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So always start with at least two and build from there. There are several methods available for organizing your coupons, I will highlight each one below with its pros and cons, and you can choose which method you would like to start with.

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Clip and sort by category with one of those cute little dollar tree holder. Use a 3 ring binder, with baseball card sleeves. You will need at least 30 pages of sleeves to get started. As your collection of coupons grows, you will regularly use between 90 and pages of sleeves.

Here is a link to the most commonly used binder. Maintaining the binder method requires clipping all your coupons weekly. It is suggested that everyone start with and learn this method, no matter which method you use regularly, you will always keep a binder for clipped coupons. Print this list twice.

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One set you will cut, and insert into the top corner of the first page in each category in your binder. This will help you organize your coupons. The second set you will use to organize your coupons as you clip them. Some may prefer to use tabbed dividers for their categories, if you choose this method, you should still print the category labels and use 1 set for organizing your coupons as you clip them. Kim has a tutorial that will get your started with the Binder Method here.

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This method is ideal if you are purchasing between 6 — 10 newspapers weekly. No-Clip Method is when you clip your coupons as you need them.

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So you will need to make a second trip to get the deal, and hope it is still in stock. Upside is that you will save time clipping coupons. You can check, while in the store, if a coupon is available for a specific product using our database on your smartphone. As with any method, organization is the key. You will write the date on each insert so you know exactly where to refile after clipping a coupon. At least there are still printable and digital offers, though.

Insert coupons, in contrast, usually have longer expiration dates, and shoppers who use insert coupons can use as many as they can get their hands on — and some determined shoppers tend to get their hands on a lot of them. With digital and printable coupon users limited in how many coupons they can access, they find themselves limited in how many discounted detergents they can buy.

So some shoppers eager for cent bottles of detergent are getting desperate.


Some are seeking out printable coupon sellers, many of whom also use questionable means to obtain their supply. Others are buying counterfeits. Kudos to the manufacturers! NO ONE needs to purchase 50, 75, bottles of laundry soap or anything else for that matter. This has been the case in my area for years.

Our inserts are loaded with Dollar General, Family Dollar, and ads for send away products.

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  4. Always redirect you to the website where coupons are usually not available. Food coupons are also never in our inserts. What is sent to my area is a big joke. High value coupons never make it to my area. We used to be able to buy the Pittsburgh papers in our area, but 2 years ago they announced that delivery to our town was being stopped due to cost.

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    What options do I have left? Yet, your only paying for the clipping not the coupon, yet the value of the coupon definitely determines the price of each. As if they require more effort to clip. Actually, those particular coupons only printed once on Sunday then showed up as print limit reached but were available again today for another print. Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.