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The best Dell XPS 13 and 15 prices and deals in June 12222

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Best Windows laptops Black Friday deals: Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more

Could Dell offer a similar promotion this year? We've been covering the best laptop deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for long enough now that we can come up with some decent predictions for Cyber Monday Big name brands like Dell are likely to deliver big price cuts to their range of laptops, both budget and high-end. They are two of the best laptops money can buy, so if you find those two getting discounted on Cyber Monday, definitely consider buying them.

If last year's Cyber Monday is anything to go by, Dell will start offering big discounts before the day itself, so keep a close eye out for any 'early bird' offers. We'll post any that we find right here. To prepare yourself for the inevitable Dell Cyber Monday deals, read on for our tips on securing the best offers. Before Cyber Monday, draft up a list of what you want from your Dell notebook, and any models or brands that have caught your fancy. This means your deal-hunting can be focused and more successful.

This will also help to keep you from blowing cash on impulse buys that you may regret later — especially if a deal for a product you actually do want crops up later, and you've already spent your budget.

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The most common sizes are inch, inch, inch laptops, with inch models growing less and less popular these days. Smaller laptops tend to not only be more portable but more affordable, too.

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Taking a long look at the configuration of the Dell laptop before you buy can provide a clear idea of whether the deal is worth considering. If the specifications point to an old or low-power laptop, then the deal may not be as decent as you first thought. On the other hand, if the specifications point towards a strong laptop that comes with features you'll seldom — if ever — use, then you may be better off saving your cash and searching elsewhere.

As far as performance is concerned, what is most important consider are the core parts inside the machine. While the Intel Core i5 is a decently powerful model, the Core i7 is the most powerful choice in every case. So, the Core i5 is the ideal mid-range option. Very slim laptops are likely to house a Y series Intel processor, as they can run without any fans to cool them.

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The trade-off here is that they're not nearly as performant — an example is the Core mY A growing number of devices are coming with AMD hardware, which gives you more options and can generally be found for cheaper than Intel-toting laptops while offering similar levels of performance. The next piece to mull over is system memory, or RAM. Ideally, you want at least 4GB, though 8GB is the preferable option for future-proofing and any type of gaming.

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SSDs offer speedy and responsive performance, which translates to apps and programs that load swiftly. If you seek to save some scratch, an eMMC drive is often a trade-off worth making, though, as these drives are still quicker than standard hard disks — if only slightly. Their strength lies in that they usually have far bigger capacity — you can find storage of up to 1TB even in affordable hardware.

A speed in rotations per minute rpm is always quoted with a hard drive, and the faster ones run at 7, rpm, with slower drives pitched at 5, rpm. The latter may be rather slow as a rule of thumb but, once again, bear in mind that, as with SSDs, performance will vary across individual drives. This will be OK for the average laptop user, but those who want to play some more heavy-duty games will need a discrete GPU — a graphics processing solution that sits separate from the general processor.

As far as screens are concerned: most mid-level laptops will offer a Full HD display as standard, which is a resolution of 1, x 1, This resolution is actually perfectly fine, especially on smaller-screened laptops. Indeed, a smaller resolution is often a benefit to a laptop with less powerful hardware driving it, as it means there are fewer pixels for the CPU and GPU to shift, making things more likely to run smoothly.

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This is something gamers might want to keep in mind as well. High-resolution 4K displays will also use your laptop's battery much faster. Make sure you maintain your receipts in case you're not pleased with any of your purchases and want a refund — it's also worth checking the refund policy of websites before buying on Cyber Monday.

Some retailers will also offer longer warranties than others, which could be a deciding factor when purchasing a laptop or MacBook on Cyber Monday.

Having a three- or- five-year warranty on your laptop will give you peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes wrong you'll be covered.