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Jen: Like, let's get specific. Brandon: I don't even remember. I don't know, a toaster oven or something like that. Jen: A toaster oven? Brandon: You said you wanted a toaster oven, maybe, or microwave and things like that. Also a video recorder, and I bought that. Jen: Yes, but you— Brandon: But I see now. I see now. Jen: Yes. Yes, and the video recorder.

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Now, this was back in the day, guys, when we had video recorders. For my young listeners, that was a thing that you propped on your shoulder and recorded videos when you didn't have a camera on your phone. We didn't have phones. But, you know, I was obviously not going to be the user of the video camera. That was going to clearly be your domain. Brandon: Yeah, right. Kind of like the Jamie Foxx tickets you bought me for Father's Day one year.

Jen: Look, listen. I know that I am not good at gift giving, so— Brandon: Well, I did not claim that at that moment. I think that was a lesson giving or lesson learning year for me, and so it's evolved over the years, and what that means is that everyone, there's hope for you. Brandon: Regardless of where you land on the scale of thoughtful gifting. Brandon: I think just the fact you're listening to this podcast, whether you agree with our gifts or not, I think is a good step forward, because you're putting in the advanced effort.

Jen: Hey, that was like a world-class segue. Brandon: I listen to some of the best podcasts out there. Jen: This one? Brandon: It's the only podcast I listen to. Jen: Okay. That's nice. So guys, Brandon is not lying to you. This is a good day for you, especially if you're a little bit more like me and you're not necessarily the best gift giver and need a little bit of support, a little bit of instruction.

So you are in for a treat over the course of the next hour. Also, for any of my listeners who like to prioritize gifts that give back in some way, gifts with a conscience, gifts with some really amazing built-in component to serve other people in some way, every single product we're about to talk to you about on this episode is like that. Every one of them has just a real amazing mission on top of giving us, I mean, some really like top-drawer products. Seriously, we're surrounded by them right now.

They're all around us. Oh, and hey, before we get into it, know every single one of them is offering some sort of deal for my podcast listeners, and so not only are these fantastic recommendations, but you have codes for every single thing we're going to tell you for discounts and free shipping and all kinds of cool stuff. So like this is the next hour well spent for you. Brandon: You're literally saving money by listening to this podcast right now.

That's what we're saying to you. Is everybody ready? And let me say this to you in advance because we're diving in: Every single thing we are going to mention, you guys, if ever you use the podcast transcript page over at my website at JenHatmaker. Amanda—who you all very well know by now, my second brain—will have loaded every product up on the page with pictures, with links, with all the product or like gift codes that we're going to give you.

You don't have to remember any of this. You don't have to write it down. You don't have to like almost have a wreck in your car trying to write it in your or speak it into your. What am I trying to say? When you speak into your phone with notes, your phone notes. So you can find all of this over at JenHatmaker.

The Hatmaker Holiday Gift Guide. Let's start with this first one. So we tried to curate a bunch of gifts that were for everybody, the men, the women, the kids, people who like cozy, people who like shiny. So there's a little bit of. There's something for everybody in here. So let's start with something for the women—and by the way, guys, don't imagine for one second that you can't hear something that you love on today's episode and send the link to a person that will be shopping for you.

There's no shame in that game. Brandon: Nope, not at all. Jen: People want to know what to buy you. They don't want to guess. Trust me. From somebody who doesn't know how to buy presents, I love to know exactly what you want. That thrills me. Whether you'd ask somebody for this or you buy this for somebody else, I want to tell you a little bit about 31 Bits. Now, I have zero doubt that you've probably already heard about this company before. I know you've heard about it from me certainly.

They've been around for a while, a little bit more than 10 years now, but 31 Bits has caught the attention of folks like Jessica Alba, Sophia Bush, Candace Cameron. Their products have shown up in magazines like Forbes and Harper's Bazaar and Elle , and all for good reason. And this is cute, they were all juniors at the same college starting to consider what their next step was in their big "life plans. They were living in drastically different conditions from what she and her friends knew back home, but these women were industrious and skilled and creative, and they were making the most beautiful jewelry out of paper beads, of course.

