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I like to keep it positive around here. And, Branch Basics has an amazing User Guide with dozens and dozens of recipes and instructions on how to clean everything in your home from the grill of your car to jewelry to crayon marks on the walls.

How To: Cleaning the Shower + Bath

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Make this your best summer ever!

Bathroom does what it says — your whole bathroom: tile, grout, floors, toilets, shower, and more. Streak-Free is great for windows, mirrors, and glass in general.

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All-Purpose is a workhorse. It tackles stains, dirty dishes, grease, countertops even marble , stainless steel and more. Foaming Soap works on hands, body and face, and more.

I'm not a big fan of it for a regular sinkful of dishes, but if you have a pan with baked on food, just pour a little into the pan with hot water, and it basically loosens it right off. I have been using it on my floors, and it light duty dilution finally got all the film off my glass sliding door, that I thought was on there for good! A gallon will last me a long long time. What do you use for fragrance in your home? Are there a safe candle or melters? I wanted to check on how you do your laundry. Anyway do you use one teaspoon per load or two teaspoons?

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So if you can just tell me how much you use then I can do the same and say The new concentrate is super concentrated and I've learned just a tiny bit goes a long way. If I'm doing a load of whites and they are looking particularly grimy, I'll add a small scoop of the Oxygen Boost that stuff is amazing!

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I just wanted to say that the other thing that tripped me out was that there is no smell from the product and it left my mirror bright and clean and bathroom white and shiny. Thank you for being part of the movement to truly non-toxic products!! I got sick of being "greenwashed", too, and was so happy to find my own answer to the issue with Ava Anderson Non-toxic.

So glad there are companies out there that are making products that are genuinely safe for us, our pets and our planet.

Branch Basics Coupon Codes & Promotions

AANT offers a full line of affordable and non-toxic products which is a relief to me because i got tired of cherry-picking from different companies here and there. I'm loving the facial skin care and cosmetics, as well as the pet deodorizer, candles and dish soap And they are all about educating people how to become ingredient detectives with personal care and home care products. Thank you for the nice tips! I'd love to try them! Did the coupon code "expire"? I was trying to use the DO10 and my total doesn't change at all.

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  • By using such a versatile product you get to simplify your mind and life and you get to streamline the way you clean both your home and body. The strength of the cleanser and ultimately the cost of the product is completely dependent on how much you dilute the product. Branch Basics comes in 3 concentrate sizes: 32 oz, oz gallon and a 5-gallon pail. Cleaning streak-prone surfaces have been shown to work at a dilution! And, of course, this saves money: at a dilution, the price is cut in half!

    For tough cleaning projects you mix the Branch Basics cleanser concentrate