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Finally, the True Colour Accuracy function minimises distortion to let you enjoy life-like original colours. There are three USB ports to connect to other devices. This TV has everything that you should expect a high-quality TV should have. Let us begin with the OLED panel. This OLED panel has over eight million self-illuminating pixels to deliver an enriched visual experience. Usually, you have speakers at the bottom or the sides of the TV screen.

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In the Sony Bravia oled tv, the situation is different. Here, the sound comes to you from the entire screen. There are two actuators behind the TV that vibrate the screen to create excellent sound. The presence of a subwoofer behind the TV adds to the experience by providing deep and powerful bass. The Triluminos Display selectively maps the colours across the range because of the specially developed backlight.

It ensures that there is no saturation of colours thereby adding to the originality of the images. The 4K X-Reality Pro processing technology analyses each pixel and matches it with a special image database to address the texture, contrast, and colour thereby resulting in lifelike images. It becomes possible to hear each dialogue thereby enhancing the excitement factor.

The user-friendly UI is similar to your smartphone thereby making it simple to use. The Dolby vision ensures an enhanced viewing experience as it brings deeper darks and vibrant colours to life. Therefore, it is the right time now to leap to Ultra HD. When you step out to buy a TV, the first thing you will go for is the size of the screen and the screen resolution.

Does it sound confusing? They mean the same as far as consumer level is concerned. However, if you talk to professionals, they will say that the 4K you have in TVs is not 4K. We shall discuss this aspect later on in this article. The standard HD TV you have in the house today is p. The screen resolution is X pixels. It amounts to approximately 2 million pixels lighting up your screen. The 4K TV displays about 8 million pixels as it comes with a screen resolution of X pixels. The UHD specifications used in the Hollywood films are pixels.

However, the term 4K has stuck. Today, you have lots of content available in 4K resolution. Take your picture to a higher level with HDR. Hence, you have a higher degree of clarity and sharpness. The HDR technology ensures deeper contrast levels as they allow you to distinguish between the darkest of blacks and the brightest of whites. It makes viewing your outdoor events as well as the horror films a pleasure. Availability of good 4K content Today, Hollywood is producing its big-budget movies in 4K instead of the 35 mm.

These 4K Blu-ray discs have tremendous space to store uncompressed video content. There are options like Netflix and YouTube streaming quality 4K content. There are more sources like Amazon that stream movies on 4K. Therefore, you have exciting options waiting for you. The advantage of 4K UHD is that it enables you to play fast games because it supports super speed of 60 frames per second. Nowadays, you have content on demand available with a lot of DTH providers.

It can only increase in the future with new technologies like 8K making its presence felt in some countries today. The holiday and festival season is approaching fast. You can get a lot of discounts and freebies when you go searching for your 4K TV. Hence, it becomes imperative to be aware of the features of the 4K TV.

As of today, there are two types of HDR technology out there in the market. There is HDR10 , an open format. You also have Dolby Vision , a closed-format that requires a built-in physical chip. The vital aspect here is that you cannot add Dolby Vision using a software update at a later date.

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Hence, it is better to ensure you have it in the first place. Which of the two technologies is better? This question is a subjective one. However, if you have a 4K TV that is compatible with both the technologies, it is a better option. The present-day TVs come with both the options. Be careful with the specifications.

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Read them thoroughly before purchasing your 4K TV. LED TVs are great as far as bright pictures are concerned. However, they fall short of displaying the darker images. You do not get that element of darkness with LED. You have a better option in the form of OLED. This technology lights up the screen on a pixel-by-pixel basis thereby ensuring that the black pixels are shut off during a dark scene.

Therefore, it achieves a higher degree of darkness and more vivid contrast. The younger generation that is more into playing video games should know a bit about the importance of the input lag. Playing video games requires high levels of agility and reflexes. At the same time, you want your images to load instantly on the screen. The lower the input lag, the quicker the images transfer from your gaming console to the screen.

The refresh rate is also a critical aspect to note when you venture to purchase a 4K TV. However, a very high refresh rate can make the TV, and the movies look artificial. There are ways to tone down the refresh rates especially when you are into video gaming. A couple of years ago, the curved TV was in high demand. However, the excitement fizzled out very soon as some of the top TV manufacturers have stopped producing these curved TVs.

The picture quality in a curved TV is good but not better than a TV with a flat screen. You get a wider angle with a flat screen. Hence, you should prefer to go for a flat TV rather than a curved one. The technology is improving daily. The curved TVs are already on their way out. The bit colour might eclipse the bit colour depth. You have to contend with 8K TVs as well.

That should form the topic of another discussion. From the consumer angle, the difference is negligible. According to the professionals, 4K is X pixel resolution. Here, represents the horizontal measurement and , the vertical one. It is as close to 1. It is excellent for cinema screens but not for the TV screens that work on the 1. As is close to the figure , we call it 4K UHD.