So Kallie returned home with like a whole box full of jewelry made by these incredible women, and of course her friends fell in love with it, too. Who wouldn't? And they started selling these pieces at local events. They realized pretty quickly that these artisans that they were helping were clearly talented, and they just needed a new market in which to sell their creations, and so that's how 31 Bits was born. I could not possibly love it more.

They were honestly among some of the pioneers of ethical fashion, sort of cultivating a holistic development program that enabled their artisan partners to graduate after five years with their own businesses. I mean, it's really, really pioneering work. So in the 10 years since 31 Bits has been operational, they have graduated over empowered women. And in the past couple of years they've expanded their areas of impact to include Indonesian artisans, as well, and the company now has literally hundreds of stores across the US.

The company is named, I don't know if you picked up on the name, but it's named after Proverbs 31, which describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family using her gifts and talents. So it's just so on point here. So I want to highlight a couple of 31 Bits products that we particularly love this year. The company has partnered with a lot of talented artisans, and the two products I'm going to tell you about right now were handcrafted by artisans in Bali. In fact, this first item is the product of a collaboration they have with a very business-savvy woman named Merlin, who created their collection of marble goods, including our first pick, their—I mean, I'm not using this word lightly—gorgeous Marble and Brass Cheese Board.

It also weighs about pounds. Brandon: It does. It's a two-hander.

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Jen: It is positively a two-hander. So Merlin partners with other artisans in Java who specialize in cutting marble, and they came up with this cutting board that is perfect for displaying your cheeses, your hors d'oeuvres at your holiday parties. It's really thick. It's inch by seven-inch marble board with this brass handle. It's very sophisticated. I would notice it across the room. Just takes your food presentation up a notch. If somebody gave me that as a gift, I would freak out. It is so pretty.

So that's one. Brandon: Yeah, it's really pretty. Jen: I know. I feel like I'm not going to do it justice. You've got to go to my website and look at what this looks like. So not only are they functional, this set of spoons, but you can set them out for a dinner party or special occasion, obviously. They're made out of brass. Brandon: They're like hammered brass, too. Brandon: It's really cool. Jen: Like, hammered brass. They each come in a set of three. They're like great for serving tapas or sauces or little appetizers, and each one has a little saying inscribed on the handle, like "Eat your greens" or "More please" or "Dessert first.

It's a super cute hostess gift. So to get any of these items that I am mentioning, or just to browse the other beautiful products at 31 Bits, go to 31Bits. And I just want to point this out. I mean, talk about an amazing, amazing gift. Brandon: Yeah, that's some pretty good stuff. Valid through December 31, Fire Dept. Coffee co. Jen: Why don't you take the next one? Brandon: Good way to start. Man, so you know what? We're always looking for great organizations and the right people to give to.

It's one of the reasons Jen and I started Legacy Collective a couple years ago, and one of the things we love is supporting our first responders, supporting our military. And this next one just feels really special right now in light of what's happening with our friends on the West Coast dealing with all the devastating wildfires. Man, they're the ones that run in when everyone else is running out.

Of course, we are thrilled to shine a bright spotlight on a company that puts firefighters and first responders at the center of their mission, and we get to do so while talking about something very close to our hearts. Jen: Like, literally, our shared value. Brandon: Yes. That is coffee. Brandon: And so Fire Department Coffee , very aptly named, very simple, easy to remember, was started by a husband and wife duo, Kate and Luke. When they met, Kate was a barista at a local coffee house, and Luke was and still is a firefighter in Rockford, Illinois.

And they started this venture together with the idea of using their product to support the brave men and women serving us every day. You know the percentages that are going to taxes and overhead. Another cool thing is that their team is staffed with veterans and first responders. Jen: Yeah, I love that. Brandon: So it's a pretty cool organization. We all drink coffee. Brandon: This is some great coffee, and let me tell you about a couple of their products that we really like that I think are really unique.

I can't wait about this. Brandon: Yeah, especially for this season. One, everybody has got to have your staple coffee, the one that you go to. It's really rich, it's really bold, but many times when you have a really rich or bold coffee it ends up being bitter, but this one is not bitter at all. Jen: It's delicious. Brandon: Yeah, it's actually really smooth, and I think that's because it's the blend.

