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Spoke w Walmart Canada customer service and they said it only applies if the item does not have a ticket. Walmart seems to do bare minimum — they say they are following the policy and it only applies to unmarked items that scan incorrecty. If you are still unsure call the number in my blog post and ask them not the store.

Makes no sense why one store would apply it and not another. I agree with you Benn. Walmart is getting quite bad with this policy. They are somehow making up stuff to get out of it. I have yet to read that somewhere. One reason why a lot of those items are ticketed? Because they travel…people often do not put those products back where they got them from and just leave it on the nearest rack or shelf.

Loblaws has decided they will just do it on everything, no matter what. And could be why at alot of Loblaws chain stores, you see higher prices than you do at other stores. Anything that affects sales, eventually is going to come back at the consumer in the form of higher prices somewhere down the road. Try not to think back. My wife did the same thing. All those times when I could have gotten free she thought lol. I picked up a large pack of royals toilet paper advertised on the skid where it was displayed for 8.

I got a full refund and got to take the toilet paper home after having to deal with attitude about being entitled to get it for free. It was awesome minus the attitude but I knew I was entitled to it so I stuck through it. To all of you out there make sure you check your prices at Rexall Drug stores because they do not practice or participate in this. I have been charged higher prices quite frequently and its to the point where I will no longer shop there. I will not go to a place that unethical. Hope this helps someone else. Safeway has had a policy, at least in the produce department, of refunding the price of defective produce PLUS a new package of the product.

But I had to ask for the price reduction because of the scanning code of practice.

The manager said to the cashier-in-training that they only give the customer the price reduction if they ask. Is this allowed? I thought as retailers it is their responsibility to abide by the scanning code of practice, not for the customer to have to ask. What does everyone think? You can call them to ask them direct about the procedure but this is what we have personally experienced in the past 6 years of using it.

I will post your question on my Facebook page to see what the other fans say! Come by to read any responses. Hello ,I recently went to an festival and when I paid my admission I was told to text the message on the entry ticket for a chance to win a trip for 2. What can I do? I always use the SCOP. I jump up and down too when it rings in higher.

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A lot of cashiers do not know about it. Good for you standing up for yourself. You are right they are part of the practice so you might as well use it as a customer plus it helps them to figure out where their pricing weaknesses are. The other day I was at a shoe store and they had that sale On certain shoes. When I went to ring them in they both came up regular price. When I questioned it, the cashier said the sale was over and the other employees were working on getting the sale signs down.

So I walked out with just one pair of shoes. If that is how their system is set up then no you would not get SCOP. If the system is set up to recognize the sale then you may but what I would do is call to make sure first. I agree with you plus we are alerting the store to a pricing error and that not all sale prices are being removed so maybe their system needs to be reviewed. What do you think? This is to alert them of a problem. My thinking, too. Will let you know the outcome.

Yes, please do especially for any fans who read your comment and are in the same position. Thanks Suzie. Problem solved! When in doubt, go to the top. Thanks very much, Mr. I had a feeling you would get your money because it only made sense. Thanks for letting us know Suzie.

Forgot to mention that I brought the sticker containing the bar code when I met with the owner, and it appeared that the cashier overrode scanning and entered the code manually; hence the error. So the error was due to a manual error rather than a scanning error? Great that he gave you the deal though. Would SCOP apply to something that was in an end bin? How is that proper? You need to inform the ladies in Red Deer ,Alta. I;ve been in retail 30 years and they doubted me-go figure!

My business can go else where I guess. I bought six. I went back to the store and followed a store employee back to the shelf. On closer examination, it gave the size as ml, but the product I bought was ml a new smaller size came out during the sale. The clerk said it was a different product and it was not on sale. I said, that makes no sense — the product is smaller than advertized — there should be no problem. But the clerk insisted a junior shelf stocker made a mistake and things like that happen.

Was the store in the right? Or should I have been given one product free? Hi Bruce, I took the liberty of posting your question on my FB page to see what the fans would say. My advice would be to call the number provided if you have a discrepancy with SCOP and they will tell you like it is. The description has to match exactly.. The fact that you bought the smaller one makes no difference.. As long as the sticker was correct, the being the size on sale, then the store was in the right.

Especially if they sold you the smaller bar for the same price as the larger one?

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The size of the item did not match the size listed on the tag. However, there is some haziness because every item should have an accurate label on the shelf according to the code. I work in a grocery store and most of the managers where I am employed would more than likely not give a free item, but would give you the Caramilk for the sale price that was listed on the shelf. The few that would not have given you the sale price are petty people that value rules over good customer service.

