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No problem, it's free! Toggle navigation Menu. Download our free app now! Shop Smart. Save Money. Work the Ultamate Rewards Program and earn points you can spend like cash on anything Ulta sells. Step 3: Stock up strategically during your birthday month to get Platinum status even faster. Step 4: Get your hair done at Ulta during 2x points days.

Four times a year once per season Ulta runs promos to earn 3x-5x the points on every salon visit to Ulta. Step 5: Stack multipliers, gifts with purchase AND coupon codes to save the most and get the most points! Step 6: Hoard your points until you hit 2, Do NOT opt out of emails. Unless you hate coupons. Leave a comment Comment Name. Post Your Comment. Almost two hours later calling between the customer service department and the credit card customer service nobody could help me to apply over the phone and the web site was giving me an error message.

Leave a reply Reply Name. Cancel Reply Post Your Reply. I actually have the ultimate rewards matercard and i love it, i use it to purchase gas, groceries and so on, i use my card and pay off at the end of the month and some months they have bonus points based on what you use your card for Love it!!

There is an Ulta that finally opened near me. Usually I just ordered online. I am a Platinum member and I don't really see much as far as perks. As far as "no questions asked returns," that's not quite true in my interactions. I had gone on a sale binge and I had spent way too much so I brought a few things back, brand new. The manager was the one who waited on me and she was not too happy with me. I got a million questions and an attitude to boot. I felt like I was a criminal.

The one by me is a lovely bright clean store but the staff training leaves a lot to be desired. Some are rude; others will ignore you two feet away from them. The nicest staff have been the guys at MAC. They help out customers from other lines, are very kind and knowledgeable. One time the lines were busy and the kind artist from MAC came over to see if he could help. I have to email MAC and let them know how good their artists are. Wow, that's so unbelievably rude. Don't let them do that to you and that's why I do not shop at Sephora. The girls in there are so rude it makes me sick!

I just don't understand some people! Let us show you how to Shop Smarter. Our Picks. Share 1 share Published 11 hours ago. Store: Sam's Club Online Deals. Share 30 shares Comments 1 Published 11 hours ago.

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Location Marker Other. Published Jun 21, Location Marker Target. Comments 3 Published Jun 20, Dollar general mini penny haul Dollar general mini penny haul. Location Marker Dollar General. Published Jun 20, Comments 4 Published Jun 19, Late Night Kroger run! Location Marker Kroger. Comments 2 Published Jun 19, Free wipes from Walmart. Free pampers pure diapers at CVS!!! Comments 11 Published Jun 17, Location Marker Walgreens. Comments 3 Published Jun 16, Graph Trending. Store: Walmart Online Deals. Share 22 Comments 12 Published May 22, Store: Amazon Online Deals.

Share 14 Comments 11 Published Jun 14, Share Comments 98 Published Jun 6, Share Comments Published Jun 18, Store: Kohl's Online Deals. Share Published May 30, Store: Macy's Online Deals. Share 36 Comments 1 Published Jun 8, Share 18 Comments 2 Published Jun 16, Store: Target. Share 22 Comments 2 Published Jun 22, Flame New. When I first signed up with Ulta, I never got any rewards and kept asking in store why. Coupon & Promo Codes

After two years, someone checked and found that they had the wrong email. Great - problem fixed, right? They never gave me my reward balance or notified me when I had enough to redeem. Great, right? I went on a trip out of the country and returned to find those rewards had disappeared. I rechecked my notification for an expiration date But when I reached out to Ulta, they told me that indeed, my points had expired.

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When I explained that I had not been notified of the expiration date and asked for them to be recredited, they told me that was not their policy. I am done shopping at Ulta. Sephora is far more customer-focused and offers better prices anyway! Do not order online! If there is a problem with your order, they will likely not resolve the problem! It is not likely you will receive a refund on the order or a replacement! Needless to say, there will be no refund and no product received!

Do not order online, I suggest not doing business with them at all!!!! I generally go into the Ulta store which is 20 miles from my house. They never seem to have enough product in the store to fulfill the buy two get one free, so I went online to place the order. I ordered the two items and did not realize that it did not give me the free item in the cart. I paid and then printed out my receipt still connected to Ulta.