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However, the term 4K has become synonymous with UHD. As a consumer, it should not make much difference to you. This increased resolution gives more clarity, and the images on a UHD TV look astonishingly life-like. Please note that the 4K resolution is more efficient on a large TV screen.

So, you will have to buy a inch TV or even larger one to enjoy the Full Details. But, No matter the screen size, a 4K resolution obviously improves the picture quality. Is a 4K TV enough to start watching 4K? The Television and video production industry, technology had improved a lot in the past year.

Now, more 4K content is available for us to stream on the large screen. While most of the 4K TVs will process and upscale the HD content to 4K pixels, you still need native 4K content to feel the in-depth details. Now, some of the top Content makers are also uploading 4K content on youtube.

What Broadband Speed is required to Stream 4K videos? It is mentioned on the Netflix website that you need at least 25Mbps Speed to stream their content. What is the ideal viewing distance for 4k tv? Your viewing distance from the screen should also be taken into consideration. To get the Best from a 4K TV and enjoy all the smaller pixels, it is advised that you Sit closer to your Television screen. Please note that this not mandatory, It is only recommended for a better viewing experience. Shiva Kumar is a year-old Blogger from India.

He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Constantly funny — Randomly Serious! LG has got a problem of getting LED panel faulty within two years. Customer will need to get it repair at their cost. Repair cost is too high. It will be burden to customer. This is good you buy any branded TV like Sony, Samsung etc.

You spend more and enjoy more. Very poor customer service. I got it repaired my 32 inch TV. LED panel got faulty again within one month of repair. This is a manufacturing defect in LG. LG is fooling customer. This issue has been reported by many customer. I raised this issue but they say they did not accept the manufacturing defects. I promise, if you still want to buy LG TV, please go ahead and experience the trouble within two years.

You spend money and get poor quality product from LG. Hi Thanks a lot for quick replay. Budget upto 40 K.

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If you have to pick which one will you go for? Please let me know your views. I am confused between these two models.

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I liked Sony more with its picture quality and color representation. Can you suggest me which of this is better compared to other? Same problem i had faced. Hi Sir, this is a great article, thanks. I have shortlisted two TVs , 1. UV android 43 inch ultra HD 4K smart tv. MI Led smart TV 4 55 inch. I have compared all other futures i wanted to know which TV has a better upscaling property.

So please suggest which should i purchase based on upscaling rate. Upsacling is not up to the mark in both the models you have mentioned. These premium brands have better picture engines and so is the price. Both the TVs you have mentioned are value for money brands. Without thinking you can choose VU 44 inch 4k since it has android OS where you can download the apps whatever you wanted to use which does not have in MI Since it does not support android and it supports other OS which does not have unlimited features which has android and you cannot watch 4K in youtube in MI TV.

Dear Mr Chaitanya, best inch 4k smart tv avl online within budget of Rs. Will stay with me for good duration. Only Voot and Hotstar are available and they are not available in 4K. VU 55 inch 4K TV supports youtube and netflix. You can have a look at the features here. There is a lot Price difference in full hd and 4k TVs. Kindly guide me on this, it is urgent. Need your views on the same. G 4k 49 UH T model rate in flipcart K but in sathya electronics in udumalai how is it possible.

And am I trust sathya? Reply please. Which one is better. Samsung model is available on discount. Is there any alternate suggestion from your expertise. Hi, Thanks for your detailed analysis on various models. Please advise on which of the following models would you recommend. Sony 49xe or LG49UHT or any equivalent Samsung model please that is comparable to the other two in quality and features. Straight reply please. I planned to buy 55 inch UHD.

The native refresh rate is Hz which will be great for Gaming and watching Action Sports. But, they are priced a litte bit on the higher side. What to do.. Kindly suggest please. So, there will be a difference in the picture quality and you can do nothing about that. DVD Players p are outdated and they are of low quality. Combined with 4K resolution, the HDR technology offers excellent contrast. Hi I am planning to purchase 5o inch Samsung mu can you suggest me I made a right choice, if not can you tell me the cons of same tv….

Sony Xe — Though the base model in 4K and looking at budget i though i can go for sony,. Sony has best viewing experience it stands out and re-produces suberly, but the features wise it less, also this model does not have triluminos display, and is expensive than others.

Thanks Chaitanya, and appreciate your response, can you clarify if Samsung or Sony has better pic quality and user experience. Or if you have any other model in range of k. As Much I am getting at 52 from dealer and Sony at 60 from Flipkart with exchang. Is 60Hz refresh rate enough for watching those games? Also, tell me more about the OS of respective TVs. Can 3rd-party apps from Play Store be installed?

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Also which one has better brightness, HDR? Sir,is there a difference in watching movies in a home theatre through a pen drive and watching through a blue ray player. There are not many non-smart TVs in inch range. LG and Samsung 50 inch 4K Televisions are priced a little bit on the higher side. The Picture engines and Technologies for Premium Brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic are great and they produce more vibrant colors, better contrast and refresh rate. As I mentioned before, the price of these brand TVs is a little bit on the higher side. On the other hand, VU is a good value for money brand.