Which of course is BS — SCOP applies as soon as the incorrect higher price appears on the register subject to the exceptions listed in the code. I once bought bottles of Perrier advertised for 0. THEN i simply asked to return and she said clearance is final sale.. She ended up just doing a price adjustment for me at the end.. I have found that at some stores, the cashiers have clearly been told NOT to mention SCOP, but if the customer brings it up, then to give the item free without argument. At other stores, the item is given free without my asking after I point out the pricing error.

I have had some cashiers just give it and like you some that had no idea what it was. Training all over the world is always a weak area and unless trainers follow up and find those spots to improve they lag behind. Displayed price would be considered the shelf price to me. Thanks for your comment. When the item has a price tagged, the lowest price applies. When identical items are incorrectly priced, the second one will be sold at the correct price. Some merchants try to find excuses why SCOP does not apply in a specific situation but in most cases they are wrong.

I have a question, I was at superstore earlier today and my rice went in at I said this is SCOP then right. Correct me if I am wrong but its the displayed price right?


I always go by the UPC codes on the tags and compare the product to the product tag. There have been numerous times that product has been in the wrong spot with the wrong label in front. Hope that helps and maybe another fan will share their thoughts as well. This practice is not something the store widely advertises. But when you bring it up to a cashier it gets a response. I have used it many times with out problems at many different retailers. That is very true Pam. Thanks for the tip. I work for a small privately owned speciality retail shop. So nonetheless our POS had 0.

Well as you could assume…a regular customer comes in and realizes there is no price set for the item. He demands that he be given it for free. Obviously a pricing error…. So many people misuse the word code to mean its law. Hi Mike, Thanks for sharing your story. This is true that it is a voluntary system however once you opt into it as an organization you are then saying that you will adhere to it from your end. I think there are both pros and cons to the system but there also is voice so you could direct your customer to call for assistance if they are not happy with your decision and vice versa.

If you no longer want to have the code with your business, opt out. Have a lovely day mate! Eventually, however, it does come back around and bites the consumer in the butt with higher prices. But with often hundreds of changes a day, it does take time to get those shelf prices and overhead signage changed. Updates to the registers are not immediate — not sure, but may be done once an hour or something like that.

The bigger a store, the more product they carry, the bigger the potential there will be a discrepancy. I think there is a point where common sense comes into play. Thanks for sharing your input. Unless the customer mentions it the cashier will not say anything about it usually the price is just adjusted and we move on with our life.

Thanks Angel for sharing that info. Do you believe though that if the store participates they should simply adjust the product in relation to the code? Ok I was at a walmart in kitchener and the csm was saying I would get 10 off the item. Not the ticket price. I know for a fact it was the ticket item you get 10 bucks off. So I went to customer service read the scanning code of practice and discovered I was correct.

So in the end I got the ipod docking station for 10 buck. It was scanning at Its ticket price was Their store really needs to learn how it is done. Is there a number we can phone to complain that their manager do not know about the right rules to this. Thanks for the reminder to be assertive about asking for the item free. In both cases, no offer to have the price checked. I had to do the legwork myself and bring back the display price. I had to wait for the supervisor which gave me the chance to read the SCOP sticker. I caught this a couple of times at Loblaws! Got it free 2x, but have not noticed any since that time.

I once got a bottle of hairspray free 3 times at the Real Canadian Superstore since it took them a few weeks to realize that their scanning price did not match the price listed on the shelf. And earlier this year, I went to Walmart to get some underwear. I discovered this last year while working for Shoppers Drug Mart. I work at a store that participates in SCOP. I always thought that when the customer indicated a wrong price and we confirmed that indeed the signage was lower than the scanned price, that we automatically applied SCOP.

I try not to think back on everything we missed getting free. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Thanks for sharing your story. Please email me your mailing address so I can get your prize to you!!! I have familarized myself with the Scanning Code of Practice….

It is a great tool that use daily — checking to make sure that the cashier has run my items carefully at the right price….. It is a great practice that will help me save money in the long run….

The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery

I have used SCOP before and watch frequently for wrong prices. I love getting an item for free!!! I didnt think about different UPC though! Thanks for the tips! Thanks for the tips. I do follow a lot of these-unfortunately, a lot of stores in my city need to be educated on this over and over again!

Ive always paid attention to prices since couponing, but this definately gave me a clearer view of it! I found this post to be quite informative.

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I had never heard of SCOP until I started couponing and joined some couponing sites earlier this year. I will need to keep a closer eye on my receipts. Thanks Christine for explaining the details. I am a fan of both of your sites and pages! I always forget about scop and just have them ring it in a the proper price. Guess I better start paying better attention! Thanks for making our lives easier! Thanks for clarifying the facts!

Thanks Coupon Christine this was a good read. I have kept a close eye on things ringing in since I learned about this last year. I have saved between using SCOP!!! I have had this happen with sales that have ended, but the sign is still up. They only refunded me the difference, though. What a great rule for Canada! Yes it is a great deal and it helps the store to locate any price problems they need to fix. I have received items for free because of SCOP.

