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Not sure if I am up for the work of 14 cc I don't think we have that many good ones anyway. Please share yours. Some tell me it's pretty good. It has a high annual fee that's waived the first year. I figure if I combine these two cards with a little spending I will have 2 across Canada flights.

If I combine this with the cashback from another card I may actually pay for those 2 flights. So right now I'm just trying to figure it out. Please share your expertise. Oh, sweet success! Both of which have zero annual fees for good cashback. But, at our level of family spent the MBNA wins with a lot of cash to us, we don't have to wait for an annual amount in november like scotiabank. MBNA is bad for fees and penalties, though, so watch out.

Aeroplan with aircananda booking is back with fuel surcharges. Some people transfer to other airlines with aeroplan, because of this. Quote from: goldielocks on November 22, , AM. You should put your GCR link in your sig see mine, heh - you get referral cash when someone signs up through you and generates their own cashback. Canada is nowhere if comparing to the US.

The great signup offers just don't exist on the same scale, and in the same number, here.

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But there are still deals worth having. Every so often, Scotia will do something great with the Gold Amex. Great card, but has a fee. If you have a scotia STEP setup, you can put the card under that and the fee is less.

Tangerine Money-Back MC (4% CB on 3 Categories for 3 month back!)

I can't get into Aeroplan. I did the TD thing and when I tried to book Canada-France the taxes came out to about as much as the fucking flight. I was pretty pissed off, honestly. Proper American Express cards give a good signup bonus, generally. The gold card is good. And flexible. There is no churning with Amex now, though. IE, you get the bonus once, that's it. You want to make sure you have a few 'keeper' cards. I love the Chase Amazon card. Quote from: daverobev on November 22, , AM.

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It takes the sting out for sure. I am in the Aeroplan sucks camp as well but I don't see many options for Canadians like our US friends. Still I'm going to pursue the goal I set out and get to TO for mostly free. Fortuna 5 O'Clock Shadow Posts: I have been researching this lately as well and am in the Aeroplan sucks camp. I have been a member since and cannot count the number of times they have expired a lot of miles.

Has anyone considered accumulating points on other plans that flight from YYZ or your location airport? What about British Airways? Probably not useful for flights in Canada but if you are looking for European travel that might makes sense. I haven't but that's because my main goal is to visit my family in Ontario on the cheap or cheaper.

I can't get there on the other airlines. I had that same problem with Aeroplan with my ex's account. It had 23, miles and they just cancelled them. This time I'll just make sure to use my card at Shell or wherever every few months so I stay active. There is a loophole, supposedly you can exchange aeroplan for Luftansa or United, then book with them for low surcharge, possibly on codeshare or non direct flights.

Bonus if you get a US cc with United miles bonus or something like that. I did not look too closely. Instead I max out on cash back cards and collect hotel reward points. Hotel rewards can be nice and easy to redeem. Catch is if you do not stay at that hotel. Quote from: goldielocks on November 23, , PM.

The return is basically 1. It used to be really good because you could push a request for redeeming toward any travel purchase at that rate, which was really broad Parking, theatre tickets, VIA rail, gas on occasion , but have since reduced the return rate for anytime redmption. I bank already with them and the foreign transaction fee makes sense for the next while Look up greedyrates. I was looking at the Westjet one with the companion passes.

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I agree that it seems enticing. I think after reading for hours all the different cards I got a little confused Thank you all for the tips. I get the aeroplan sucks part of it. That was the one reason i started collecting aeroplan in the first place was to do this one trip and it wasn't worth while using it. I also need another permanent long term history card because i eventually want to shut down my one oldest card for something more useful. I know not to do it right away.

In order to use Aeroplan points without getting hit by huge surcharges Looking at you air Canada you have to google the list of companies that don't charge surcharges and plan your trip around the different flight offers. There are also detailed guides on how to use the aeroplan and other carrier websites in order to find the flights that have the lowest surcharges. Redflagdeals is another Website you can use to track specials for both items and credit cards.

They usually pick out the best credit cards offers with an associated website that offers a giftcard if you pass through their portal. Update: I received my new TD Aeroplan card. I plan to use this card to accumulate 30, miles. Get 15, for first purchase then 10, after remaining active for the first 90 days. I called before activating and tried to argue to have the fee waived. No success on the first call.