It's not just a South American. It's a Central and South American, different coffee beans coming together. Jen: Do you know this about coffee now? Brandon: I'm a connoisseur, babe. Jen: A bean connoisseur? Brandon : Are you kidding me? Jen: How do you know about— Brandon: It only makes sense. Jen: What do you know about Central and South America blends? Brandon: Here's what I know about blends: If you're going to get a bourbon and it's blended, it's going to be smoother and more consistent than a single barrel. Speaking of bourbon, did you do that segue on purpose?

Brandon: No. Jen: Go to the next part. Brandon: Oh. Well, yeah. I didn't, but I'm about to go there. Jen: You subconsciously did it. Brandon: I subconsciously did that. Jen: You did. Brandon: You asked me where my knowledge came from, and there it is. Brandon: So here's the deal. First, their original coffee is amazing, but here's a really unique, really unique coffee.

For those with a slightly more, let's call it a sophisticated palate, I really like their line of Spirit-Infused Coffees. So what they've done, it's not just a spiked coffee. These are infused with spirits like bourbon, tequila, rum, Irish whiskey, my favorite. Jen: I know, right? Brandon: Obviously, the alcohol content is removed when they roast, when the roasting is— Jen: Sure.

Brandon: You can really taste it. And then there's, really like the bourbon-infused coffee, bold, smooth. The aroma is just.

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Jen: It's crazy. Like I want to just sprinkle my pillow with the grounds of that coffee and then just sleep in it every night. Brandon: That's a little weird. Jen: Is it? Brandon: But we'll go with it. Jen: Well, I wouldn't say it's weird at all. I think it feels absolutely reasonable. Brandon: So they have the whole bean, they have it ground, but also if you're a Keurig user, they have packs of K-cups available, so that's a cool way to get the day started. So they have that, and then finally, not only all the different blends, but there's also a holiday blend.

They have a Christmas Blend. One thing I'm going to talk about here today: When it comes to gift giving, sometimes the presentation is as important as the product, and so— Jen: That's true. Let me just say this real quick. I want to just say this about their Christmas blend: It's flavored like dark-chocolate-covered cherries with like spice of vanilla. Brandon: Yeah. I mean, you can't go wrong with that. Jen: You cannot go wrong with that.

Brandon: You can put that on cardboard and it'd be yummy. Jen: Seriously. Brandon: So anyways. That's a holiday favorite, great stocking stuffer. It comes in a special holiday bag. Jen: Also, a good like teacher gift. Brandon: Exactly. I think a lot of these are phenomenal teacher gifts by the way, but more information, to see all the info on all the things that they do, go to FireDeptCoffee.

Jen: Like forever, you guys. Jen: Forever. Brandon: Yeah, super cool bag, super cool presentation of this thing, too. Jen: Oh, yeah. Brandon: So right now everybody that drinks coffee, just go order these. I mean, it's good. You're doing some good. There's so much going on right now with the wildfires, what a great way to support and to do something very significant, very relevant to what's going on today.

Jen: Absolutely. I love that stuff. This great offer does not expire so bookmark this page and come back whenever you're ready for a refill! Okay, here's the next company, and you've probably seen this company around, too. It's called FEED. FEED Project. Let me give you a little bit of background on them. So she literally grew up as a child in the White House. She's also the daughter-in-law of iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Brandon: That's a special lineage right there.

Jen: That is a heritage is what that is. She's more than even all that, all that awesome upline. She is a woman determined to put a dent in the world's hunger problem. So she started the FEED handbag company about a decade ago and committed the proceeds from the sale of her handbags to feeding the hungry in nations around the world. Every single bag has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets that will be provided using the proceeds from the purchase of that bag. Obviously, all of their products are produced using fair labor conditions, of course.

They're committed to the use of environmentally-friendly materials, and they partner with really established collaboratives in, let's see, Columbia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, El Salvador, Peru, providing sustainable livelihoods to those craftsmen. And then also through partnerships with orgs like United Nations World Food Program and No Kid Hungry, if you see that on the Food Network, Feeding America, the company has provided meals, you guys, to millions of kids around the globe in 10 years.

It has done such an enormous amount of good. So we've got a couple of suggestions for you that we really like out of what they create. Our first suggestion is a great gift idea for the person on your list who likes to make just a little statement. It's a Hand-Painted Floral Bandana. Do you know that bandanas are in this year? Brandon: When did they go out?

