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Please note that a measurement discrepancy is considered to be different when the actual shirt measures greater than 1. Whatever your suit or business needs are, Joe Button has you covered. Joe Button promo codes and discount vouchers It looks like we don't have any coupons at the moment. Take a look at our most recent deals.

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Find Deals. Sign up to receive the best weekly deals straight to your inbox! Get deal Deal ends 30 Jun Show code. Get deal Deal ends 1 Jan Get deal. How do I use my Joe Button promo code? Browse through the codes above from Joe Button and click on the one you'd like to use. This will safely redirect you to the Joe Button website where you can start shopping online. Browse through the wide range of clothes available from Joe Button. When you've found an item you'd like to buy, choose the correct size or customise your sizes. Then click on "Add to Bag". Pros Custom made. Having shirts that are made to order means they will fit a lot better and more comfortably.

Gift cards. Media coverage. Competitive prices. Joe Button is able to deliver high quality shirts for its price by cutting out the retailer and removing their fixed costs and markups.

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  8. Worth noting is I build this on a WordPress site, so I had access to some useful helper functionality. If you're doing this on another type of site, just change the code accordingly. Something else worth mentioning is that most of the code that goes into a PayPal button is the same. Only a few elements change based on whether you're running it in the sandbox or live.

    How To Create A PayPal Coupon Code By Switching Buttons

    It's a good idea to have sandbox code, so you can test functionality without spending actual money. This code currently works as of early October in Australia and is essentially the same I've changed PayPal codes, discount codes and prices to anonymize it as code that is currently live and in use on a site.

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    I've tested it against our situation. Your PayPal settings or country may be different. By the time you read this, PayPal may have changed their forms. Use this as a guide and test your own implementation before rolling to a live site.

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    The code to switch PayPal buttons based on the coupon code entered is in two parts. The first part goes on the page you want the button to display. It will connect with our button rendering code.

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    In the first line, the input is for the user to enter the coupon code. Obviously style this as you wish. Speaking of which, put this jQuery in the footer of the page that has the button. Another way I've used in the past is with a shortcode. Just get it in there somehow. This script monitors what the user types into the coupon code box as they're typing it. There's no need for the user to hit enter and there's not limit on how many checks they can do, so it would be possible to brute force the coupon code.

    While the system is checking the code, a Font Awesome spinner is displayed, which turns to a cross on fail and a check on success. We also use a bit of simple CSS to change the cross to red and the check to green, for extra visual effect.

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    Obviously the codes I put in there are fake too, for the purpose of teaching. This lets us check the coupon codes without needing to refresh the page. You could easily replace this section with shortcode processing to achieve the same result. You'll need to create a new button at PayPal for each price point.

    Make sure that this matches the buttons you create.

    How To Create A PayPal Coupon Code By Switching Buttons

    Just be sure all these match up to the form you get back from PayPal. If they are different to what I have here, use this as a template to roll your own function. The second conditional is where you test for different discounts. If you want to test discounts in the sandbox, just expand the conditionals. So you might do this:. If you have a lot of discounts, I'd probably change it to a switch statement.

    We used integers 25 and 20 for this implementation, but because this implementation is not strongly typed, you could use strings to select the discount instead. In the final section of the php code, we use Ajax to hook into the button and process the coupon code entry.