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I saw just two items were on the receipt and immediately called the Customer service dept. This call was placed within a minute of placing the order. The CSR was very nice, but said that she had to put the request into the warehouse to cancel the order so that I could reorder. She said that they would send me an e-mail regarding the cancellation and that items possible that it was already filled. In 2 minutes from placing the order? I received the e-mail 22 minutes after I placed the order stating it was too late to cancel. My options were to return the product by mail at my expense with a credit within 30 days or take it to a store and get the credit back in business days.

Really all I asked for was to correct the order and have 3 shipped instead of 2 which should have been a simple process. It is so bad in this time of increased competition. I will look for other places to shop for my beauty products in the future. I was scheduled for 6 pm and Laura called and stated her earlier appointment canceled at pm and she stated I could come in any time earlier.

I arrived earlier for my apt at , I was there until after the store closed with Laura, 'til pm. I gave her 2 example photos. One showed the way I wanted my hair, not far off from what I currently had, just more blonde in it. The second was of a blonde balayage showing her that shade of blonde I wanted and no yellows or anything warm. She said okay. And stated she understood.

She went and mixed colors. She came over with 4 trays of color. When she rinsed me, toned me, and flat ironed my hair. She asked me to come back at 9 am to let her tone down the brassiness and fix the banding and color correct it.

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I was very hesitant because she just bleached my hair and dumped all this medium dark on my head and was not asked for. I trusted her when I walked in and left so upset because I had an interview the following day in the evening and there was NO way I was going to it looking like a zebra.

I left the salon in tears. I got in my car, called my cousin and went to her house 'cause she lives close to the salon. She washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo 3x just to get the blue-violet toner out. After we blew dried it, we restyled it and it had orange banding all around my scalp, the crown of my head. You could see where she let the brown bleed right into the blonde.

The next morning, I arrived at am. She stated her salon manager was going to come in and help assist. She proceeded to put dark on my hair again, this time I asked what color it was and why she was adding more dark instead of weaving and threading in blonde to balance out the banding she had going all over my head?

She said it was to tone down the orange brassiness. I said, "What color is it? After she did this, she put me under a heating lamp. I did NOT give you permission to do this, you are brave, this is brave and I did not ask for this and I want this out of my hair now. I started bawling my eyes out, my hair was falling out as I was feeling it. I came in the day before with soft, shiny, long, healthy hair and now it felt like coarse, hard, straw like hair.

All my dimensional blonde highlights that I originally had were all gone. She took and bleached my entire head except my scalp. My scalp about 2 inches was all black and orange. I asked her, "What colors did you put on my head? Why did you do this to my hair? Are you mad at me or something? This is unbelievable. At this moment, it was about pm. My son needed to be picked up from school at pm. I had an interview at 5 pm almost 45 mins away, I needed to make myself presentable. My hair was broken and falling out of my scalp, I had chemical scalp burns all over, bumps and swollen red areas on my face and neck.

I said, "Someone needs to fix this. From there, the salon manager Maria came back and said I have black and yellow hair. This needs to be fixed immediately and I want the store manager. Maria went thru steps to ensure she would try to help get it partly presentable by explaining that she would have to do a partial highlight on my head. I was mortified. Now I was being re-bleached a 3rd time.

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  6. She foiled my hair, put me back under the lamp, left me there for another hour. Put me at the sink for another hour. Came back and rinsed me out and my hair was carrot orange with black banding and spots that looked like Laura dumped black dye and spilled it all on my roots and inner shadow scalp. I started crying again. Mind you, I had already cried the entire time she foiled my hair, had me under the lamp and now again. It was pm and I was going to miss my job interview. I was absolutely livid. Wrong response. She was adamant that I come back. Is she licensed?

    I work in the public eye and people keep asking me what happened. The job interview was a big marketing job in the field I already am in and it was canceled cause by the time I got out of the salon at over 11 hours in 2 days there - there was no way I was gonna show up to an interview with mascara all over my face, globs of eye boogers from crying, black and brown hair dye all over my face, red scalp burns on my head and neck and chin.

