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Coupons, Discounts and Deals to New England Family This amusement park almost has everything perfect for bonding moments between families and friends. Canobie Lake Waterpark Coupons. Aside from that, the amusement park also offers a great dining experience and live entertainment. Parking is plentiful, so visitors can feel free to bring their vehicles.

Canobie Lake Park Coupon Codes

Find it all and much more with the interactive Roller Coaster Database. Home AAA Northeast. If you could use a hand in the gifting department, swing by Canobie Lake Park. Be the first to know about deals and rewards from Canobie Lake Park. All of these special deals are not valid when used in combination with other promotions and discount coupons. This famous amusement park has been in operation for over a hundred years, boasting pride for its popular rides such as the Yankee Cannonball roller coaster. Each pas purchased on this day is valid for one person for one visit at any day during the inclusive season.

With over 85 rides Canobie Lake Park is one of the most exciting amusement parks. In fact, this summer season I won 8 free tickets and I brought my whole family in for my birthday!

Also there are several team parties after the park closes with even more chances to win stuff and hangout with your fellow team members in stuff like Las Vegas night, Amazing Race, Family Feud and much more. If Canobie became a yearly job and could pay the same wage I make at my main job, as well as provide benefits Discounts at stores during working hours, discounts at much of the food stands during working hours, team parties, free entry, flexible schedules, Eoe, plenty of incentives.

One day off a week! Ride Mechanics are scheduled 6 days a week! So if you like spending your summer watching other people enjoy there summer, then this is the place for you. Beach Body Coach on hand for nutritional advice, and to take your money! Lots of it! Fantastic Seasonal Employment. If you go in with the right mindset you can easily make friends that last a lifetime, along with some pretty great memories.

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Fantastic atmosphere, flexible scheduling, free entry to park for employees, and more! Fun at first but quickly fades, not worth it at all. It's fun at first but if you're trying to make a living do not work here. Great for kids who do not have bills or have to worry about money and like to be overworked for such little pay.

Management almost never speaks to you unless it's to tell you where to go for the day, group leaders are always stressed and running around half the time they don't know what's going on. All in all horrible place to work. Only can get in for free on weekdays, very low pay, overworked all the time.

I emailed about them giving me points I did not deserve and never got an answer, my phone calls were never answered and always left a voicemail which was never checked.

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Paid to stand in the hot sun and work in the front gate with bag check security. Did not get any breaks 15 minutes until my fifth week working.

Started off working 4 days a week; Monday , Friday , Saturday , and Sunday. Quick-paced, direct customer interactions at all times, and very short breaks. You have to deal with the weather because nearly all rides are located outside.

  1. Through Oct. 28th Enjoy SCREEEMFEST at Canobie Lake Park, Salem, NH..
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Paid 15 minute breaks are too short and 30 minute breaks are unpaid. Very fast paced at many rides which can be nice depending on the ride. Fun and productive workplace. A typical day included interacting with guests and entertaining people! We played games with the kids, dressed up as "critters", and got to work together as a group to best help make the atmosphere of the park as great as possible!

Worked as a games attendant. They expect a lot out of you, very long work days, and not enough pay. Only worked as a seasonal job, and ended up quitting. I enjoyed it. Worked at Canobie for 5 seasons as a rides operator.

Canobie Lake Park Discounts

It was fun! Met a lot of new people and cast members. I left due to issues with the weather and heat. I just needed a change in scenery. Good discounts. Many things were fair in this position.

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The only issue I had were the customers. Rude, obnoxious Some people were very nice and that's good. But each year it seemed to get worse with the clients and people around enjoying the park Fun place to work at times. No Comment at this time due to company policy at Canobie Lake Park.

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However it is a fun place to work as the Guest come here to enjoy their day and the kids are always happy with smiles. I worked as a ride attendant and was often rather stress throughout the workday. Sometimes the number of hours was overwhelming but it was my first job so take that into consideration. Fast paced, fun environment. This was a great place to work. It is a fun environment that is definitely fast paced. I would recommend working here since there are many options of different positions they have.

Some jobs work outside all day I liked this because I got to tan all day. Time clocks are located throughout the park, not able to spend full 30 minutes on break out side the park. Great Summer Job for Extra Money.