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Tried again. Also, no success. I got a definite maybe on that one. Quote from: meghan88 on November 22, , AM. Gerard Handlebar Stache Posts: Location: eastern canada. Often free to sign up, and Amex points transfer to Aeroplan, and you get two points per dollar spent for travel purchases. Plus, they give you points for referrals. If you and a spouse are signing up, make sure one of you signs up first and refers the other one. Hotels and gift cards are bad A really really good use of points: long-haul North American return tickets, especially to less competitive destinations, with a free stopover.

Go with United or Swiss or Turkish among others instead. If you want someone to fly on your points, just book the ticket yourself. Take-away message: Any Canadian with good credit who's new to this should be able to score 70, points in sign-up bonuses Amex, TD, CIBC , and with a little work find some pretty decent trips to spend them on.

Thanks Gerald, that is a great summary and exactly what I plan on doing. I realize the Aeroplan booking is a pain in the ass and they charge high fees but I want to subsidize a few trips so this is a great way to do it. I cannot expect to get that deal every time. There is the depreciated value to be considered. Did you send it the registration card?

Did you buy the item on sale? Blah, blah, blah. The higher percentage back was more of a benefit to me. Once a year, your cash back "was" automatically applied against your balance. NEW rule If you die or cancel the card, cash back credit rewards earned will be kept by TD. I think that if you are prepared to do all this calculating, then you are entitled to however many extra pennies you can squeeze out of it. Personally, I feel I have enough challenges in life already, and wouldn't want the stress of either figuring it all out or making sure to implement it correctly.

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  • For me, the net difference is not sufficient to warrant all the effort. This depends on the individual. I try to keep the number of cards to a minimum. However, I think it's necessary to have at least one each of Visa and MC. If one system goes down or you have a problem with them, there's always the other one, so you're not stuck.

    And Amex doesn't really fill this need as it's not accepted everywhere. It's difficult, however, to get a good Visa card. I have an old plain jane one from BigBank which suffices, but gives a poor return. You could also look at the Scotia momentum series or Meridian for that purpose. Make sure you use them all once in a while so that they don't cancel them on you - this happened to me once with a USD card from TD-CT. Although I don't use it, Tangerine is better than most because it gives the cash back monthly. So you don't have to worry about losing it if you die - should you care.

    I think too that with Tang you don't have to request it someone will correct me if I'm wrong. The Rogers card is a nuisance in that regard, if you aren't a Rogers customer. You have to remember to request the cash back in November in order to receive it in January. Just mark it on your calendar. I prefer cards that enable auto-pay of their bills from my bank account. At last inquiry, Rogers didn't do this, so the bill must be paid manually. It's something else to remember or put in the calendar which requires action.

    Although it costs you a few cents in lost interest, I think it's easier to just pay it when the bill arrives, so you don't have to worry about it. I prefer things that will look after themselves if I should be hospitalized etc. Loonie said I think that if you are prepared to do all this calculating, then you are entitled to however many extra pennies you can squeeze out of it. I ask for an increase in CL at the same time and try to make the best of it. As they tend to give small credit limits to everyone. It's time to downsize my card collection I think.

    I think this is probably the best combo I can get because I'm more of a saver than a spender. That causes my spending to be very variable year to year. For the time and credit hits it's not really worth it. I'm sort of buying in on the idea of the two-card system. I think after that it becomes a nuisance to carry them and select them. Just want to pull it out and use and not need to think about which one to take.

    I think Visa has been going down hill. Amex and Mastercard are the two networks I would select.

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    But not going this route as I don't think it's needed. Probably going to set up an autopay like a utility bill on the AMEX to force it to be active each month and spend online payments and keep it at home. My question - how do you make sure there's enough money in the chequing account?

    Are you using the overdraft in some way that doesn't seem clear to me? A line of credit is The collateral against your line of credit, may be your home. But the money is yours to borrow at any time, for any reason. Many use their line of credit to make their rrsp contribution. Then their tax return "should" go towards paying down their low interest loan. Pay that off, using your line of credit. I suppose that, for some people, it is a way of transferring the cost of debt to a lower-interest vehicle. And it beats payday loans. In that case, the real problem is carrying debt, not how you pay your credit card bill.

    There are two types of lines of credit. The first is "secured". In this case, you put up collateral, such as your house, so the line of credit is a registered lien against your house, whether you are using it or not. This involves legal fees to set up and ultimately discharge but the rate is a bit lower than the "unsecured" line of credit which depends entirely on your personal creditworthiness.

    Not having had any debt since our first mortgage eons ago and which we paid off within a couple of years, I really am a fish out of water when it comes to what ends people will go to MAX themselves out Please consider registering guest. Login name Password Remember me Register Lost password? Page: 1 2. June 17, am.