Jen: Well, I mean, for girls in a certain way. Jessica Honegger, of course, my good friend at Noonday , taught me about how we're tying bandanas around our necks again this year and frankly I'm glad for it. Brandon: I do that all the time when it's cold and I'm riding my motorcycle. Jen: That's not the same thing. This is like stylish and fancy cuteness for girls. It comes in two colors. Oxblood, which is this beautiful rich deep red, or Honey, which is this nice neutral kind of warm beige color. They've got a limited edition floral print and hand stamped phrase "Help Feed the Children of the World.

You can wear it in your hair, you can tie it around one of your little furry friends. It's just a great conversation starter because every single bandana provides ten school meals, which delivers healthy and nutritious meals in micronutrients to help kids learn and grow and thrive, but it also has a dividend on their education because research shows that when children are given school meals, their attendance doubles and their performance just vastly improves. So not only that, but girls with just a few years of education are shown to have fewer children, have them later in life, and are better prepared to care and educate them.

The impact a purchase like this has, has a pretty far reaching effect. So there's the bandana. Then for something a little more substantial, we really like the Field Messenger Bag. And I mean, really like. I mean, look at this thing. Brandon: And when we say we, we mean we. It actually is a really cute bag. Jen: Look at this. This bag is so cute. Brandon: It's holiday green, really cool leather strap.

Jen: When I— Brandon: Probably double stitching. That's solid. Jen: Yeah, it is solid. Brandon: That's solid. Jen: When I took this out of the package, I was like, "Woo, goody. It's kind of a carryall tote bag. It's really, really durable. It's got a really cute leather top handle, if you just want to loop it over your arm. But it also has a cross body strap. Brandon: Leather. Jen: If you want to go that way. Also leather. It's got this real functional interior build out too. For my southern listeners, it can be personalized with your person's initials, or you can pick from one of their.

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And if you get your order in by December 9th, you guys, you get it in time for the holidays. Here's the best thing about this: every bag provides 50 school meals. Here is the offer. Again, we will have all this at JenHatmaker. Do not freak out that you can't remember any of this. Their website is feedprojects. This is the code for almost all of them. This expires on Christmas, December 25th. It's feedprojects.

If I got this I would be thrilled, no doubt about it. Valid through December 25, Brandon: All right. The next organization we're taking a look at is called Gifts for Good. We're always looking for innovative, smart ways to give, smart ways to buy products that are doing good. Gifts For Good. One of the things I love about Gifts for Good is, they work with a ton of different organizations around the world that do good. It's kind of like a place you can go and you can even go in and select a cause that you love and you can find products that support that cause and then buy a gift from there.

Their products are so well done. Everything that I'm seeing here and have seen are just really well done, from their leather binders and their journals and things like that, it's just super, super high quality. I guess you could think about Gifts for Good as like an online marketplace that sells gifts that just give back. Jen: Yeah, exactly. Brandon: They work with over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises in 19 states and in 65 countries around the globe. This is not just international. So many times we hear, "What's going on domestically?

Brandon: "How are we partnering together not just across the ocean but also here? So a lot of good that they're doing. Many of their cause partners are non-profits themselves who make products and directly employ the marginalized or disadvantaged groups, whether that's transitioning out of homeless, out of human trafficking or even domestic abuse and they're helping people in need around the globe to redirect their lives and become contributing members of society.

Some of the products we like. There are two great items we want to put on your radar. Jen: I knew you were gonna say that. Brandon: I mean, I love it. I could sit there and. Jen: I'm the same. Give me a grainy mustard all the livelong day. Brandon: There you go. It's solid premium white oak.

It's the strongest of domestic hardwoods. It's just super high quality, six inches by eighteen inches long. Here's the bonus. You can have these engraved with your company logo, your brand name or custom message. It does come for a little extra fee but you can purchase them as-is as well. That's one of the cool things.

If you own an organization, a company, anything like that, have a handful of these and give them away as a gift. It's a great gift. Second pick, another great employee or coworker gift idea, also great for friends, family members. It's just great. That's not with any personalization but they're worth every penny. And I just want you to know that for every single board that is purchased, the company provides one hour of dignified solid labor for a person experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in the greater Los Angeles area.

