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Unlike other truly waterproof jackets on the market, the Shakedry is also able to pack down incredibly small, easily fitting in a rear pocket. The elasticated cuff is new and makes getting the jacket on or off over gloves much easier. Sharethrough Mobile. However and this is the deal clincher , the low weight and high packability is comparable to a lightweight emergency rain cape.

Gore has sweated the finer details, too. The zip is two-way meaning it can be undone from the bottom, allowing for better ventilation. Meanwhile, the cuffs feature an elastic insert which holds them tighter to your wrists while a velcro neck strap allows you to fine tune the fit and keep as much warmth inside the jacket as possible.

The flap also helps preserve the zipper from unwanted wear and tear. Cost and Value Just like the other Marmot selection, and in fact like the past few jackets reviewed here in general, the cost of this one is more than reasonable, and the value you get from this piece is unparalleled. For something more sporty, this Power Gore-Tex jacket will satisfy a lot of people.

It is a top three product that may be a solid choice depending on your needs. That being said, sporty is the best way to describe the look, feel and class of this jacket.

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Many Color Options That is the best way to describe the very vibrant range of colors offered for this jacket by Gore Bike Wear. While you will get noticed, it still manages to avoid being seen as gaudy or tacky. Cost and Value As one would expect for a top three product, the price is average to high based off of the size you want. There is good value for buyers that play it smart and order a size larger than what they need. The style is one of the many fun things about getting a modern Gore-Tex jacket.

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Gore Bike Wear has one of the top ladies lines of Gore-Tex apparel in the industry. Their attention to detail shows through with their great color choices and lightweight models. Extra Long Tail for Comfort The back of the jacket extends a good deal past the waist, allowing full coverage while out on your bike. This provides comfort as well as peace of mind, which are both priceless. They are all very rich and look great when put together with a complete outfit. Cost and Value Price is once again locked to the size of the jacket you want to purchase.

For this criterion, we looked at what materials companies were using to go along with their Gore-Tex branded jackets. This was an easy criterion to measure, and we removed any company that blocked the benefits of the technology by pairing it with an inferior fabric. The big winner here was polyester, which was included in the majority of the jackets on the list. It was the most compatible fabric by far, although some brands handled it better than others. The difference in the quality of their materials is reflected by their placement on the top Some companies even used a proprietary mix which turned out to be hit or miss depending on how much weight it added.

Sizing was a difficult criterion to fully get through without handing out too many penalties. The easiest way for us to judge this criterion is by the information a company provides on the jacket size. Whether it is through a chart, online or through other means, we graded products based on how well they made that information available. Products that were vague in their sizes and how they fit were removed from the list. The design is where we turned to next, looking at the color options and overall design of jackets that only came in one color.

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For camo Gore-Tex products, the look was always great, especially on Military issued jackets. Female Gore-Tex jackets scored the highest with this criteria and were the best-designed choices. They also provided the most available colors, a customization that is great when the jacket needs to be paired with regular outfits. Gore-Tex by itself is made to be a breathable fabric that plays nice with compatible fabrics to maintain high breathability.

So within the Gore-Tex shell, jackets will remain waterproof , lightweight and breathable. In a way, this is a continuation of the materials criteria, but it focuses on the thinner jackets on the list. We held the thin Gore-Tex products to a higher breathability standard than the regular ones.

This meant getting rid of some heavy favorites that were in the top five. Pricing is usually a good place to start, which is a criterion that was all over the place for us. There were some jackets that were high in price but on the lower end of the list while some of the lower priced jackets were in the top five. The disparity in price without a drop in quality led to us getting rid of products with similar qualities based on too high of a price. That means if you see a jacket in the top ten that is high in price, it is truly exceptional in its own right.

Gore-Tex jackets are easy to clean if you follow the included directions. However, things are a lot more complicated since one jacket is different from the next with care instructions. This has a lot to do with the mixture of materials that companies use with their particular jackets. Hard Shell: An outer layer of waterproof fabric that makes up the exterior of either a jacket or as part of a layering system. Its purpose is to protect the wearer from the elements, such as wind, that has the potential to sap away any heat retained with the clothing.

Soft Shell: An outer layer of fabric that offers some protection from harsh climates, but is water and wind resistant as opposed to being completely waterproof.

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Soft shells are designed for milder climates, and should not be worn by themselves in extreme temperatures. Extras covered features like removable liners and hoods. The latter was seen enough on the list, but the former is something that needed more entries. Only a few Gore-Tex jackets had removable liners, which is a shame since that is the best extra available on the list.

Products that had a liner that could be removed was rewarded extra points and moved promptly up the list. There was a slight shift in the top ten based on the extras criteria, so a few choices will really stand out long before you get to the top three.

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When we looked at pockets for this criterion it covered the amount, size and quality of the insides. For some high ranking jackets this was an oversight, so we had to remove them from the list.

