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Grade A refurbished items may come in their original packaging not come in the original packaging. However, in the cases where they do not, they will have all the necessary accessories if applicable and the original documentation. The products in this grade will have noticeable, but slight, defects, and will be in a working or usable condition. In the case of electronics or hardware, there might be scratches or scuffs on the casing.

The original packaging may not be available, and if it is, then it may not be in the best condition, in which case, the item will be packaged in a new, plain box. Where clothing is concerned, there might be slight stains, discolorations, rips, or tears, all of which can be easily cleaned or fixed. Once those fixes have taken place the item of clothing will look as good as new. A Grade B refurbished item is a great way for customers to save money, while still getting a product that looks good and functions as it should.

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Grade C items will have the most visual imperfections and signs of use. You can expect to see prominent scratches, dings, and other evidence of heavy usage when it comes to electronics and hardware. However, you can forget about the original packaging since it is either long gone or in extremely poor condition.

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These products are certain to be in working condition even if they may not always look that way. As for clothes, Grade C clothing may not be sold because, even though it can be worn, the quality may not be good enough for most customers. Instead of being sold, Grade C clothing usually gets contributed to people in need.

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We carry a wide variety of products in different categories, so no matter what kind of products you are interested in reselling, you are sure to find it with us. Here are the products you can get for your store. Cosmetics :If you are interested in selling makeup, then we carry a wide range from all the top retail brands. You can find everything from lipstick, lip liner, rouge, concealer, foundation, and more.

Apparel : You will find clothing in every style and category with us. There is clothing for men, women, and children. There is clothing for all four seasons. There is underwear and outerwear. No matter what kind of apparel you need, you will find it with us. Shoes : A wide variety of apparel needs a wide variety of shoes to go with them.

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We can supply resellers with shoes for adults and children from all the top brands. We have shoes for exercise, comfort, work, and dressing up. All are ready to wear and in great condition. Handbags : We carry handbags to serve all kinds of needs. Whether they are used to complete an outfit, for practical purposes, or a combination of both, we carry a wide variety of styles from some of the top brands in the business. Housewares : These include various accessories that offer ease and convenience to families. You will find coffee-makers, blenders, air fryers, toaster ovens, slow cookers, and other modern conveniences that make life easier.

You can also get items like rugs, small towels, lamps, and more.

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Everything that is needed to make a house a home. Home Improvement : If you are interested in making the home an even better place, then our pallets of home improvement products are what you need. Each one includes tools, building supplies, kitchen remodeling supplies, bathroom remodeling supplies, outdoor supplies. Essentially, everything needed to make a home better on the inside or out.

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All items available with us contain several varieties. We provide name brand cosmetics closeouts from several cosmetic brands. Some of these include surplus cosmetics, cosmetic liquidations, cosmetics pallets, cosmetics truckloads and cosmetics shelf pulls. With a fine assortment of perfumes, colognes, make up, fragrances, press powder, lip sticks, foundation, and much more, the Closeout Club is pleased to offer a variety and quality of brand new cosmetics to all its customers.

Find some of the most awesome deals on different high end cosmetics. Get guaranteed low minimums. Ensure guaranteed excellent quality on all of the great cosmetic deals available with the Closeout Club. The Closeout Club, Inc. New to the Club. Trailers of General Mixed Merchandise loads from leading National Brands and Liquidation centers have excellent profit potential. Need truckload of Return Tools?

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