So those are made with sincere love and have a serious impact on its craftsmen. Brandon: Yeah, that's good. Thank you for— Jen: Adding that back in. Brandon: Yeah, that's important. Jen: It is important. Brandon: For taking notes. The little cord that wraps around it, and there's an organizer inside of it with a brass snap enclosure.

Again, high quality stuff. Managing all of your charger cables, earbuds and all of those things. These sets are made by the students and graduates of their vocational schools in Honduras and Haiti. The proceeds go directly back to provide three days of school for each child there in Honduras. Jen: This is seriously, if you have a writer or a dreamer, somebody who loves to journal, that leather book is gorgeous.

I'm staring at it right this second. The stitching is beautiful. Brandon: It's kind of distressed looking. Jen: Okay, tell them where to go. Code, again, ForTheLove. Jen: That actually goes through January 31st. Brandon: Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, you're right. January 31st. Extra bonus month. Jen: Yep. Brandon: You can shop the site by whatever cause you want.

I mentioned that earlier. You can go in there, check it out. You have a cause, you could start with that and then you could find the product that helps support that cause. I think it's pretty innovative. You will lose a dozen hours on that site, just I'm warning you. Valid through January 31, Let's move on to our next company. This is one that I have loved for some time and have worked with. I want to talk about Create Hope Cuffs. You have seen me talk about this company before. In fact, I think we talked about this last year.

Let me tell you about them. If you're on my email list, for sure, you've seen me shout out to this company before. They have some of the cutest accessories. I want to buy up every bit of it and make it all mine all the time. It's very much in my wheelhouse of style and aesthetic. Create Hope Cuffs. This is Create Hope Cuffs. It was started by Danielle Brower in , so it's still pretty young. This was a means for her to bring her passions of faith and family and caring for a world in need of hope all together into a project. She started her own line of upcycled, repurposed leather bracelets and cuffs.

She was asked, in fact, earlier this year, to create a line of sister survivor bracelets to be given to the honorees of the Arthur Ashe award for courage at the ESPYs. Isn't that awesome? What an honor. They are not just inspirational but they are so cute, you guys. Not only do Create Hope Cuffs products bring hope to those who wear them, but proceeds from her sales also create hope in Swaziland, Africa through Children's HopeChest.

You may have heard of that. It's an orphan advocacy org. That's who she partners with. So every single bracelet helps an orphan or at-risk kiddo stay in school and just sort of reach for a better future. I just love it. You know I love that. That's so near and dear. There's no end to the products that we like but you know that I bring a strong earring game, so let me start there. People are always asking me where I get my accessories. This is one of the places that I always mention. One of my favorite from her current collection is the Navy Leather Boho Earrings.

They come in what I would consider petite. Jen: Obviously. I laughed. When I got these, one of them is the petite two-inch and one is the larger three-inch. These are both petite. Let's just be real honest. If they do not skim your shoulder blades, then they are petite. But the petite size has the option to add a little charm. These are cute, aren't they? The ones I'm holding right now on top of the navy leather have this metal turquoise feather.

Really, really, really strong. You can choose from a silver arrow or a silver feather or the patina feather like I just mentioned. Gosh, I love them. A little tip for you essential oil users. Leather is a fabulous diffuser, so because there are leather earrings, you can drop a little dab of oil on the back of these things for a little pick-me-up that'll last you all day long.

Another favorite that I love. I was just looking at this with my sister. This one's really, really cute. Brandon: It is. It's made with recycled and upcycled leather belts and each one's kind of unique. They're not all the same. Because they use them like that, your cuff may be distressed or even have some buckle holes in it, which I love. I'm thrilled when I get a buckle hole. That just adds to the charm to me. These feel really, really vintage and special. They range from one-inch to one-and-a-half-inch wide.

They have two different snap settings, depending on what your wrist size which is great because I think I kind of have a big wrist. You can either tighten it up or loosen it up, whatever you need. Again, oil people, drop some oil on the back of your leather cuff and just be zen all day long.