That little bit of extra effort has saved me a lot of money over the years. I love SCOP! Thank you for the article! I had no idea that it applied to each unique UPC! Such a great guest post thanks for sharing Mr CBB!! I actually used the SCOP yesterday and got my purchase for free — woo hoo!! I am going to have to be more diligent in getting the free items.

No big deal as I was still paying what I initially thought I would be but I thought it would be off the Sale tag price. It would be off the shelf price. It rang up at I paid 4. Hope that helps! Love the detergent story! I love this! I will now know to use SCOP when something doesnt come up right. SCOP happened to me at giant tiger and i pointed it out to the cashier. She told me it only applies if i actually paid for the item. I guess i should of asked for the manager, i will next time! This was such a great read, I have noticed this once before.

I think I need to write the price of everything on a piece of paper so I remember. I watch as the cashier rings in my purchases always! Thanks for the tips about different UPCs. That is something I did not know. CBB — I will be adding your blog to my favourites now. Great post! Lots of information i didnt know! I have only used this practice once……i just found out about it…. Went out to the car and thought…hmmm…its only 75 cents…. I had no idea about SCOP. Great article, very informative. I am going to make it a point to remember that not only am I doing the store a service but that SCOP is there to ensure accurate pricing for the customer.

I used to not give a thought to watching the register. I have gotten a few things free because of this now most recently was a canister of propane for my portable bbq! Very interesting. Nice having all of this information. Will definitely feel more confident saying SCOP. Also thanks for the draw as well. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. First Name E-Mail Address. Share Pin Contribution Post : Christine aka Coupon Christine is passionate about couponing and saving money. She is the brains behind Coupon Allstars Canada. Coupon Christine has bloggers that feature deals and coupon match-ups for their provinces like she does for her Ontario fans. Comments People need to realize that not all stores take part in SCOP and to ask first if they do have it in their business policy before they get angry at the poor retail worker for wrong costs.

Yes the cashier seen it and said it was an error and called meat department. That is correct. It is not law. Thanks for stopping by Alex. Ordered online…. And websites usually have disclaimers in the Terms of Use with respect to errors. Stop playing the victim. This program ensures that shops keep honest and that employees do their job. Was this post of Nov 18th deleted? Customers move product and also have been known to move signs in order to get a better price. There were two tank tops at Walmart richmond hill ontario at bayview and major mackenzie They were priced at 2.

I have no idea. Here's why you need to worry about it. I've seen people share coupons and giveaways they acknowledge are probably fake, but they share it anyway because they think that if it's not real, then there's no harm done.

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Installing malware on your computer. CNET points out that a coupon image on Facebook isn't the printable coupon itself - it's just an image that someone uploaded. When you click the link to get the coupon, you're whisked off to a bogus website you've never heard of and the next thing you know or don't know, at least not right away that site is installing something nefarious on your laptop.

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  5. The survey to nowhere. You click on the image of a coupon on Facebook, and it takes you not to the retailer's website, but to a nondescript, badly designed survey - again, on a site you've never heard of. This Lowe's coupon that's been making its way around Facebook is about as fake as they come. A scammer will start a new Facebook page and fill it with kittens and puppies, prayer requests, and, of course, fake coupons and giveaways, asking you to like or share.

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    The idea is to rack up as many Likes as possible. For example, if you're a fan of Brad's Deals on Facebook , you probably see our posts and ads in your timeline from time to time, and we'll also post links to deals we like and articles we've published. That's a totally normal, above-board use of Facebook Pages and Facebook Ads. Consumer Affairs has a really fantastic, in-depth article about "Like" farming if you want more info about it. If there's just one thing that you take away from this article, it should be that you must always, always ask this one question about any coupon that sounds too good to be true:.

    Most often, major retailers will have verified accounts, denoted by a blue checkmark next to their name, like this:. Whatever they're linking to is official - and therefore safe. Easy access to graphics software like PhotoShop make the creation of real-looking fakes easy to do. It wasn't posted by Target. Maybe at first glance that "target. It says "target. Well, no, it doesn't, but that URL was engineered to trick you into think that it does.

    That weird ". You probably didn't even know that. Now, this is some kind of techie stuff. You may have already started seeing strange URLs like. But if you're aware of them, it makes more sense that a legitimate business the size of Target isn't likely to be doing any business on anything the broader public isn't yet fully aware of. ICANN made. See the difference? In our example above, that entire string is the link you'll be clicking through to. The good URL shows what it should look like if it's authentic - no extra junk included. Note that we photoshopped the bad coupon for demo purposes here.

    The discount is too good to be true. It was so big that Target did an entire press release about it after the fact. It doesn't list any exclusions.