    It was a monstrous ordeal and I was absolutely spent. Not only did the salon manager belittle my energy, my emotions and my self worth, she left me feeling vain because I was so upset about my hair and told me to stop being negative. I did give her a thank you and I did hug her for her attempt to help, but it was not sincere. I was deeply wounded and emotionally distraught from this ordeal. See photos, I kid you not.

    I waited 3 days to wash my hair because it had been so overprocessed.

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    You get what you pay for. They are cheap like Best Cuts Plus. Unacceptable, unprofessional and incompetent. Ulta Automatically adds to the quantity right before you click submit. Will let you increase but will not let you go back and correct to one. Must delete the order and start again.

    Apply Coupon states we will see it applied at end but Never does. Always have to call and have them apply it. This time I'm told I called too soon. They cannot see my order and to call back. I call back very next day and I'm now told it's too late as they only have a very small window of time to apply it. How convenient for them. Shop at Amazon! I stand in front of the desk waiting for the two customers service employees to finish talking and I never acknowledge that I was there. One of them even serviced another client that walked in front of me while the other one looked down and started acting busy.

    After two mins or more, I decided to walk away. I thanked Shanon and walked away without being serviced. Would never recommend the salon to anyone. This review is only for the salon. I shop at Ulta and I have never had an issue with the actual brick and mortar store. I decided to order some lip oil online because it had a promotion buy two get two free.

    When I receive the confirmation email, the anticipated shipping was 7 to 10 days. Clearly, they have a different opinion than I do of what expedited means. I went to cancel the order within two minutes of receiving the email and when I spoke to the customer service person online, he said he could not guarantee that the item could cancel. I then went online and submitted a customer service request as well to cancel my order.

    Three hours later I received an email saying it was too late to cancel my order because it was already being processed. In addition to being very upset with this alleged service, I read a review here that the promotion of buy two get two free does not work unless you order four items. It was never explained that you had to indicate four items in order to get two free.

    They need to take a lesson from other vendors like Amazon who treat their customers with respect and honor cancellations within a reasonable amount of time. I have been a user of the Ulta credit card for over a year. I have never missed a payment. On March 11 Comenity bank increased my limit to I didn't request it and didn't touch it. However, I got a nice little notification from Equifax stating they lowered my overall credit amount to lower than it was before, leaving me a balance of This is absolute consumer fraud and deception.

    You fluctuate balance and credit limit without thinking about the consumer at hand. You base information on credit reporting versus actual payment history. This is consumer fraud and is unacceptable from a company. This has proven to me that this corporation does not stand by the consumers or protect their interest.

    Any consumers that use Comenity should be prepared for the whiplash from this credit agency, and they should look at an overall account rather than one month of drops in credit. When my items arrived a couple days later. I had received two but not the two free. I wrote to customer service about it and their initial response was to tell me that I was incorrect and they referred to a completely different promotion that I was not even related to my order.

    Nowhere on the item page or when entering the quantities does it state this. They may know how their computer system works but how is the customer supposed to know without it being stated on the page when purchasing? I made an order through the Ulta beauty website and made a mistake typing my shipping address.

    I called five minutes after I made the order to correct the mistake. Ulta refused to change the shipping address and claimed it was company policy. They suggested that I cancel the order and re-order. So, naturally I asked them to cancel it. They then said they couldn't cancel it because the order was already being processed, bear in mind this was only a few minutes after making the order.

    So now my order is being shipped to the wrong state and Ulta refuses to rectify the situation. I have found that ULTA has decent makeup at a fair price. I do use other brands. I feel changing makeup brands occasional lifts my spirits. I do not spend a lot of money on expensive brands. I also do not buy less expensive makeup.

    ULTA seems to fit the bill. A good product at a good price. I decided to purchase this moisturizer in the Ulta store, got home only to look up the reviews and price via internet. My gosh. Took me by surprise to learn by ordering it online I could have save saved half the money. This should be illegal to do so.