I think that's how that works. Our last pick is their men's or women's. They come in a half inch wide style, so they're smaller. They've got little gunmetal snaps too for adjusting the size. This one can be customized. It's stamped with one of the words from their list. I like these for anybody but they're a particularly cool idea for your fashionable guys. Here's what you do.


You go to createhopecuffs. Here's your code. It's a little bit different than the first ones we mentioned. The number, one five. Love it, love it, love it. They fund their mission by creating an amazing cup of coffee. Go to groundsandhoundscoffee. Jen: You want to take the next one?

Brandon: Sure, sure. Here's the deal. I know when you think holiday guide, then you think Brandon Hatmaker. You are thinking succulents. Jen: That is so true. Brandon: There is no doubt you're thinking, This guy's gonna talk about succulents. Jen: I've heard it a million times. Lula's Garden. Brandon: The irony of this conversation is, it's kind of true. Lula's Garde n is an organization that deals in these well-packaged, amazing set-up. I'm honestly not a succulent guy but. I used to think they were all cactus, right? Did I? Jen: That's literally what you said 30 minutes ago.

Brandon: I said, "I want to talk about the little cactus. Let it go. Brandon: But here's the deal. Theses little guys who are so adorable. Jen: They really are adorable. Brandon: They're freaking packaged amazing.

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Jen: I cannot wait for people to look at this 'cause they're not gonna believe us until they see it. Brandon : I know it. But they're simple, it's unique. You think about a gift for a teacher or someone like that. But here's why I love this. Because my daughter Sydney loves succulents. Jen: Like crazy. Brandon: So in her windowsill. You know those people in your life that have those little green things sitting around on their desks and in their windows and things like that? Here you go. All right? This company has some fun ideas that work for any of the people that we were just talking about.

You're thinking babysitter, neighbors, your kid's teacher, mail carrier, whatever. It's Lula's Garden. They're based out of L. They provide, obviously, eco-friendly long lasting plants, primarily succulents. They do have some cactus. They really do. They're gift boxed.

Jen: Stop trying to pull cactus in. Jen: Okay, all right. Brandon: I don't know which one of them it is, but it's a cactus. Jen: Think of this a little bit like sending flowers, you guys, except cooler and longer lasting and they're gonna actually be able to keep them instead of throw them away in a week.

Brandon: Yeah, and you won't kill them in a week because— Jen: You don't know that I won't. Brandon: You don't kill them. This organization was inspired by drought conditions in the western U. So again, creative ways to give great gifts that are making an impact. I'm telling you, when you give these gifts to people, they will appreciate the gifts themselves, but in some way, it's strange how it just really makes them feel good that you're able to do something, maybe if it's something that they like that is doing some good in that area as well.

Your recipient does not have to pot these plants. Brandon: Mm-hmm. It's ready to go. Jen: It literally comes ready to go in cute, clean packaging. This requires zero skill except for opening up the gift box. Brandon: Right. And placement. Jen: And put it— Brandon: Proper placement.

Jen: In the window that you like. Brandon: Or wherever. Help us spread the word that marriage IS worth fighting for! FightFORYourMarriage itsworthit istilldo theystilldo marriage marriagerocks bettertogether toinfinityandbeyond love bestfriends.

Yes, marriage can be challenging sometimes, but it can be pretty amazing too! God made marriage to be so beautiful. Just do it, trust us. Seven years ago at this time, our marriage looked broken and helpless. We had been separated a little while and I ended up in the hospital. Jon got word of it and showed up to see me. I was shocked to see him walk into my room. It was a little awkward at first, but then we just started talking about us. We sat there with tears rolling down our faces wondering how our marriage took such a critical turn, wondering what happened to us, to our relationship, to our friendship, jus We knew the journey ahead was not going to be easy, but it would be worth fighting for.

The road of mending our marriage was definitely not easy, but God saw us through it. We are surely not perfect, but we are learning everyday. We are thankful for our mess and thankful for our trials they have taught us so much about marriage, about Jesus, about forgiveness, about love and the list goes on. Hopefully this encourages someone. Your life may be surrendered to God, but is your marriage?

The first step in restoration is giving it over to Him. As always, we are still offering FREE shipping. Feel free to share. Albert and Rhina We now have Polos available upon request. Send us a message if you would like to order one. Check them out, letting the world know they choose to fight for their marriage!