Hello, I want to buy my first 4k tv and confused for below two models which one I choose and please suggest any other good model under 1 Lak and from where to best buy online or retailer shop? Could you please suggest me a TV undder 60k budget! I want to upgrade from our old LG flatron to latest tech loaded TV. But will there be any difference in picture quality from brands like Samsung or LG? And what about reliance reconnect TV? Please suggest.

I have no idea about Reliance Reconnect TV! I have heard that they are cheap Televisions. VU televisions are good and they offer value for money. Also, these TVs have better handling of Refresh rates, better contrast, and premium brands have better technologies for color representation.

So, one can definitely notice the difference in picture quality between premium brands and value for money brands. Thank you. So is there any good TV of premium brands under 60k that will be good for home as well as gaming? The Sony model you have mentioned comes with a Triluminous display that offers vibrant colors and excellent picture quality, the 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine and 4 x 4 Sound System are also great.

LG TV offers excellent viewing angles, The Nano Cell Display produces accurate colors and is capable of reproducing innumerable shades of colors and wider viewing angles. It will better if you visit the nearest showroom and have a look at the difference between the picture quality. Hey i am almost fixed my model to buy Sony 43xE and i am satisfied with all comparison and technology. I used to play lot of xbox one games, since it got HZ refresh rate, people are not recommending it for games. Is it true? What they said is exactly opposite.

The best gaming monitors are the ones that high refresh rate and low input lag. A perfect balance of resolution, Color Quality, refresh rate, and viewing angles are required to enjoy the Gaming and Sony Bravia series Televisions have all these features. Higher the refresh rate, lower will be the motion blur. You can check KDXE model. It has better Audio, Triluminous Display, and latest Android 7. Coming to the user interface, LG is ahead of its competitors. But, Sony with its Android experience is also very popular because of the availability of more number of Apps. Looking at the specification, the Sony 49XE seems to offer better picture and sound quality than the other models.

Samsung KS also offer great picture quality. It is very difficult to pick between the one between these two models. It is better if you visit a showroom and have a look at the picture quality on your own. If you are looking for a TV priced around one lakh, Without any second taught, you can go with this model. Budget upto 50 K.

Panasonic Dot noise reduction technology makes images look more clearer and sharper. Request to guide pls ASAP. Rgds Kesav. Also, Premium brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic have better picture engines and they handle the colors and contrast in an excellent manner. Sir ji… thanks a lot for Ur advice. But sanyo 4k is not available in Amazon neither Flipkart.

Only Full HD is available in sanyo. Smart features are also good. Sir whether u r recommending to go with extended warranty for 4k led uhd models. Kindly suggest. Hi sir Nowadays all satellite TV dish comes only in hd not 4k series…. Kindly guide me in this aspect. Now, Most of the Youtube channels are producing 4K resolution videos. We also have Netflix 4K Content. Which you feel is better in terms of picture quality, features and value for money. Also, i found the UI of Samsung model better than Sony. I indeed interested in one that has better picture quality, better audio quality and better life along with better smart TV features.

See brother the shopkkeeprs are keen to sell lg and Samsung because in Sony there is less margin Second thing you can connect Key board mouse via Bluetooth And also Bluetooth headphones. I m looking for best 4k Sony Tv in 43 inches segment. Which one I should go with??

Please advice! So, the picture quality will be better on the inch model. Sir i am thinking of buying 43ujt! So, you can expect great picture quality. It is an OLED panel giving you deep blacks and rich colours. The TV has a Netflix calibrated mode giving you the Netflix experience that content creators wanted to give consumers.

The TV is also features rich. It has the second generation Sony Acoustic Surface technology which makes the entire display a speaker. The TV has three actuators and two subwoofers to give you an immersive experience. The TV can also work as a centre channel in your home theatre setup eliminating the need for you to invest in a centre channel.

Sadly, not all AI features are available in India. The TV produces excellent picture quality and the best part is that the TV automatically selects the best picture preset for the content you are watching making the process of watching TV hassle free. We wish the sound from the built-in speakers were better though. The app's library may not be as robust as the offering from Samsung, Sony or LG, but it more than makes up for it with the picture quality. The TV also comes with an external soundbar to ensure you get a good audio experience as well.

The TV is for those looking for great picture quality and sound but are OK not having an exhaustive app catalogue in the TVs app store. The TV, however, does come with some nifty sharing features. It, however, doesn't support Dolby Vision. The TV comes with a one connect box ensuring you don't need to struggle to connect your gadgets to your TV at the same time ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your home entertainment setup. You can also apply attractive background colours to the TV to ensure it doesn't look like a black mirror in your house when not in use.