen playing that character was shy and didn't really speak. So finding ways to have information presented other than just hoping the actors give it out, would make this party a perfect 10!

Menu Highlights: They are teens we did pizza rolls, chips, cookies, and soda! I had a few teens dress up but the biggest thing was that I recreated all the clues so they were physical items instead of just pictures. That seemed to help a lot. Franny 92 04 03 04 PM Ownership: more than 3 month s. Purchased a kit to host a murder mystery night fundraiser. It was awesome for our event. We had 40 guest attend, and would recommend this be the max amount of people you host due to limited number of character roles - unless you believe not many guest will want to get involved.

Guests who were the investigator rolls felt a little left out because once people realized they were just investigators, less people wanted to talk to them.

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However, this also worked well for the few guests who did not want to get as involved!! It helps if you have an idea of people would will get into their role, and who will suit each role. We did not give the personal information out in advance. Upon arrival each guest got an envelope with information and a name tag. We were able to host this event in a bar, up stairs private space - it worked perfectly! Who recommend this kits for a fundraiser or party. Menu Highlights: We ordered nachos and a few appetizers for people to snack on through the night.

Guest could order drinks as pleased. We played Jazz Age Jeopardy for my sister's 30th birthday. It was also a surprise party! We had everyone arrive 30 minutes before my sister did to give them time to mingle in their character. I did not send out their character cards before hand and it still went really well! We just told everyone to dress in s costumes.

My sister was shocked to see all her friends dressed in their s best! We had a costume ready for my sister and shortly after she arrived we served dinner. I got so many compliments on the party and the game. Everyone had a wonderful time. We did spend quite a long time decorating before the party, but it was well worth all the extra effort.

It really added to the feel of a Speakeasy. We kept everyone informed with physical invitations and also a Facebook event group. Menu Highlights: We served lasagna, salad and bread for dinner and had bruschetta and mozzarella sticks for appetizers. As well as birthday cake once the game had ended. We also had a Rum Runners punch pre-made for easy serving, along with other rum and whiskey drinks.

We then covered all other doors with black table cloths with gold streamers over top. We had the murder take place in a hallway as we were limited on space. But it worked really well! We had everyone go into the hallway while we hid the clues in the main room. We also had cigarette holders and candles on most tables, with half the lights off. Jeanine 19 01 20 01 PM Ownership: more than 1 year s. We played Jazz Age Jeopardy last night and had a blast.

There were 24 characters and 2 hosts Our group of friends really did an excellent job staying in character the entire time. The interrogations was the funniest point in our evening I never knew our friends could act!! The instructions were a little overwhelming and we there would have been no possible way to have pulled this party off in a 2 week period of time. We had to slowly digest the components and then run with it Took us about 4 hours to read everything.

The instructions were well done but probably could have been consolidated a bit..

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Would I buy it if I knew this before, Absolutely We had a tie for best costume, 4 people guessed whodunnit so we gave out the cold blooded killer award. Menu Highlights: We did an Italian theme and everyone brought something from a list that was provided. We set up the garage as a jazz club Nora 15 01 16 01 AM Ownership: more than 1 year s.

I hosted a New Year's Eve party, and after we ate dinner I organized the murder mystery dinner! Jazz Age Jeopardy was a hit!! We did it pretty informally. Guests knew we were doing a murder mystery but didn't know their character beforehand, and didn't have to dress up in costume.

Despite this, everyone still got very into their characters! Everything was great from start to finish. Amy A. We had 17 people attend including me at the narrator so nearly everyone had a piece of important information to contribute. This made it way more fun for everyone as we had played other mystery murders and its boring for the non-essential characters. This party is quite complex - I read it through multiple times and STILL had to refer to my pages often during the evening. I would suggest that you stress that it is important to divulge your character info and not to withhold any.

Also, a scoring or vote tally sheet would be a really helpful document to add to this package. Menu Highlights: finger food and gin cocktails from the 20's. We had white Christmas lights hung and that supplied most of the lighting so the mood was set!