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Gore-Tex is based on an advanced waterproof material that was made to enhance several different types of apparel. Even with stiff competition from other waterproofing technologies, Gore-Tex remains the most versatile when used with sporting materials. The extra premium customers pay for the technology proves that there is a difference, and this mentality is shared by both professionals and consumers.

Q Elite. In a few years more names will come up, and it will be interesting to see how they fare against one of the world leaders. Invented in , Gore-Tex came from the hard work and innovation of Wilbert L. Gore and Robert W. It is a lightweight breathable fabric that repels water while still allowing the vapor to pass through. This is an important part of its overall design and is what separates it from other competing technologies. As part of the materials used in Gore-Tex coming from Teflon, it also remains tough when used for outdoor activities.

Gore-Tex is mentioned often by name when naming the best membranes and shells to have coupled with sportswear. Not only is it worth a look, but a lot of the products are incredibly well made. Ladies sportswear has come a long way, and through the process, Gore-Tex jackets kept up with the trend.

The ladies line is worth checking out and maintains a high standard for sportswear of all types. Customer support, a tracking record with quality and of course a much larger line. Options from Adidas that feature Gore-Tex fabrics are double what any other company on the list offers. Their deep pockets and worldwide reach has allowed them to take a lot of risks with the styling and features they include with the jackets.

Customers know what they are getting with an Adidas branded jacket, so familiarity wins on the consumer level. There are a lot of pockets on the jackets, so the size varies. Usually, there is a large utility pocket made for holding bigger things like smartphones, and sometimes tablets.

All of the pockets are protected with a waterproof lining, so there are no worries about the insides getting damp. All companies have done an excellent job in ensuring that Gore-Tex technology is surrounded by similar waterproof standards. When a jacket has a removable mesh lining, you can shed some extra weight while also making the jacket tolerable in humid conditions.

This is also a good way to clean a lining that may have gotten dirty- that way you can still wear the jacket while the lining dries. Advanced users even rotate their linings with the jacket based on how warm they want the inside of it to be. When people refer to these types of jackets as heavy, they are usually comparing it to other Gore-Tex jackets. That means the weight is not similar to that of a regular jacket when doing a direct comparison.

This is an important note for buyers shopping, since they may get turned off by seeing a listed con for the jacket as being heavy. There is also the possibility of losing some of the Gore-Tex waterproofing abilities, but this can easily be gained back through home remedies. Buyers should care for their jackets by following the included instructions from the company. This question gets asked often for all jackets, not just Gore-Tex. The answer is yes, but not due to it being a cheap part- it is a movable part that is more prone than the rest of the product. Weight distribution in the pockets is handled well, an important feature for buyers that store away their smartphones.

Any top tier Gore-Tex jacket should be able to handle a small tablet without worry of the zipper popping open or breaking. No, and something for consumers to look out for is the size of hoods. Besides the extra weight around the neck and shoulder area, it gives you a lot more bulk than you would want if the area is windy. Removable is the way to go when your Gore-Tex jacket has multiple uses. When you see a Gore-Tex jacket being listed for cyclists, runners etc.

With all of the heavy competition in the industry, being able to stand out based on active use is a major plus for any potential consumer. If you run into a runners Gore-Tex jacket then it just means it is a lightweight variant. When you find a mountain climbing Gore-Tex jacket expect it to be insulated and have a hood. Different types of jackets serve different functions, but they are not specialized products that have to be used solely for the activity listed.

Sizing charts are reliable based on the company that issues them. Companies that have a larger line of multiple products will usually have a better chance of getting the sizing right. That is why Adidas is reliable in this category and continues to successfully rely on their worldwide data to get the best fit. But even Gore-Tex jackets that are a bit off with their sizing will be able to let customers know if they run big or small- you just have to make the correct adjustment.

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There is a breathability rating for fabric that raises its value and overall effectiveness. Gore-Tex on its own has high breathability and the ability to absorb and release perspiration. This also adds to the comfort level of the material when under high-stress situations. High breathability with a Gore-Tex jacket means that the thinner versions are usable in humid areas without too much of a compromise with core features. A: Several years of producing one of the finest apparel technologies in the world have allowed Gore-Tex major innovations with jackets.

Brands have been more open to risks in styles, sizes and even completely new features thanks to the maturity of Gore-Tex. Choosing the right jacket comes down to a couple of things, with this small list being a big help for buyers that are deadlocked with a buying decision. Although not foolproof, looking at these three things will give you a much better chance of nailing down what it is you expect from your new Gore-Tex jacket.

Price is first on the list, and also the most confusing.

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Gore-Tex jackets can be purchased at incredibly different prices, with quality not being tied directly to the amount being paid. Find out what your price limit is and stay within that range. The most you will miss out on is getting a specific model that may be a hot seller with some people. The second thing to look at is weight, which is an uncommon thing to overlook when buying a Gore-Tex jacket.

If two purchases are required to get the best of both worlds, that is the better option than going for a product that is a jack of all trades. Gore-Tex jackets from the same company have different pros and cons based off of their model.