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Swiss Tempered Glass Galaxy J6 Swiss Tempered Glass Galaxy J4 Swiss Tempered Glass Huawei Y5 Swiss Tempered Glass Huawei Y6 Swiss 2 metre Type C Cable. Swiss 2 metre Lightning Cable. Gellihug Switch Huawei Y5 Case. Mint Mira feature cell phone. Swiss 1. Swiss Bluetooth Mono Headset. It has everything I went from a Galaxy 6 Edge and have always had android phones. The iPhones don't have a "back" button So, every time you want to go back, you really have to go forward until you get to where you want to be It's a bit confusing but I mastered it in 3 days and now I couldn't go back to an android.

It is the perfect size. It's a bit bigger than my last phone but it's slimmer. All in all, the iPhone 6s plus is great! I recently purchased my iPhone 6S plus, and I am very pleased. I have been using android phones since smart phones first came out and I couldn't be happier that I switched. Apple has a "move to iOS" app on the android market that allows you to transfer your contacts, photos, and other misc.

If you are an android user and you're worried about switching, it's very easy, it will even transfer your emails for you. The reason I switched was due to poor battery life on my LG G4 and it had constant issues. I purchased that phone in August of and it bricked within 6 months, then the replacement phone had constant issues with software and the battery which was from the phone that bricked, how cheap of LG, plus there have been constant issues from many users with the build number, BUT NO RECALL, wow LG so I decided enough was enough.

As a graduate student, I needed a device that would last all day and have no issues. This iPhone is excellent and very easy to use. I am very pleased with the ease of use, and integrated apps. The build quality is next to none and is a very well polished product. You will not find an another phone that has this level of support anywhere you go, literally, if you go to a gas station in the middle of nowhere, I bet they will have iPhone cases and chargers to buy, its nuts!

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I am very pleased with my purchase and will probably stay on the iPhone train for a while, choo choo. I hope this helps with your decision. To be completely honest, I used to be anti-Apple. I tried to adapt to a 4s a few years ago and hated it. I've always been a strong Samsung supporter. After having a Samsung Galaxy s2, galaxy s3, Galaxy note 3, Galaxy note 4 and a galaxy tab 3 tablet, I had no desire to ever own an Apple product.

Freezing, random rebooting, and glitchy all the time. Which was actually quite similar to all my other previous Samsung products. After getting used to a large display from the Galaxy notes, the iPhone 6s Plus was a must and so far, I am extremely happy. It's operating system is butter smooth, no odd freezing or other unexpected glitches.

Being able to text using wifi is a priceless feature. I get cell signal now in buildings my samsungs never did. My battery life in this 6s plus is amazing. It's hands down, the longest lasting battery I've ever had. But in the note 4's defense, it charged very very fast. The 6s plus charges slow in comparison and gps will use battery very quickly. But that's a simple dislike anyone could look past. It does work, just not perfect. You'll need a week to get used to some things but you'll adapt quickly.

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I probably won't be going back to an android until they get the operating issues worked out. My wife had an iphone SE which gave her trouble texting small keyboard and seeing the smaller screen. We looked around and found this 6s plus. She loves it. Easyer to see the screen and does not give her a problem with the on screen keyboard that the SE did. We also added a wireless charging antenna so now she does not have to plug it in. The product has a lot of fingerprints on it, which is fine it can be wipe off. I was told the phone was full functional.

The screen keeps cutting off and on. It takes a while for things to load such as apps etc..

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Other than that the phone work ok. This phone apparently has battery issues and Apple is over run with recalls. It is difficult to get an appointment to change batteries. I would definitely stay away from 6s. I am having so much trouble. Apple also can not do anything for you quickly. You will be without a phone for days. As many Apple users will tell you, their iPhone is one of the most important pieces of technology they own. It seems like phones do pretty much everything these days, from playing music and watching videos to doing most of the computing tasks that were once thought impossible on a handheld device.

The iPhone 6s Plus picks up where the previous model left off, providing Apple fans with a phone that is not only bigger, but also better. The most notable feature of the iPhone 6s Plus is its size: weighing in at only 6. This phone runs iOS 10, and like other iPhones on the market, has both a front-facing and a rear-facing camera, shooting at 5MP and 12MP, respectively.

As the name suggests, the iPhone 6s Plus is a larger phone than the previous generation.

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But the size of the phone isn't the greatest benefit that it has over its predecessor; the best part of the phone is what's inside. The battery life is also superior to previous phones because it comes with a 2, mAh lithium-ion battery.

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The primary benefits of the iPhone 6s Plus can be divided into three main parts. First, this phone has heaps of power compared to its predecessors, which makes for slick performance and fast browsing. The phone also has a rear-facing camera, and a front-facing camera as well.

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Finally, this phone has great battery life, which allows for hours and hours of active usage and several days of standby time. To get the most out of the iPhone 6s Plus, keep an eye out for matching smart watches, cell phone accessories, and other components. Don't forget to find a sleek case to keep your phone protected. Love your 6s Plus? The iPhone 7 Plus is a noted improvement to the 6s Plus, but with all the accoutrements and bells and whistles that the 7 brings. That being: portrait photography, weatherproof casing, a fast processor even faster on the 7 Plus , and more.

The iPhone 8 is turning heads thanks to its glossy design and state-of-the-art features. With an OLED screen—which means less battery strain and a longer life—and a A11 Bionic chip, which means an even zippier user experience overall, the phone is twice as fast as its predecessor. The all-glass 8 and its larger version, the 8 Plus, come filled with more features than any previous phone, including an enhanced megapixel camera and dust and water-resistant exterior. One of the most visually striking phones you'll see is the new iPhone X, which has a screen that reaches top to bottom and measures in at 5.

The iPhone X is also the first iPhone to feature state-of-the-art retina-scanning technology, which puts this phone in a league of its own. Learn more about iPhone Upgrade Program.

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