Randi 11 27 11 AM Ownership: more than 1 year s. We did this for a Halloween party! We had the best time ever! Everyone really enjoyed themselves. The clues were really great and kept us all thinking! Menu Highlights: We made s inspired food. Chicken club sandwiches, mini pilgrim pies, deviled eggs, ham and cheese croquettes, spaghetti casserole we found these recipes in a cook book from We decorated our basement in Christmas lights and turned off the other lights. Decorated like a speakeasy. Everyone dressed in s flapper dresses and suits. Julie 09 11 09 PM.

Halloween Party.

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This was my first time hosting and first time attending a murder mystery party. Everyone really seemed excited for this event. I was happy that all my guest took time and put in a lot of effort in their costumes and their roles. Menu Highlights: For food we mostly had appetizers. I did make "fake" cigarettes out of pretzels and chocolate. For drinks we had a variety of liqueur , wine, beer and moonshine.

I transformed my basement in a Jazz Club. I added a casino area along with a dance area and lounge. I purchased toy guns, cigarette holders, fake cigars, hats and jewelry for the photo booth. I made custom act cards for my guest. I also made a photo collage on poster board that had pictures of each guest and their character name. I downloaded 's jazz music and played that in the background. I handed out trophy's for the awards. I also printed out pictures of celebrities for the 's and "autographed" them to Felix.

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Jazz 10 29 10 AM Ownership: more than 1 year s. We did a murder mystery party for a friends birthday. It was awesome Menu Highlights: We actually only did cake and finger foods. We had jazz music playing and gave the name tags out immediately when guest got there so they would get into character. Vicki 10 29 10 AM Ownership: more than 1 year s. We had a Mofia Murder Myster dinner in the 's.

It was a great success! My boyfriend and I played the owners of the Jazz Club and made a sign using Christmas lights punched through foam board. We hired 3 college students from our neighbors younglife group to be our waiters. Everyone came dressed up to match their character.

I've never had so many compliments on how much fun the evening was.

The one thing I did notice was that during Act two, it was "challenging" to get the adults to look for clues, they were leaving it up to the kids as they stood in a large circle. Can't wait for the next one! Menu Highlights: Since we did a Mafia Theme in the 's we, had the waiters handing out bruchettia, shrimp cocktail and mini quiche. For dinner my brother made lasagna, my mom made eggplant parmigiana, I made Olive Garden salad and breadsticks, I purchased Olive Gardens Minestrone soup and we had Apple Pie Ala-mode for dessert.

The normal Italian meal.

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We played 's Jazz age music from my phone, I made a sign for the club with Christmas lights as bulbs. Everyone dressed their part. Amy Bell 09 22 09 PM Ownership: more than 2 year s. This was our second Playing with Murder party. We had an amazing time, everyone loved the s theme and everyone really got into their parts! Please have your ID ready upon arrival. Designated drivers and nondrinker attendees are welcome at the wineries at no charge. BlackBird Cider Works will not be accepting reservations the day of the event.

Groups that arrive without a confirmed reservation will be turned away. He helped them develop their powers, learn how to work together and along the way save the world from the various villains who dared disturb their peaceful community. It was performance evaluation time.

Based on the evaluations, he was going to name an heir. Who was it supposed to be? Who knocked him off? Who stole the evaluations? View Larger Image. October , Purchase Tickets. Season Pass Holder? One of these superheroes is not exactly what he or she seems: Lightning Bug: Lights up every room.

Sometimes by entering, sometimes by leaving, sometimes by arson. Mother MacRay: Can pair all socks as they come from the dryer. The drunker she is, the faster it happens. Katerina: Has the power to herd cats. Cora Spondent: Local reporter who wants to know the real story. Alvin Coholic. Al Can make wine, beer, and liquor disappear without getting drunk. The Conductor: Can turn a train whistle into any instrument he wants.

Then he can bring the joy of music to all those little people who need their lives brightened. Please start at the winery you selected when purchasing your ticket s. Participating wineries each have a suspect for you to interview.