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A lifetime warranty guarantee ensures your knives are protected from manufacturing and material composition related damages. The Victorinox knives share the manufacturers as the famous Swiss Army Knife. A cold-rolled high-carbon stainless steel is ice tempered to create a knife blade that retains its sharpness for quite a considerable amount of time. Ergonomically designed and textured Fibrox handles on each of the knives makes for a slip-free usage.

Moreover, the knives feel well-balanced when held in the hand. But you do get what you pay for. Dalstrong is a relatively new entrant into the knife manufacturing industry. This knife set from them has a total of 18 pieces of knives. Some of these you might never even get to use. Every knife blade is made from forged high carbon steel. The blades are then hand-sharpened and lastly satin finished. Handles are made from pakkawood riveted in place with 3 rivets for easy to maneuver, comfortable, and non-slip handles. The box in which the knives are shipped in looks great, making it an ideal gift for a cooking enthusiast.

Customer service is prompt in attending to enquiries and complaints. These are some of the features love about this knife set. On the other hand, the numerous knives take up plenty of your kitchen counter space. Mercer has cut a niche for itself in the manufacture and supply of high quality, precision culinary devices. This knife set has 6 pieces of knives. The cutlery grade steel used to make the knife blades neither rusts, corrodes nor discolors.

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You are still expected to hand-wash the knives to maintain the appearance. Precision forging creates a durable knife. The handles are designed such that they generate a solid grip as a result of the Santoprene material used in the construction. With the storage block , you can easily find a specific knife.

An additional magnetic stand combining glass and wood is also provided. Zwilling J. A Henckles is a renowned German cutlery manufacturer. They produce this set consisting of 3 knives for cooks just getting started. All the knives are housed in a pleasant gift box, ideal for an enthusiast home chef. Production of the knives involves a process known as Sigmaforge.

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The results are high carbon stainless steel knives resistant to rust or corrosion. In addition, t he blades are sharp, sturdy and difficult to break. A soft-textured polypropylene handle on each knife is easy on the hand. At the same time, it does not slip when in use. Chef Essential knife set has 7 knife pieces in a variety of blue, red, and black colors.

An easy to wash block is part of the package. There is no designated slot for every knife, meaning that it takes a smaller space on the counter.

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These high carbon stainless steel knives are given a neat marble coating. Although the blades are rust-resistant and dishwater safe, it is recommended that you hand-wash them for longevity. A soft, non-slip, ergonomic handle on each knife blade allows for adequate knife control and stability when in use. A lifetime warranty is offered on the knives by the manufacturer. This is an affordable knife set at the lower-end of the price spectrum. The set has 18 pieces of knives and a knife sharpener. The fully tanged stainless steel blades are fitted into ergonomic handles made from a polymer material.

Handles are secured onto the tang using 3 rivets for structural integrity. Recommended for: Chefs who need a variety of knives, complete with a built in sharpener for convenience. The Global 6-piece knife set is hand-made from Niigata, Japan. The alloy is then forged from the resulting alloy. Consequently, the blade maintains a sharp edge , becomes stain and rust resistant.

To optimize knife balance , their hollow handles have a sand filling. The handles are then textured with dimples for a non-slip handling. Since the knives are made from stainless steel, they are easy to keep clean. It is the same city in which the famous Samurai sword is manufactured. It is, therefore, not surprising that these knives are known for their sharpness and unique Japanese styling. The Japanese super steel used to manufacture the knife blades imparts on them the sharp edges with a 16 degree angled-edge.

Such an angle blade is made of a Japanese super steel that allows the knives to maintain their sharp edges. The degree angle makes them sharper than traditional European styled knife blades. One of the unique features of these knives is the Tsuchime hammering finish applied on the blades. The handles are made by impregnating a Harwood with resin to create pakkawood.

Giving it a resin finish eliminates moisture absorption by the handle. Afterwards, the handles are buffed and sanded for a glossy finish. No matter your grip, the handle fits in like a glove. When selecting a kitchen knife set, consider how you cook. That being said, all kitchen knife sets should have the following essentials. You can hone your knives daily to keep them in the best shape.

Depending on the type of food you cook , you might also seek out additional knives, such as a boning knife for separating meat from bone , a cleaver for chopping through bones and meat and hard fruits and vegetables like pumpkins and squash , or a fillet knife for cutting thin fish slices. This allows you to expand on and grow your knife set according to your needs. Knives are either forged or stamped, and the method of construction affects their price and weight.

