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It's Jen Hatmaker--super glad to host you today. We're in the middle of a series that I'm loving. We have so many interesting experts coming in to talk to us about all things fall, all things holidays, and so today is no exception. I think you're going to love today's show because we tackle a super important topic that I care about and you probably care about; fashion. First of all, what are we wearing? How do we dress? What's on trend, specifically; what are we wearing during this season?

During Christmas? During parties? All of this. So you're going to love my guests today. I have Megan Tamte and Kristina Klockers. These two powerhouses are the cofounders of an amazing company called Evereve. Now it's in over 80 stores across the United States. Not only do they have this incredible in-store experiences, but they also have an online option called Trendsend , in which stylists work specifically with you and they send you clothes in the mail, you try them all on, you keep what you love, you mail the rest back.

I do both. I am a TrendSend member and I have had amazing in-store experiences with the Evereve stylists and staff. They really, really do something special here. So Megan is the co-founder --it was her dream in her head twenty years ago--she'll tell you the whole story.

Then seven years later it was finally on the ground and she was a stay-at-home mom.

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She was actually a third grade teacher. This dream took shape. You're going to love the way they approach fashion, and specifically the way they approach women. It's actually absolutely changed the way that I think about fashion. They have dressed me for everything I've done this year in a way that does not make me feel awful or gross about myself. In fact, it was a very empowering and very wonderful experience.

I do not say that about clothes very often, you guys. Kristina Klockers is the vice president of merchandising and she's also a founding leader. So basically she is buying all this awesome stuff. Her job is so cool. Wait till you hear her talk. She's like such a pro on fashion. She's going to give us so many tips today on outfit ideas, things to wear, trends that we can be watching for, how to dress your body type. It's really amazing. Her energy is so contagious. She and Megan are going to be on today telling us all about Evereve and how we can learn to love fashion and learn to love our bodies and not approach this all with a sense of dread.

We talk about so many things today. So just keep this in mind, I'll have everything on my website that we mention. Every single pair of boots, every pair of jeans; don't feel like you've got to try to remember everything we say. These two girls are amazing and you are going to love this conversation.

I am super super happy to bring to you today; Megan Tamte and Kristina Klockers. OK so I'm so happy to welcome Megan and Christina. Hi girls. Thank you for being on today. Megan: Hey Jen, we're happy to be here. Jen: Now listen, these girls just slay, you guys. You just don't even know how amazing they are at everything; at life, at business, at fashion, at friendship. We're going to kind of jump all into it for sure. So I wanted to have you guys on for a million reasons, but I definitely wanted to have you in this series.

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Fall is absolutely, in my opinion, the best time of year for clothes. I'm down here in Austin, for example. It's November right this minute and yesterday it was 85 degrees. So don't even imagine that I care. I do not care what that number says. I will wear a scarf if I want to. Obviously you're the perfect duo to talk to us about fall clothes. We're about to get into it.

But also the two of you actually really really deeply care, obviously, about outfitting people well; making them feel empowered and beautiful. I have literally experienced this my own self. So I'm excited for my for my listeners to experience sort of your philosophy on this, and your approach to women and to fashion, and maybe even trying out some of your style experiences; whether it's online or it's in stores.

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You've just got the absolute best clothes. Megan do you want to jump in and talk to us about the beginning? Well, first of all, Evereve is a women's retail brand and we have 85 stores across the country. We have a wonderful web site, Evereve. So the story really began, actually, can you believe it; 20 years ago. We have been around for 13 years, but it took me a while from the time it became an idea to the time it actually became a store.

I was sort of kind of stuck in this like motherhood, you know, frump. I loving my family fiercely, loving being a mom, but just not feeling very good about myself and my sense of style. So I went out shopping and had a disastrous trip to the shopping mall and ended up in a dressing room with a crying baby.

I was a hot mess. Instead of coming home with some clothing that made me look and feel beautiful and powerful, which is what I was looking for--just a little bit of something. I left the mall that day hysterically crying and with a crying baby and just not feeling good about myself. I was feeling even worse about myself. That's really hard. Then what? Megan: Yes, so I would say I dreamt about this idea for 5 years: I created this brand in my head. I was a former third grade teacher. I was a stay at home mom, and I thought I was going to be home with you know, have a million kids, and be home forever.

It was not in my plan at all to ever be an entrepreneur, or own a fashion company. But I just I created this dream. After about five years of dreaming about it, all I can say, Jen, is that my body sent some clear signals that something's going on and you need to pay attention to it.

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I started to suffer with severe insomnia. At this point I have a daughter and a son that came around, you know, Ryan, my son. It was such a confusing time for me because I was loving these children. So grateful to be a mom. Loving my life as a mom. But there was something still not right in it with my soul. I had insomnia.

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I discovered, through a probably a year long journey of really getting up early in the morning, writing in my prayer journal--trying to really figure out what's going on. I discovered after five years of dreaming that there was a dream inside of me that just needed to get out, and that was this brand. Jen: It's almost like you had been in labor for too long and that's why you were sick. Like the baby needed to be born. Megan: It needed to be born.

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So from the time I had that idea on the way home from the shopping mall to the time we opened the doors of our first store was like a seven year journey. So, seven years later the first doors open. The first store in Minnesota, my husband was my business partner, and we opened the doors.

We did not know what we were doing. We knew nothing about retail. We knew nothing about opening a store. Jen: I love that because you've built this enormous, enormous company, but it started with a dream. Megan: We went to the library that night. How do you open up a retail store? We brought books home and we started reading books and just this intense learning journey began. Jen: Oh my goodness, I love that so much. So Kristina, you have this massive job, every year.