Forged knives are made from a single piece of molten steel that is heated and then beaten into shape. By contrast, stamped knives are stamped out of one sheet of metal. Forged knives are usually considered to be higher quality, but excellent quality knives can be found using both means of construction. Here are the characteristics of each type. Kitchen knives are usually made from steel, although ceramic knives have become popular recently. However, not all steel is created equal. The highest quality steel is carbon steel , which holds its edge longer and is easy to sharpen. However, carbon steel can rust easily, and care must be kept to keep the blade as dry as possible.

Most home cooks opt for stainless steel , which resists stains and corrosion. However, stainless steel knives can dull quicker and are more difficult to sharpen. This is because the harsh chemicals used in dish washing detergents can affect even stainless steel. Signature stainless steel alloys combine the best qualities of both carbon and stainless steel. Because these alloys are specially formulated, they are often quite pricey.

Kitchen knife handles can be made of various materials, with the most common being composites e. Both materials offer strength and longevity. Many high-end knife sets come with wooden handles , which many value for their style and sophistication. However, wood handles must be kept dry or wood rot can set in, which results in unpleasant odors and splitting of the wood. Only buy wooden handles if you can care for them properly as these knives cannot be tossed in the kitchen sink.

When shopping for kitchen knives, choose a knife that feels balanced and comfortable in your hand. Some knives might be too heavy or the handle too large for you to hold comfortably. Many knives are designed with ergonomic handles , which can significantly increase their comfort. Each of these knife sets are full tang and all come with their own block storage. They all come from top-rated brands and are bestsellers worldwide. Though each of these sets has their own unique look and advantages, it is important to make your purchase based on your needs.

If you are mostly looking to hone your cooking skills at home, or if you only prepare vegetarian dishes, some of these sets may be better suited to you than others. The blades are made from zirconium oxide ceramic, and Kruger, the manufacturer, claims that they are 50 percent harder than metal. The non-porous material used is claimed to prevent bacteria build up and be unaffected by food acids and other corrosion or rust causing agents that it may be exposed to.

These blades are also 50 percent lighter than their metal counterparts. The handles are also ergonomically designed and made from non-slip fiber resin. It should be noted that ceramic knives can break or chip if used on materials other than boneless meat, fruits, vegetables, and breads. They are not meant as alternatives to stainless steel, but rather as additive. Why we like it: The Hampton Forge Tomodachi set is yet another colorful but sleek-looking block set.

The block comes in a sleek, elegant black theme to make the colorful knives stand out. The knife blades have a titanium coating to prevent sticking, corrosion, and bacterial build up.

These knives are dishwasher safe. The blades are made from steel and are coated in titanium for reduced friction and sharp edges. The handles come with double riveting, and feature ergonomically designed grips with angled bolsters. The bamboo storage block has the added benefit of labelled slots for each knife for easy storage, and has a brushed stainless steel stand as well.

These are not recommended for dishwashing machines. The baldes are made from high carbon stainless steel and are resistant to stains and rust with their chromium coating. The full tang wood handles with brass triple riveting has comfortable grips and balance. These knives are best washed by hand.

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Why we like it: These knives come with an angled wooden block for space efficiency and easy and convenient access while cooking. The handles have comfortable and soft grips with non-slip silicone. It is advised that you wash these knives by hand. Why we like it: This block set comes with a rubber wood block and neatly fitting knives.

The unique design offers convenient and easy access to each item. The lightweight blades are made from high grade stainless steel that are resistant to both stains and rust. The ergonomic handles are designed to be comfortable and are made from anti-slip polymers. These knives should not be washed by machine either, and should be cleaned immediately after use. Why we like it: This very classy looking knife set comes with a modern, curved wooden block, and is the same one used on the popular television series Top Chef. The logos of the television show are laser-etched across the blades and the block!

The stainless steel blades are ice-tempered and come with non-slip handles, also made entirely from steel. These knives are dishwasher friendly. Why we like it: The Cuisinart block set comes with an incredible lifetime warranty. The block comes in a black and steel theme that looks classy and modern. The high carbon stainless steel blades come with ergonomically designed handless, also made from stainless steel.