Really, really crucial to not just the mission, but how you carry it all out. You're the vice president of merchandising and founding leader. So which basically means--you're the clothes shopper, right? This is what you do. It's like the coolest. Like seriously, do you ever get tired of it?

Will you tell us exactly it is that you do? So I think one of the fun things about Evereve, about Megan and I and our relationship, and about this company, is that I've actually known Megan since I was 13 years old. She went to California--northern California--became a mom, had this dream born inside of her. I went to Southern California to pursue TV and then kind of went to a different career. I went all these different directions and then ended up in Chicago as a buyer for a large department store.

Super fun, loved it, got such great experience there. You need to move to Minnesota and come up and join our team. I'm a single girl in the city in Chicago. No thank you. Like a store for moms? Sounds great. I think that's amazing. Hard pass. We are going to make this a national brand. Like 60 to 70 hours a week. But in my mind, it actually negated how much I did care, and how much I believed in clothing as a vehicle to love people. I have found my place. I had to figure it out before we began. Luckily, I reached out to Kristina which was so cool. Can you tell me what to do?

Kristina was so lovely. Jen: I love that. So specifically, Kristina, what does Vice President of Merchandising--what does that mean? Kristina: I help lead the buying team, and the visual merchandising team, as well as our merchandise planning team. So basically anything from how product gets into our stores, to how we display it once it gets in the stores--that's part of my job. We're out in the marketplace shopping. It looks very different depending on where you go whether you're in L. But we love to say that we curate fashion for moms. So we believe that moms want to be relevant.

They want to stay on trend, but they don't want to look like they are in a costume. Like you always have to feel good in your clothes before you can adopt a trend. Jen: You really do that. I remember when I was up with you guys in the store in Minneapolis and you were going to style Shauna and I. The very first thing I said, because I kind of came in to you with bad headspace. I don't want anybody in this room to tell me I look good when I don't. I do not need your flattery. We would never do that. Our goal here is not just to sell you clothes, our goal is to make you feel amazing.

That is literally how you approach it. Either it is wrong for my body type, or it's wrong for who I am, or it's not flattering. I love that you don't do that. These stylists really care about women; they really care about moms. They know the story of our brand. I think that's what people love most about us that work at Evereve. We really want you to care about the woman, we want you to see your job as serving her. Styling her, not selling to her. So it really makes me feel good to know that people do experience that in our stores and that you experienced that. I think that comes from a real authentic place.

As a brand, we want to, we really want to help women feel beautiful and powerful. That's our mission. It doesn't matter if they buy one thing, or nothing or 10 things--it's just our heart. We really want to help. Jen: It's true.

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I will tell you--from my personal experience—well, first of all, I'm like I'm all up in Evereve. Like I'm in the store. I have my my box that comes to my house. Megan: Oh good. I love it. Two things that I loved about my in-store experience with you and your team. Number one is; I told you my style, because I have a certain style.. You stepped into it. I ended up with a couple of things that I loved. I would not have tried them on. I love that. I like how your stylist in a really, really wonderful way do that. The second thing that I loved was; you know, when I came in I told her my sizes, and they're going to bring me some stuff.

I was kind of hiding under extra layers of clothes, and extra fabric, and not really wearing anything that fit me. I was shocked by that. So what I'm wondering is; in both cases you see that women are sometimes hung up on their size, or body type in general, and also that they are a little bit afraid to take any fashion risks. Am I normal? The two things that you said, I mean, I struggle with every day. I feel like there isn't one woman that doesn't struggle with those two things. I do feel like our customer wants to be dared, just a bit.

Most of the women that come through our doors are hiding a bit in their clothes. Jen: Absolutely. That was my exact experience. I went in intimidated, and just not feeling great, just not in a great place right now.

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I'm thinking of all the things right now, trying on a bunch of clothes. We could not be more excited. Hey, this is the perfect holiday gift. You can get tickets at MoxieMattersTour. Jen: So when I walked out of the doors of your store, I had a completely different experience than what I expected. It was empowering, and I felt so excited. You literally dressed me for this entire season in a way that helped me feel confident, and not just devastated to have to pack a suitcase full of clothes.

So everything that you're saying is the exact user experience. That was precisely how I experienced it. Your stylist had me in sort of cropped jeans, which are not anything I ever would have bought. I'm really tall, so I'm always the one looking for length--long. I'm always wanting them to be longer, right? I thought it was going to make me look chopped, and it really didn't. It actually had kind of an elongating effect because there is just so much ankle.

That is clearly expertise driven because I would not have chosen that on my own. Kristina: I think one of the things you did, Jen, that's the most important thing, is not only did you find an expert, but you trusted the expert; which I think is really, really important. What we believe in too, is making sure that you see the full outfit. You know, you get things going, then all of a sudden it makes sense. I think really seeing it to completion is important. You are only charged for what you keep. LaFleur , an independent clothing line, carries offerings for the formal workplace.

I really wanted to like this service — their pieces are timeless and several friends have served as brand ambassadors — but their clothing were far too overpriced for polyester, machine-washable office separates. That being said, they sent me six items that fit my specifications, their customer service was excellent and I communicated with an actual stylist!

I ultimately bought a red blouse — the Didion 3. I am still a MM. You have four days to decide what to keep. I am still a Trunk Club subscriber, and I will probably stick with this service. Here, too, quality varies by brand.

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You are sent a preview of items in your trunk, which you can approve or amend. You have five days to decide what to keep and what to return. Bottom line: Ultimately, I liked Trunk Club the best; it hit my style and budget. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In. The changes include a new, responsive design featuring extended-hours data and more news. Learn More.